Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No More Sister Vasquez :(

Hey Everyone!

This week has been an interesting one. Well I'm being transferred. I'm pretty sure I'm going over the mountains! That will be a lot of fun. I will be in a trio. (with 2 other sisters). I will be training a new sister training leader. I'm sad to leave these people, but I know it's what is best. I also am excited to get to a knew area. I'll be on fire and blow it up. I want to set high goals and reach them. 

So this week Ricky Thunderhawk got jumped by some gang members and his mother called us frantically and asked us to go see how bad Ricky was beat up, and if we needed to call 911 So we went over there and it was pretty bad... I cleaned up all the blood off of him before his mother got there so that she wouldn't have to see him like that. And then the 4 Elders that were there gave him a very spiritual blessing. And the next day he went to work! He had a really bad concussion. And he cried because all of the Elders started bombarding him with questions. I almost lost it when he started crying. I felt so bad for him. This is a normal thing for him. That beats me up inside. Well I was cleaning his face, Sister Vasquez asked for another rag and started trying to clean around his lips. She said, "Hey Ricky, can you pucker your lips for me?" I was like "Sister! Don't say that!" hahahaha the elders were all dying laughing. But by the time we were leaving he was doing a lot better. When I went to give his cousin a hand shake he pulled in for a hug and said, "Now that's a pretty girl." The elders won't let that down. His cousins a new investigator now. 

So needless to say, I think it's a good thing that I am being transferred out of here. I was really sad to see that and didn't get much sleep this week. We are being careful. I promise. We prayed like crazy whether or not we should go in.
So the weather this week is ALL over the place! Its been 70 yesterday and today. Clear skies. But on Thursday it snowed for two days straight! And it wasnt that nice falling snow it was that ugly wet snow. We were soaking after we went tracting for an hour! Yes no weather can stop Sister Vasquez and I from finding more people to teach! And that day the sun was suppose to be out so I didn't wear my boots thinking that I would be fine. 

I got to go to the Temple on Wednesday. That was amazing! I got to see the new, new video. It was beautiful. I felt a lot of guidance in there. 

I got a sweet letter from a girl from the Branch. Her name is Nicole (in her 30's) and she has down syndrome. She is really high functioning though. She has the strongest testimony I have ever seen. She has so many scriptures memorized. She's the only person I know that can invite the spirit so strong in church with her prayer, that every person in the room is in tears. This is word for word, spelling for spelling of what she wrote.

"with my own spiriual eyes the veil will be thin in my mind I shall see the savior face and know he is with me. but by the power of the light is upon me and i will feel the spiritual presence by The Savior. for I have seen him with my spiritual eyes. and when he come closer to me I will feel his presence and my emotion start to make me cry with tears of rian upon my face. The Savior will put his hands upon my face and whipe away my tears from my eyes. I was not afraid of the dark for he heaven light came in and found me. Then I heard a voice of the savior saying for by my spirit it is with you and I will enlighten the room by my power. My daughter my angel for I The Savior is here and will open your eyes for you to see my face. The Savior will put arms around me like the blanket of heaven upon me with love of the Savior. For he will see way beyound me and my ability my strength and the knowledeg I have resive. That made me who I am in his eyes." -Nicole Brewer
I read that as the sacrament was being passed and cried every moment of it. She is so beautiful. I love her so much. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve and help so many people. I absolutely love every single person I meet! I am so grateful for the calling that gives you this instant love for people you don't even know. It's amazing and it's indescribable. 

I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe

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