Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nobody Takes Me Away From Sister Gage!


 Sister Gage looks like an old man in this photo.
 I look like Michael Jackson in this photo.

 We went to knock on a door and Sister Gage turns to me and says, "Sister Gampe...I think there's a big dog behind me!" I turn around and that dog wouldnt leave and was just staring at us! hahahaha We were dying laughing. The people never came to the door! Darn!

Hey Everyone!
Sister Gage and I get to stay together. I'm so happy. When Sister Murdock told us we started cheering. So I'll be with her another 6 weeks, but then she will be finishing her mission. I'll be sad about that, but I know we will be lifetime friends. I will probably be in Lakewood for at least 3 more months. I could be longer. I have no clue how long I will be a Sister Leader Trainer.

We have a hard transfer. We lost 3 sisters. :/ But it's for the best. They can get some extra help at home. I am really tired of dealing with lazy whimpey sisters. So President and Sister Murdock asked us to do a Sister Zone Conference. I'm going to focus on the importance of planning and being obedient to the schedule. It was easy to come up with that after my last exchange. They get like 3-8 lessons a week. When I went there, we had the trainer come into our area with Sister Gage. I taught 6 lessons and found 2 new investigators. They sent us their numbers at the end of the week and they only at 8 lessons! I was so angry!!!! They go home all the time to take naps. They are only out working about 4 hours during the day. I was so mad. When we were planning I looked at a name and said, "Lets go see that person." She said... "Oh we don't go see him because his house really stinks." I of course said, "Well we are seeing them tomorrow." So we go to see this man. He looked like Quasimoto from the Hunchback of Notre dame. His house did stink, but we started teaching the Restoration starting with God is our loving Heavenly Father. I told him that he was really loved and he instantly started crying. I started tearing up because I instantly loved him. When we walked out I thought that the sister would have been touched, but she complained about how much it stunk in there. I honestly didn't notice the smell once the spirit was there. The next day when I wasn't in there area. The sisters texted me saying that the sister was sick from going into that home. I was really mad and had Sister Gage talk to them. Whimpey is all I have to say. Luckily Sister Gage wasn't as mad as me.
We are still working with Tom. I am sad he didn't make his baptismal date, but he has to have the desire. We decided to stop seeing him so much. President had us see him 3 times a week, but now we need him to really pray to know. We told him we will see him in a week. I pray that he misses the spirit we bring there. I'm really scared that he will get really depressed.
Well I love this work so much. Sister Gage and I are working really hard.

-Sister Gampe

Monday, September 16, 2013

Building an Ark

I'm sure you have noticed all the crazy weather we are getting here! Just so you know, I am safe! I'm on top of a mountain, so we haven't had any issues other than the lack of sun is driving us crazy!

We had a good busy week. President called us and asked us to go on another exchange with another set of missionaries because they aren't doing well at all. There's a lot of disobedience which is coming from the trainer. Grrrr. This makes me sad because I never want to switch because I love my companion so much. Well we both decided that I should go in the area with the greenie missionary. Which went really well. She told me everything and I wrote down everything that they need to work on. I usually don't do that, but President wanted me to. They average 5-8 lessons a week, which drives me nuts because they live in Denver and have a million open people to talk to. That day I got them 7 lessons, 2 of those lessons were with a member present, a new investigator, and a contacted referral. President was calling a lot. Boy is he funny. He asked if Sister Gage and I felt like we could handle being a Sister Leader Trainer and train a new missionary at the same time. We said yes, but I don't think it will happen because we don't have any room in our house. The new missionary was so excited about what we accomplished. She has so much desire to do good. She was the one that contacted President and told him everything that was going on. The trainer told Sister Gage the opposite which is annoying. Lame.

Dandolf (Dan) and his nephew Zebediah came to church!  Oh it was so exciting. He was really sick this week. We dropped off some homemade wassel and chicken noodle soup...well it wasn't homemade chicken noodle soup, but it was the good manly chunky one. He was so happy. We then were able to get the elders over there to give him a blessing.

Awkward conversation of the week. The man that we live with is timing our showers because Sister Gage takes longer showers! haha He decides to time us the day I decide to shave my legs, which doesn't happen very often for me, so it took some extra strokes. haha Awkward conversation! hahaha

We taught 28 lessons. We have been really trying to break 30 lessons again. We will do it.

So we just left a dinner appointment and were running late. There was a man stopped at the stop sign, but not moving. I was getting so frustrated, so I went to go around him, but I felt like I needed to not be rude and check if he was okay. I rolled down Sister Gage's window and he looked at us all confused. He was just looking on his gps, so he was just checking something. He asked us who we were. We told him we were missionaries. He got all excited and told us how his nephew is serving a mission for the church. We had a great conversation! His name is Garen. He gave us his number because he wants to ask us more questions. We also gave him ours. We are planning on seeing him this week. :)
I know it was the Holy Ghost telling me to stop. I'm so glad I listened. I didn't realize I was listening. My body just did it.
The church is true!!!!!!

Well I love you all so much! Take care. Know that you are always in my prayers! The work is great!

Alma 5:60 Ye are his sheep. He calls after you. You are important in his flock.

Sister Gampe

Monday, September 9, 2013

Glenwood Springs!

Hey Everyone!

We got to go to Glenwood Springs for our Mission Leader Counsel! It was so much fun! I love driving out west. I love Glenwood Canyon! So beautiful. The worst part of the trip was that we were in a van full of elders. Sister Gage and I were the only sisters and let me tell you, they stunk really bad. I don't know what was going on, but he smelled like stinky feet. I had to crack open some coconut lotion. 

We got a call from President Murdock kind of freaking out a little asking if we are okay and where we were. We were on our way to Glenwood Springs for a mission leader counsel. Well we told him we were fine. He then says, "Sister Gage, your dad called me. And he is really worried." Both of our stomachs dropped. But he said that her dad has had some scary feelings about us and was really worried. So worried that he over nighted a letter to her to make sure to tell her to be careful. Ever since then we have been on our toes a little more. Bishop recently had us give up 2 young singles to the elders because they are dirty and talk dirty. I have a feeling that was what could have been worrying Sister Gage's dad. 

This week I had a lot of experiences where I felt really inspired to do something. It was neat. I felt like we needed to bring someone to a lesson who we never brought before and it was perfect. We stopped by someone randomly who we didn't plan and who has never invited us back and they want to go to church now. I love those things!

We are trying to think a little more out of the box to try to find new investigators. We are averaging 2 new investigators a week and want to jump it up to 6. I know it's possible. We really need to rely on referrals from members. We have some ideas with doing missionary fireside. There is an amazing CD called, "The Missionary Next Door". I want all of you to order it right now and listen to it, make your kids listen to it, and make your friends listen to it. It's amazing! Sister Gage had me listen to it and I almost refused because I thought it was going to be boring or stupid. It was amazing! Please. I want you all to have it in your homes! I guarantee your kids will be more involved in missionary work!

Well I love you so much! Thanks for all your prayers and love and support! You are all amazing!

-Sister Gampe

Tom Is On Date

Hey Everyone!
Okay so it was a busy week. We had zone conference which is always amazing. Sister Murdock (president's wife) pulled all the Sisters out to have a little workshop. She taught how to do hair and makeup. I loved it! She is requiring every sister missionary to wear makeup and do their hair. I'm really excited about that. Then no one will think we are polygamists. We are really working on getting more referrals. We need them. They say that if we find 38 investigators on our own, we will have 1 baptism. If we rely on the members that number drops to 8 to have 1 baptism! It's so important! Please refer all your friends. They need the gospel and you have no clue who is ready. Only Heavenly Father does.
We worked really hard because we lost a day from zone conference. Sonya asked us to help her paint a bedroom. She wouldnt let Sister Gage help because she didn't trust her haha. So She had me do all the trimming. We had a wonderful time. She is just eating the gospel up. She bore her testimony in church. It was amazing. Made me so happy.
We had a tough exchange. I was so frustrated. I just don't understand why people have the mindset that they cant do it. "The area is too hard." I don't care about the area. I care about the people. It's a lame excuse to be lazy. I was really frustrated as you can probably tell by my email.
Sister Murdock came to our home to do weekly planning with us. She then came with us to our Ward Mission Leader Coordination. That was really fun. She then asked if she could take us out to lunch. We went to Jason's Deli. It was delcious. We had great conversations. I love her so much. I can also tell she cares alot about us. I'm blessed to be in this leadership position so then we can get close to President and Sister Murdock.
We set Tom on a Baptism date for September 22nd. Pray for him because it will be really tough. But I know he is ready. I almost jumped out of my chair when he accepted because whenever we used to talk about baptism he would think NO WAY. His heart has been softened. He loves The Book of Mormon and reads it everyday. :)
Our lesson with Dandolf was hilarious. Him and his brother William told us these hilarious stories. William stabbed Dan with a fork on the shoulder! They are hilarious biker dudes. Total teddy bears to us though. William said he would go to jail again for us if we were in trouble. No worries mom. Were taken care of.
I twisted my ankle in a hole while playing tennis. There was a huge crack in the court. It is really sore, bruised, and swollen, but not too bad. I don't need to get it checked out or anything. It is just uncomfortable.
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your love! Keep praying!
-Sister Gampe