Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snake Charmer

Hello Everyone!

I got to hold a snake this week! I think that's the first time I've ever held one. It was freaky and the first couple seconds I squealed a little, but I did well overall. haha

I'm trying really hard to help the other Sisters not be so stressed. They are so hard on themselves. I see that they just need to allow themselves to relax and have fun. So Sister Vasquez and I had a Doubled Stuffed Oreo licking contest. See who could lick off the icing first. Yes. I cracked because her mom sent a package in the mail...Not fair. Well anyways Sister Vasquez whoooped on me! I was so ashamed! I lost to my favorite cookie. Well anyways I sent out a mass text encouraging the sisters to do it this week and report back to me who wins. I said, "Winner gets a bigger belly." Great motivation huh. Good thing I'm still doing insanity every morning. 

Also this week I realized how much Sister Vasquez doesn't know anything about animals. Those people from southern California are deprived. We were in an appointment with a part-member family and they were talking to me about moose, deer, and elk. So when we finally were going to start our lesson Sister Vasquez turns to the husband and said "Thank you so much for talking to us about elks and mooses." I couldn't hold it in and starting dying laughing. She wasn't able to contribute anything to the conversation. I don't know how I was able. I think I was able to act like I know things because of my family in Altoona, PA. I just tell them the stories of me hitting a deer with my car and getting Dad to pick it up and having to help him gut it...gross...never again. Hopefully the Lord ships Sister Vasquez to Meeker, Colorado.

On Saturday we got to have a fireside and Elder James B. Martino, 2nd quorum of the seventy, came and spake to us! That was so amazing! He talked about how it doesn't matter who we are companions with, we are still doing the Lords work. He told us how we will have companions that will be eternal friends, some that we just got along with, and some couldn't care less about. I was so grateful to be able to say that all of my companions are on the eternal friends list. I think it has to do with your desire to be their friend. He also taught how there are 3 things we must do as missionaries, 1)Go to work 2) Be obedient and 3) Open our mouths when teaching and talking to everyone we see. He also said that if we love God, then we should do His work. We just need to give Him all of our heart, might, mind and strength. And I can say that I am working everyday to make sure He knows that I am giving Him exactly that. But the biggest thing that stuck out the most was when he taught us what it truly meant to be called and chosen. He taught how we were called in the pre-earth life and how we were chosen here on this earth. Many are called but few are chosen. I literally thought to myself, why was I so blessed to be called and he said right after I thought that, "you were called because of your exceeding faith and good works in the pre-earth life" 

Sister Murdock also spake and she is so amazing! I am blessed to have such a great mission president and wife. She told us "forget yourself and go to work". That came from Gordon B. Hinckley. What really hit me was when she said, "What if Gordon B. Hinckley went home from his mission because he was struggling?" Generations and millions of people are impacted because of him. She pointed out how our missions will impact us the most. More than anyone else we meet. It's going to impact our families, friends, future spouse, everyone around us. What a blessing it is for me to have the opportunity to serve. I still can't believe it. 

Yesterday we got a super solid investigator and she is so prepared for baptism its amazing! Her husbands already read the Book of Mormon and I am so excited to teach this family. They are also Native American. They have such a strong connection with The Book of Mormon. They already have heard the stories in it. Christ is their "Great White Spirit". 
We also had someone call us randomly that we met and schedule an appointment for Tuesday night. I'm really excited to teach them too. 
Our ward mission leader was released on Sunday. I'm excited to work with the new one. He has served 3 missions! He's hilarious too. 
I finished all my exchanges for this transfer! wooot wooot! The sisters are doing well. I don't know what Sister Turner and I are doing in that photo. Sister Vasquez took it. 

Well I love you all so much! I tried to write a longer one since you received a whimpey e-mail last week.

-Sister Gampe

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