Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Glorious in the eyes of God

Hey Everyone!

We had a great week! We found 6 new investigators! We had 3 less active people that we teach come to church! What a blessing to be able to see the fruits of our labors. 

We have been doing a lot of service. We helped a lady scrub her cabinets. We have been still helping at ARC. The thrift store. Most of the other people that volunteer have to do it because of community hours. So they are always asking why we are there. haha. 

I've been having really wonderful studies in The Book of Mormon. I think it was in 1 Nephi 20, that I realized, I want to work so hard, that I am "glorious in the eyes of God". I know as I am obedient, work hard with all my heart, might, mind, and strength, that he will be proud. Feeling His love and approval makes me proud. 

We still have a lot of exchanges. I'm trying really hard to help out the sisters as much as possible. Something I'm noticing is it's harder for me to help them recently and I think it's because when I first started, I had a lot to improve on, and I still do, but the sisters don't see that as much, and so I think they are intimidated and scared. I try to share experiences to make myself human. I hope I can show them my love and appreciation for all their hard work. 

I love the people. I love the work. I love the Lord. I am still so grateful that Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to serve. What a blessing it has been for my life. 

I love you so much!

-Sister Gampe

Sorry it was shorter, we have appointments to get to!


Oh Hello Everyone!

Guess what!? I got to go on exchanges with Sister Orro, and she's from Australia. No big deal. haha. She was a lot of fun. We had a great day together. We did a lot of service and taught some strong lessons. She's absolutely gorgeous and was happy to wake up at 6 am to work out with me....I think. haha She wouldn't do my insanity, but she did work out next to me doing her own little things. This insanity is kicking my bum. woot woot. 

We are seeing so many miracles everyday. One night, we were driving, and there was a guy walking in the middle of a road. We could tell he was drunk because he was stumbling a little. I was going to drive right past, because why would 2 sister missionaries want to stop for a drunk guy in the middle of the road, but without even thinking my hands turned the wheel and I rolled the window down and asked if we could help him at all. He asked for a ride and we said we couldn't but we would walk him home. He seemed to be really far and was going the completely wrong way. We walked him to a main road. and gave him a card and told him which way to go. He thanked us. I hope he finds that card and is blessed to remember what had happened. 

Sister Pfeifer and I gave a training on Finding New Investigators. We did a role play of me being a missionary and teaching a lesson at the door, even after they say they don't have time. haha It went well. I hope it helps the other missionaries out. We have another big training on Tuesday on finding. I think we will do something similar, but add more. I want to help others by role playing getting all their information such as full name, phone number, address. It's amazing how often I'm on exchanges and the sisters don't ask for that stuff. It makes a big difference to call the person before you show up. 

We have been doing a lot of service at the Arc. It's a thrift store. They had a huge .99 cent sale on all sweaters. So we were hanging up alot of sweaters. It was a wonderful opportunity. There was a guy asking me alot of questions about the church and more specifically about the Temple. It's amazing how the mission makes you so much more confident talking about those things. 

We really want to focus on finding families. Most of the people we teach don't have a vehicle or a job. That will be tough on the branch to support all these people. So we will try to find in the more rich areas. Those places are harder. It's sad how income makes such a big difference on the people's hearts and desires to know if the gospel is true. It is true!

Well I love you all so much! Remember to love your life in the moment and not in the future or past. I love This gospel. I know it is true. I love The Book of Mormon. It has changed my heart, mind, and soul. I know it is true. I am almost done reading it for the 4th time. I'm in Moroni. I love how we have a prophet to help us understand Christ's doctrine. 

-Sister Gampe

ps. photo is of the scariest puppet ever that lives in our basement. and me smiling with my squinty eyes.

How about them Broncos?

Hey Everyone!

We had a great week! We taught 28 lessons! We were pretty excited! We are working really really hard. I have decided to really push myself. I am waking up at 6:00 AM instead of 6:30 AM to give myself a good amount of time to work out. I am noticing a difference in my day actually. I think I have a little more energy. I'm doing the whole insanity work out and want to puke through the whole thing. haha Just a gross fun fact: My sweat line is literally down to my belly button when I'm done, but I think it also has to do with living with a 94 year old sweet lady. Needless to say, our home is hot. But I won't make excuses because I have always known I sweat alot. 

Bernadine is still scheduled to be baptized for Feb 9th, but she is starting to feel like she is not ready. Satan is the worst. Well I personally feel like she is really, but I think we might push it another week because she didn't come to church this week. I think Satan got to her. We were pretty sad. Ricky needs to wait a little longer so he will be more ready. 

Sister Vasquez and I are having a lot of fun. The poor thing is always tired. I think I wear out my companions haha. But anyways we were walking out of an appointment, I was walking behind her and she says, "I am so exhausted. I need a pick me up." I instantly grab her bum and she jumps forward and screams. haha I'm not gonna lie, I even caught myself off guard. I haven't done that in a long time. haha But it was pretty funny and we both laughed. She woke up. 

I'm a little nervous about what everyone will be like since the Broncos lost. We of course didn't watch it, but it didn't take long to find out what happened. haha. Everyone is furious and wishes they wouldn't have made it to the super bowl because it was an "embarrassment".

We had exchanges this week. I was with Sister Smith. She's such a great missionary. We went in her area. She does a great job. While we were teaching this family, we were all on the floor in close quarters because they recently moved in and haven't unpacked. I started to pet this really really fluffy cat because...well let's face it, I'm a total cat lover. Well, anyways, this cat starts randomly attacking me! I didn't know what to do, so I started pushing it away and it wouldn't stop! I randomly started squealing, "ahhh your cat's attacking me!" The boy grabs this cat. haha I was so embarrassed because they were asking me if I was alright. haha But it wasn't a big deal or anything, I just didn't know how to get the cat to stop hahaa. That was my poor example of distracting from the lesson. But luckily it was in the beginning and I knew not to touch the cat again. haha

We got 2 new elders this transfer. The other Elders were transferred out. There was just to much going on for them and it was better for them to be moved. The new elders seem like they want to work hard. We will see many miracles. 

We have a lot going on this transfer. We have Mission Leader Council, Zone Meeting, Zone Conference, and a special fireside from a general authority. I'm pretty pumped! :)

Well I love you all so much! 
-Sister Gampe

Rickey's Art

Hey Everyone!

So I have a photo of Ricky's art. It doesn't give it justice. It was done with Color pencil and pen while he was in jail. He's really talented. I felt honored that he would give this to me. We keep trying to teach him how to shake a hand. He gives the wimpiest hand shakes. I think he has shaken hands with us more than ever in his entire life, being in a gang and all. 

This week went really well. I keep learning so much. I finished reading The Book of Mormon in 6 weeks. I actually finished a little early. It was amazing. I got an amazing letter from an investigator from my last area. He asked me what my spiritual passion was. I have been pondering that. I'm extremely passionate about The Book of Mormon, but I'm also passionate about the thought of not only knowing that we are children of God, That I am a Daughter of God, but FEELING like a Daughter of God. That motivates me. I want everyone to FEEL it. I am excited to write back my response. 

We went to see President on Friday. I'm shocked he keeps asking to see us. I would think he would be sick of us by now. But anyways he asked Sister Vasquez if she could handle another transfer in this area and if she would like to stay with me. She wants to be with me. That made me feel really good. I made a goal to hide a post it note within her things. I learned that from Sister Gage. She did it for me all the time. I would find them in the most random places. I found one THIS transfer. She's amazing. Anyways I want the post its to have compliments and things I love about her. I'll do it everyday. 

I'm officially off sweets :) sad day. 

Bernadine and Ricky came to church this Sunday. They also went to a baptism another ward had. It was awesome! I'm so proud of them! They have been making amazing changes! We watched The Testaments with them. They thought it was amazing. I know Ricky is getting a little nervous. We had him offer and kneeling prayer with us there. During the prayer he said, "Please help me know that this is true. yeah. This is true." The spirit was so strong. His prayers are so simple and sincere. I love it. They also include his ghetto gang voice haha. I love that even more. They are still on to be baptized February 9th.

We are finding people all the time. I love it. This area is booming. We are loosing the elders though. It makes me sad. I know this branch has enough work to support both Sisters and Elders. The elders took a lot of emotional abuse this transfer. I don't think they could handle another transfer. I keep telling them to press forward and don't look back on anything negative from this area. But with just Sister Vasquez and I in this area, means a lot more work to do. 

Still looking for things to do during the super bowl. hahaha hopefully we can clean someone's house or something. haha

I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe