Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mulduchen and the Pinewood Derby


Hey Everyone! This past week was FULL of set appointments from Monday-Friday! It was awesome! We saw so many people.
Monday- we had Mulduchen with the Zellers. YUMMY!
Tuesday- Relief Society Brithday Celebrations 171 years! The largest womens group in the world! Cool huh. I showed up and found out I was going to help sing a duet. haha It went well.
Thursday- Pinewood Derby. whoa that is intense! haha It was funny. I helped paint flames on A.J. Gardners car.
Saturday- Exchanges! I stayed in Meeker and Sister Betts went to Glenwood Springs. I had Sister Dailey from Washington. She is super nice. Sadly all our apointments and backups and backup backups fell through! It was a tough day but we talked alot about our areas and gave eachother some advice. She is 19 years old! I feel old in the mission already!
Sunday- We woke up early and drove to Irene's house (less active) and we made her breakfast. Hashbrowns, eggs, turkey bacon, onions, green peppers. Yeah it was delicious! Well she came to church for the first time in forever! I was so excited! It felt so good to see so many people go up and talk to her. It looked like she was well welcomed at church. She's a funny lady. She has a Kitten kingdom at her ranch. (she takes in stray cats) She has a license to pick up road kill so she can feed her cats. hahaha
We have been making eggs out of string and sugar water and putting candy inside them. We blow up the baloons and wrap the string around it after dipping it in the syrup.  (1 cup of water for ever 2 cups of sugar) . Once it dries, we pop the balloon and cut a hole in it and put candy in it. We made 33 so we can hand them out. It was fun making them.
This week we are going to make things happen. No more whimpey Sister Gampe! I'm going to really work hard to help people keep committments that help them come closer to Christ. We will see miracles happen.
My favorite insight I got from reading the scriptures was in Doctrine and Covenants 46. It talks all about how we are each given different gifts to benefit mankind. It then talks about certain gifts starting with the word of wisdom and continuing on. There are 9 listed. It's really neat. I think that everyone has at least one of those gifts mentioned. We are all given gifts at different times in our lives as well. It's really neat to think about.
Well I miss you all so much! Thank you Mom and Dad for my Easter Package yummmy! I gave Sister Betts her package. haha Thanks Nay for the spring package! I loved it!
Well You are all in my prayers. Remember who you are! You have inherited Godlike Qualities. Figure them out.
-Sister Gampe

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Footie Pajama Party

Hey Everyone!
This week wasn't as successful as we planned. We had 4 lessons reschedule for next week. But thats okay. We got alot of service done, which is great. This upcomming week is BOOKED. I'm excited. We will be very busy.
This week we had Brother Nielson's dad, Grant Nielson's, funeral. It went well. We were in charge of the food. We were busy. My feet were very sore after that. But it was a wonderful funeral. The family were filled with peace. I love the message in the Ensign, Peace be Still, I think that is what its called. It is comforting for those to lose someone they love.
We taught a new investigator the first lesson, The Restoration. It was so amazing. Her face after I slowly quoted the first vision was so inspiring. I asked her how she felt. She was speechless. She is only 13 years old. I can't wait to teach her more! The gospel is going to bless her life so much! Especially in these hard years in her life. She's trying to figure herself out. I wouldn't want to do that without the knowledge of being a Daughter of God.
We helped the Hobbs build a sheep pen on Saturday. It took a long time. We are really getting close to that family. Donald, the dad is not a member, but he is very supportive to his family. We always teach the family, and we are trying to angle them towards him. I want his family to be sealed in the temple so bad! After we got done with the service, we challenged Donald to stick pull (Joseph Smith's game ;). Me and Sister Betts together beat Donald. But he creamed us one on one. I would love to send videos, but I think they are too long to send :(.
Later today we are going to the Zellers and we are going to eat Malduchen! (spelling?) We went over yesterday and made it with them and then read the scriptures. The scripture reading is really amazing. We get so many insights together. Gary is very inspiring.
I spoke this sunday on Understanding and Recognizing the spirit. It was so fun to prepare for that. It went really well. Gary told me he felt inspired when I talked about reflecting on "tender mercies" at night. Thats when you reflect on your day and recognize the little things that Heavenly Father did for you.  I enjoy speaking on sundays because I learn so much. I felt very inspired through out speaking.
Chis this 26 year old that we see weekly to read the scriptures diligently continued to study even though he worked every sunday. Now he is off every sunday! We are so excited for him! He showed so much faith and diligence.
This week our focus is diligence. I love Jacob 1:19.
Sister Betts got footie pajamas in the mail! See Family, I'm not the only one who loves them :)
Well I have to get going, but I love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support!
-Sister Gampe

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greenie Fire

Hey Everyone!
This week went by so fast. We stayed really busy. We went through our area book and found a whole bunch of potential investigators. We wrote down all the addresses and tracked and tried out this new prayer approach. This new approach is suppose to triple our baptism rates. It gives you a 25 percent chance of teaching inside the home. ONLY if you are obedient and worthy to have the spirit with you. Let me tell you how much this does work. We found 7 new investigators! 7! Okay so this is the prayer approach:
We tell them how we are representatives of the Lord and ask if we could offer a prayer in there home to bless their home and family. It should only take 5-7 min. Then we ask them everything they would like us to include in the prayer. Some people gave us long lists. It was wonderful. Than we all kneel down and I started with prayer with "Heavenly Father. With the virtues of our callings as missionaries and Representatives of the Lord, we ask our Savior for peace and blessings on this home and family." Then we would go into more detail about what they wanted. Afterwards we would ask them how they felt. The spirit was always so strong. We had so many wonderful reactions that brings tears to my eyes. Then we would ask if we could teach them more. They all let us come back. We then would ask for anyone they know who needs a prayer in their home. We received 3 from just one home. It was amazing!
 So we tracted alot this week because we really wanted to focus on finding new people. We prayers on 2 different men's porches because we couldn't go inside and they asked us if we could pray on their front porch it was so wonderful. The first one, the dog was barking the ENTIRE time talking to him prior to the prayer. I started to pray and Sister Betts prayed the dog would stop barking in her head. It stopped barking during the whole prayer and as soon as I said amen, It started barking again. :) Prayers are powerful. That man was in tears. He said he really needed that prayer. We were praying for his health. He was on new thyroid medicine and was in alot of pain.
We did get into a scary apartment. It was full of marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes and shroom posters. There were 6 young adults. It felt super dark. I wanted to get out of their so bad, but supposedly the one wanted to talk to us. The other guy was leading us to go into his room. I quickly said, "Hey we can teach you another time". The guy was laying on his bed half asleep or on drugs. He scheduled the next day at 7pm.  So then when we left I turned to Sister Betts and said, "we are never going back there without two men with us." So we called two men in our ward to come with. When we knocked on the door, the guy looked at Brother Patterson and Brother Sanders and said, "whoa whoa whoa we will have to do this another time, this is way to big of a crowd for me." I told him we couldn't teach him unless there were two men with us, and immediately he got defensive and said he was christian and didn't need to be taught. It was such an odd situation. I was so happy to have Brother Patterson and Brother Sanders with. I just asked him again if he was interested to learn more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He said no. And we left. I wasn't upset. I am used to people denying. I try to teach a tiny message before asking, so they have the opportunity to deny the doctrine rather than just denying me teaching them. They will be prepared for missionaries another point in their life.
We also found this wonderful family. They were filled with the spirit and told us how amazing it felt and how they really needed that. They are very interested. There was a young girl who was only 14. She looked really lost and uncomfortable with herself. It made me sad because she didn't look like she really understood her self worth. She is a daughter of God. She has so many Godlike qualities. I can't wait to teach her more and get her involved with the young women.
Sister Betts is such a wonderful companion. She's got so much fire and wants to work so hard and be obedient. She keeps me moving which is wonderful. 19 year old sister missionaries will truly be a huge blessing for the church. She's a biker chick! wild lil thing! Went skydiving. I'm glad I'm the driver. ;) hahaha
So last night the weasel came back. It woke me up. I wanted Sister Betts to hear it. So I woke her up gently and she nearly punched me in the face. She was scared I guess. It was a mistake to wake her up because not only did I almost get punched, but she got super hyper and didn't stop talking till 12. I am tired! hahaha
I recieved so many wonderful letters of encouragment this week. It truly is so wonderful to get a letter in the mail. It just gives you so much comfort that people are thinking about you. So now that easter is coming up, you should all know my love for Cadbury Eggs and Cadbury mini eggs. So if you happen to come across them, you know who would gladly eat them. ;)
President Maynes just told us during zone conference that we can now e-mail our friends! So my e-mail is . :) I would love to hear from more of ya. Hopefully I will have enough time to send a reply.
Well I'm excited for all the scheduled appointments next week. Always know how much I love the Gospel and the work I am doing. It gets exhausting at times, but I want everyone to have the opportunity to find out for themselves the truthfullness of the gospel. I know it's true with all my heart.
 I got to read 3 Nephi 11 this week. Oh what a wounderful chapter. This is the climax of The Book of Mormon. This is when Christ finally comes after so many prophets prophesying of his coming. In Alma 16:20 they were taught that Christ would visit the people after his resurrection. And it came to pass.
I love you all so much. I pray so much for my friends and family. Stay safe.

-Sister Gampe

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Greenie

Hey everyone! Well I have had two companions this week! I had Sister Mortensen from Tuesday-Saturday. On Wednesday, we got a call from President asking if Sister Mortensen was still interested in learning spanish. (she mentioned it in an interview). She said yes. Then he called back again and explained that a sister missionary was sent to a spanish area because they thought she was a spanish missionary but she is not. So they told her that they are going to move her to Denver speaking spanish on Saturday. So I realized the day after I got my new companion, that she was leaving!
Sister Mortensen is from Tucson, Arizona. She is a sweet sweet girl. She's more on the quiet side. I really had to talk to her to open her up. She has a slower pace than me so I had to really work hard to find that equal balance of me slowing down and her speeding up. I know I was put with her for even just those 4 days for a reason. I learned and I hope her learned as well.
But we worked really hard. I didn't want to slack at all. It was tough because she wasn't used to the morning schedule which is VERY important as a missionary. Wake up at 6:30 am, work out till 7am. get ready by 8am. start personal study, and 9am companionship study, 10am out the door. So I worked really hard to get her moving.
We got to see alot of people. The zone leaders gave me a call telling me that they were impressed with the amount of work we did.
I got a letter from someone from California! I looked at the name and saw it was from California and though.. "hmm who is this!?" Then started reading and the lady wrote, "Your probably wondering who is this?!" haha. Well anyways she said that her daughter just got called to the Colorado Denver South mission and they were searching online and came across my blog. They started following it and loved it. She said that she learned so much and her daughter was more excited to come out! It made my day! It was such a wonderful letter. I really needed it because it was right after Sister Partridge left. I was a tender mercy. I hope I get to serve with her daughter. That would be neat. Thank You!
This week has been really hard without Sister Partridge. I miss her so much! All the members miss her too because she has been here for 9 months! Well we were in a lesson with the Bivens. And Bob, this sweet old man started silently crying. I saw him and lost it! I started sobbing! I felt so bad for crying over my last companion, so I blamed it on a scripture....not my brightest moment. Then we went to Gary's and I kept tearing up there as well.
BUT wonderful news. Hunter Zeller got baptized on Saturday! It was so wonderful! There were 8 missionaries there because so many were involved with his teaching. The font was leaking, so they got behind on filling it up. So they had to baptize him in like 2 feet of water! So they started on their knees and then Brother Woodward dunked him and when he went to pull him out, he slipped and fell on him! I thought poor Hunter was going to drown! haha but it was still such a spiritual baptism. We had a wonderful testimony meeting afterwards. I bore my testimony. Even though it wasn't technically my baptism because the elders in Craig taught him, I felt like he was still one of my baptisms because Heavenly Father gave me the inspiration to get the missionaries in his home. It doesn't matter. I just want everyone to have the blessings that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. But anyways it was wonderful. Well afterwards Sister Mortensen and I drove to Rifle to meet with President and my new companion.
Sister Betts! Oh She is from Laurel, Montana. you know the Betts family? Well anyways she is a spunky 19 year old! haha she was totally opposite from Sister Mortensen. She talks up a storm. I love it. She is really funny. I feel like an ogre next to her because she is only 5'1''!  haha but anyways we have more of the same pace. The switch was inspired.
Well after I picked up Sister Betts we went back to the Zellers to have dinner. That was so nice. Then we went to stake conference the adult session. It was wonderful. Elder Payne from the Quorum of the Seventy spoke. WOW it was amazing.
Sunday we had stake conference. It is broadcasted throughout our stake because it is such a large area. Something went wrong in the the middle when Sister Maynes and President Maynes were speaking! We were so sad because the only thing we could hear were the Spanish Sisters in Rifle translating!!!! :( so sad. Oh well.
Afterwards we went to Gary's and we read The Book of Mormon. He is now in Alma. I really want him to really try to set a goal to finish it so he can pray to know whether or not it is true. Wow Gary is just so amazing and I love him so much. I just want him to receive his answer from Heavenly Father so that family can be sealed for eternity! I know it is something that will come in his time when he is ready. I never want to push him because I want and I know he want's to get baptized for him and only him.
Sunday we had an intense lesson with Ray. He knows the Bible front to back! whoa! It's actually very inspiring. Well we taught his wife with him this time, so we retaught the restoration which is the first lesson. But we wanted to put more emphases on the Priesthood for Ray. Poor Sister Betts turned off during that lesson. She was intimidated. haha But she was fine! I know it wasn't our best lesson, but the spirit was still there. I know it. Brother Murray was also their to bear testimony. So that was good. We have been practicing the first lesson more and more since. She knows it, she just needs to practice to gain that confidence. It will come and I am not nervous or worried at all. I trust her. She strives to be obedient and she will be blessed tremendously for that.
I was reading in 3 Nephi this morning and I found this amazing scripture just testifying the importance of food storage and how we need to be prepared for anything. 3 Nephi 4:18-20. Awesome!!! :)
Well I love you all so much! Keep sending the letters. They make my day! Truly!
-Sister Gampe