Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Working Harder

Hey Everyone!
So we have been really busy this week! Alright so we had exchanges. I got to be with Sister Encarnacion. I love that girl so much. But the sad thing is, we were in Rifle so all the lessons were in Spanish. :/ But I did learn a lot. I need to open my mouth more. I really do. There are times that we have extra time that we can knock on a door. Sister Encarnacion has a hard time with people falling in love with her because she is just so beautiful. She has a stalker in Rifle. His name is Juan. He met the Sisters by seeing them in the window of their apartment. He asked if he could look at the picture of Christ that is on their window. Of course he wanted to take the missionary lessons. He went to church and a baptism and everything. Then he confessed his love for Sister Encarnacion and she passed him on to the Elders and he was extremely rude to them. He kept showing up at the Sister's apartment. So they had to switch apartments with the Elders. The switch took place AFTER I stayed the night during exchanges. I didn't sleep well. I was too worried Juan was gonna break in! We were safe though.
So we really stepped it up this week. We had soooo many blessings from doing so. We had 23 lessons this week. The district leaders texted us telling us not to look everyone look bad hahaha.
Well We have been doing so much. Whenever we have even 10 extra minutes we pull over and walk around tracting. We found 3 people who invited us to come back. I know that all the hard work we put forth will bring blessings to the people here in Meeker.
With all the hard work comes stress though. Poor Sister Betts lost it. I know Satan works really hard on missionaries. And if missionaries are obedient he works harder. The only thing he can really get us is attacking our view on our own self worth. I know he has been attacking me, but he has been attacking Sister Betts even harder. She snapped on me after church. Tears came running down her face. She feels like she isn't wanted in Meeker and that she should just be transferred. I told her she needs to allow the members to get to know her. She has to open up. She has a hard time talking sometimes and I don't make it any easier for her because I can talk up a storm. We pulled up to our next appointment, but I told her we should go for a walk. We walked for 10 minutes talking and venting and getting it all out. It really helped a lot because by the end we were able to joke around. That day we had 6 lessons. I'm proud of her for letting things out. I know the mission can get hard because I sometimes hit a brick wall. She is doing a lot better today.
We had zone meeting this week which really made me want to push harder as well. I am exhausted all the time, but you have to just keep going and know that no matter what you do, you will be exhausted.
There are so many inspirational people here in Meeker. I love sharing D&C 121:7-9 to the people who are going through a rough time. The Carrolls are dealing with their daughter Toni with cancer. They realized that there isn't anything they can do anymore for her. They accept it and count all their blessings. It's amazing.
I love you all so much! I love receiving letters. Always know those are greatly appreciated.
-Sister Gampe

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pay Back

Hey Everyone!
Well it's been a busy week. We had many wonderful lessons and a lot of service.
So on Tuesday we get a call from the Elders saying that Elder Rivera (one of the elders in the car accident) had to get surgery on his knee. (before I go further just know that it was a total lie!) Well they asked us if we could bring them food because they were going to be there all day. (Elder Jenkins, Lee, Rivera, Pesantes) So we give them our last food and Elder Rivera is sitting there with a walker in tears because he feels like they are going to send him home after the surgery. So we are all trying to cheer him up. This is going on for like 15 minutes! So then he says he wants fresh air so we walk outside and I decide to cheer him up, I'd tell them my embarrassing poop story....not the brightest moment of mine. So I tell them and they are all dying laughing and then we see Gary and I run inside to talk to him and I turn around and I just see the walker fly up in the air and they are all taking off running! So they got food and my poop story. Gary was dying laughing. Well they are getting a pay back. We decided to make them brownies with exlax in them. We made them with the Zellers last night and we went to Craig earlier today because of Sister Bett's dentist appointment.  We developed a plan that they would come with us to take Hunter (Gary's son who lives in Craig) brownies, but Hunter knows not to eat them and is handing them out to the Elders. :) hehe.
Well the crazy things that are going on with the explosions have been really hard to deal with. It scares me. We keep hearing about all this stuff from members. Sometimes I wish I didn't know as much. I dreamed about the Boston bombing that morning and told Sister Betts as soon as I woke up. Then we heard about it later that pday. I was so mentally exhausted and upset and confused, I took a long nap.
I got to meet with President on Thursday. That was wonderful. I learned more things about me. As soon as he asked about my family, I started crying. I haven't done that before. It caught me off guard. But I guess I am just worried about everyone's health and all. He gave me this wonderful scripture, D&C 31:5. That scripture promises me that as long as I work hard, my family shall live. So I am working as hard as I can.
We had a wonderful lesson with Gary last night. We watched Holland's talk from General Conference. I love how it talks about how it's okay to just believe. Believing is a precious word. Also I loved how he talked about how it's okay to have questions. It's a good thing, but we shouldn't let those questions stop us and our families from receiving precious blessings. After the talk I bore my testimony and really opened up to Gary. I told him how he needs to experience the gospel and not just learn it. Gary is wonderful and has so much faith. More than he recognizes. 1 Nephi 22:20 states how important it is to listen to the prophet. We are so blessed to be able to hear from the prophet and the apostles. They guide us.
We were working workshops with the Meeker Chamber of Commerce. We were in charge of the registration. This main speaker was talking to us and it was after one of his speeches. He talked a lot about our purpose and "why are we walking across the road". His name is Jim Whitt. He was really funny and neat. I asked him how he figured out his purpose in life which was "To help other meet their potential". He told me and I asked a few more questions. Then I said, "Well we have something in common." He asked what that was and I said, "We both are helping others understand their purpose." He smiled and said, "You know one time this man asked me if I was Mormon. I said, No why?. the man said "I don't know, you just are so happy. There is just something about you." Jim Whitt then said, "We both know our purpose". I smiled and gave him a Mormon.org card. It was a neat experience.
At church we realized we didn't have a relief society teacher. I volunteered to teach it even though I haven't even read the lesson. It went extremely well and everyone was impressed. I was impressed with myself. I was guided by the spirit.
Well I love you all so much! You are all always in my prayers. Keep reading and praying to know so you can fan the flame you have.
-Sister Gampe

Monday, April 15, 2013

Families Can Be Together Forever

Hey Everyone!
We put together a missionary fireside on temples and families. We had 3 investigators there and some really less active families. It was wonderful and went really well. I was really proud of all the work we put into in order to get people there. The spirit was so strong. How can you deny or not desire having an Eternal Family. It made me so proud and happy that I have an Eternal Family. I'm grateful for my parent's decision to find out for themselves whether or not the church was true.
The elders got into a really bad car accident near Meeker. They were rushed to our hospital. We went to them right away. Our district leader and his companion came as well. I was so worried about them. They hit a semi and the car was completely trashed. What a miracle/blessing they are alive. If you saw the car you would die! They had to cut the top of the vehicle in order to get them out. fractured hip and stitches and concussions were the damage of the elders. They are so lucky. The whole town found out about it and knows that the Lord was on their side. It has sparked interest. Elder Rivera got Gary ( he works at the hospital) to play a trick on me. He made it sound way worse than it was. Elder Rivera played it up and Gary kept trying to get me to talk to him. I didn't know what to say! I was freaking out. So I told him Gary was our investigator and to convert him. hahaha Gary laughed really hard. Later they took off their cut up suits and I didn't know and walked in he was just laying there in his garments. I felt soooo uncomfortable and my face was probably 50 shades red! I quickly left. I never thought I'd have to see an elder undressed.  So to get back at them for playing a trick on me with Gary, I told him I was very flattered about what he said about me to Gary in the hospital. (he totally thinks he might of confessed his love for me or something hahaa) He was totally freaking out. haha that's what he gets. jerk. They are doing much better. I'll send photos later of the car
Our investigator Alexis who is 14 didn't make it to church. It's hard to get her to understand the importance. She isn't reading The Book of Mormon either. We keep expressing our disappointment. Sometimes I feel like she just is believing in what we are saying, but I want her to find out for herself!
Our Testimony Meeting this Sunday went really well. So many wonderful testimonies. I couldn't stay in my seat. I had to go up. So I bore my testimony. I couldn't hold in my tears because I had no doubt that the church was true. I love the knowledge we can gain through prayer.
Well there wasn't to much going on. We are working hard. Keep sending letters. I love them! They make my day. Remember how much I love you and how much I pray for you all.
-Sister Gampe
ps the photo is of Sister Betts and I with Sister Gardner. She is a wonderful member missionary in our ward. She loves the gospel. I love her so much. We are eternal friends.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sick :(

Hey Everyone!
I had to stay inside for 3 days this week! I thought I was going to go insane! I got the stomach flu and wanted to puke all day. I should have put a finger down my throat. The only thing we were able to do was go to the hospital, not for me, but to fax some things to the stake president. I was so weak that Sister Betts helped me just put a long skirt over top of my footie pajamas and put boots and coat on. So yep, I was in the hospital in my footie pajamas :) When Sister Murray saw me there she goes, "Why are you green!?" Sister Betts had to drive after I attempted. But anyways I ended up getting a blessing from ward members. Then the next day was a lot better. but the ward members made me stay in. The next morning Sister Betts was in the bathroom puking. So I took care of her. But after she puked she was fine the rest of the day, but we still had to stay in. Awful.
Wasn't General Conference AMAZING! I loved every moment of it. I got to watch it with 3 different investigators who also loved it. We are also going to watch it with Gary's family this week. They went out of town and didn't get to watch it but they saved them all. I'm excited for that. So that will be 4 investigators. The talks were powerful! Thomas S. Monson is so funny!
This week I finally stopped being whimpey and talked to Donald about the church more than just simple lessons for the family. I told him almost in tears that I pray for him every night trying to figure out how to approach him because I want him to be an Eternal Family. He opened up and told us that he believes in the lessons, but he can't quit chewing and drinking. Then he said, well I don't know for sure. Which is fine because Hollands amazing talk in conference talked about how it's okay to just believe. Build your fire off of the flame you have.
I love my area. I get to stay another transfer! I'm so excited I thought I was going to get transferred for sure. But we are changing a few things. We are now in a newly formed district. It's just going to be Meeker Sisters (us), Rangely Elders, and 1 set of Elders in Rifle. I wish the Sisters in Rifle would be in it instead of the elders! But we will meet in Meeker, which means we won't get to shop at a walmart each week. So we have to shop at Watts which is more expensive and doesn't have much either..:/ kinda stinks because we wont be able to get out of town as much.
We taught a powerful lesson about the Plan of Salvation to the Rosendahls. They are such an amazing family that we are getting really close to. They are so wonderful.
We caught 2 mice in a mouse trap. The ones that snap on their necks. I had to get the mouse out of the 2nd one because Brother Nielson wasn't home to do it and Sister Betts wouldn't. Once it fell out I SCREAMED so loud. I was so upset. Makes me wanna cry when I see there beady black eyes looking at me. I'm a mouse murderer.
This week I got to finish The Book of Mormon! I loved it. I got to read a lot while Sister Betts was sick so I'm already in 2 Nephi. I love finding all these wonderful insights. My Scriptures are mark up crazy!
I loved 1 Nephi 16:29 I look at it as reading our Patriarchal Blessings. I've been reading mine lately. It's amazing how much more pops out at me each time I read it.
Well I love you all so much! I love our Savior. For everything He has done for me. I love our prophet who leads us. I love the gospel. I know it is true. with all my heart.
-Sister Gampe


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter


Hey Everyone!
I love all the love and support you are giving me. I feel like many prayers have been answered. Prayers are so powerful. That's something I learned here out on my mission. I have to keep a pen and paper next to me and night when I am praying for all the people I teach. I get so many inspirations from Heavenly Father on what to teach, what to ask, what they might need. It is really neat. I write them all down as much as I can because I don't want to forget them.
I thought this week would be really tough because of spring break. A lot of members were gone, but we still managed to get busy. We were sad that Laurie, Gary's wife and Sena, daughter were in Utah this week, because it made it a lot harder to see Gary. We left messages on his door and talked to him a little outside and eventually we couldn't take anymore, we asked him to meet us out for dinner one night. We talked to him for 3 hours in a restaurant. He is so cool. But to top it off. The next day we got to teach him inside his home because his family came home. He prayed for the first time in front of us. His prayer was wonderful. We were all in tears after he was done. He did so well. He explains the reason why it's so hard to pray in public because it's so sacred and personal. We see Gary's strong spirit all the time. He doesn't think he has much faith, but I know he does because he is diligently reading The Book of Mormon daily. Sometimes I wonder why he hasn't gotten his answer yet, but I came to realize just today that it's in the Lord's time. Gary is being faithful and diligent in reading. He will come to know that it is true and that the next step is baptism and the best steps is the Temple with his family. I pray that I will be able to see that day.
We put two people on date for baptism this week! April 27th is the big day! Martha and Alexis. Martha is Alexis's aunt. Alexis is 13 years old. We tracted into them while doing the prayer approach. Martha told me that she feels like she has known me from the Pre-existence. Which is so neat. She looks really familiar to me as well. :) They are awesome. We are also teaching Alexis's mom, Tammy, but she isn't ready to accept The Book of Mormon yet. We need to figure out why that is.
This week we handed out a lot of Easter Eggs we made. Everyone was happy to get one. We were in charge of the Easter Egg hunt on Friday which was scary because we weren't suppose to be in charge, but it got thrown at us because everyone was going out of town. It ended up going really well. We met this awesome Australian guy. He was so funny and neat to talk to. We couldn't understand everything he was saying because of his thick accent, but when we happen to see him later, he did a big friendly hand wave at us. :) he's very friendly.
We went to jail this week! on Sunday actually! haha It was because when I was with Sister Partridge I remember trying to see this lady named Judy. She never answered her door. So we dropped her. I also remembered her telling me how they had to visit her in jail a few times. Well while me and Sister Betts were driving in town I thought about her. So we went to her house and knocked. Nothing. Well I got this wonderful feeling to call the jail and see if she was in there. Well she was. So we went to see her on Easter. It was a little weird because she hasn't ever met me, but I just explained what happened. I think she was grateful to get company.
We ate two easter meals. One was with Rayola Rust and April. and the other was with the Zellers and Kummers. It was a lot of fun, but my tummy was in a lot of pain after all that food!
Embarrassing story...of course. okay yesterday hahaha I'm such a loser. So I was looking at Sister Rosendahls easter basket and there was some marshmallow thing that reminded me of circus peanuts. And she asked me what it was and I said, I don't know but it reminds me of circus penis... ahhhhh bright red face I was so embarrassed! I said that in front of her whole family! 4 kids! eeeek! aweful huh!
I've been eating a lot of candy this week! whoa. the scale is mad at me. So I'll have to work a little harder in the morning and cut out sweets. haha
Well I keep you all in my prayers thanks for all the love and support. I miss you all, but there's a lot of work to be done!
-Sister Gampe