Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last week in Green Mountain

Hey Everyone!

This week started off wonderful! So we first went bowling with a part member family on Monday. I told him I could beat him. Well I did awful! haha But that's okay. I was using a house ball. I cannot remember what my score was. It was over 100. So that's good. haha Than later I was able to meet Gary and Laurie Zellers at Village Inn and eat some Key Lime Pie. Yumm! That was wonderful. 

We got the official phone call that I was getting moved on Friday afternoon. So I am opening up a new area, training, and being a Sister Training Leader. We had a Training Meeting the next morning. President talked about a time in his life that he felt burnt out. That gave me comfort. I know I am ready and will give it my all. The Lord will help me. 

Well a lot of wonderful miracles are happening every day. We taught some powerful lessons. There's alot of people that are really close to baptism. We are helping two of our investigators quit smoking. We had a huge Christmas Party. It was 2 wards combined. We had 7 investigators come, and over 20 less actives and recent converts their that we teach. It was awesome. We were really happy with who all came. There was about 260 people at the ward party. 

We are teaching the Stamper Family. The dad is really getting more and more interested. HE got the family to sit down and read The Book of Mormon as a family and was amazed by how calm and peaceful their home was. The family came to church, but the dad had to work. We were so excited that the mom came. she had a smile on her face the whole time. I loved it. The only problem is, we need to get them married. The dad isn't actually the dad, but he's the closest person to being their dad. He treats them all wonderful, but says he's not a married type of person. That will change when he understands the blessings of the gospel. 

Sunday morning we got a call from a landlord of someone we are teaching. She told us that he fell "off the wagon last night." Sister Pfeifer looked at me dead serious and was like, "OH I wonder where? I hope he's okay." hahaha I died laughing. It was the comic relief because we were sad when our friend drank after 16 days of being sober :/

At church we had 6 investigators. During Sacrament meeting, they asked me to come up and bear my testimony. I of course cried through the whole thing, but was told that I kept it straight to the point of my testimony and it was classy ;) The one investigator told us that he felt something. The Holy Ghost. :)

Last night Sister Pfeifer and I got a blessing from Bishop Richards. Sister Pfeifer had the idea and I was blessed by it. There were powerful comforting words said. I feel more confident. I know Heavenly Father knows my needs and loves me so much. 

Well I love you all so much! My next letter will be coming from a different area. I'm excited for what lies ahead! I'm excited to really reach out to a new ward and serve them and let them know how much I love them, the Savior, Heavenly Father, and my Companion. I've learned so much from this area, and will never forget these wonderful people. I'll never forget my friend Sister Pfeifer. She taught me so much. I'm not afraid to talk to random people no matter what they are doing. Losing our fears is how we show our willingness to serve the Lord. 

-Sister Gampe


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sister Sleep Over!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Okay so on Monday I got a call from President. Sister Pfeifer was in the shower, so it was just me and him talking. He asked me if I was worn out. I told him that I am very exhausted, but I will do what the Lord wants me to do. He said that he needs me to continue being a Sister Training Leader. He said the sisters are still too young (in the mission). He also told me that they want to transfer me out have me train a new missionary, in a new "white-washing" area. ( white-washing- two missionaries go in the area at the same time. it will be tough since neither of us will know anyone. ) So I will continue to be a Sister Training Leader, but training a new sister and white-washing. I'm pretty nervous. 

So the next day, we had exchanges. I was with Sister Ulberg from Samoa. Sister Pfeifer was with Sister Rousse. We also had the temple the next morning, so we asked President if we could stay with the sisters since they were much closer to the Temple. Also because the snow storm that came in. The temple was what I needed. I prayed that I would be comforted/ guided to know that I could do what is in store for me on my mission. I want to finish strong! I'm scared of being too worn out. I have to heavily rely on the Lord. Sometimes I am so exhausted, I know Heavenly Father is carrying me from place to place. In the temple I was led to read Alma 7:17. That gave me a lot of comfort. I believe. I know this is the Lord's work and that if he wants me to do something, I will be able to do it. 

We had a huge Christmas Concert on Thursday and Friday. It was amazing! The stake choir joined with the Lakewood Symphony and Lakewood bell ringers. Oh I loved the bells so much! My eyes were glued on them. We spent 13 hours doing service for this concert. It turned out gorgeous. They took out the pews in the chapel and had the symphony there. We set up chairs everywhere in the gym and over flow. The decorations were magnificent. It didn't even look like a church building. There were a lot of nonmembers there. 

We have been having miracles in this area. We found awesome new investigators this week. We had the girls come to church again with us. It was awesome. We are desperately trying to get the parents there as well. Jalen, the little 8 year old is so funny. We were teaching about how Joseph Smith was trying to figure out which church was the true church and she yells, "Your church is the true church!" hahaha I smiled and said yes it is, but you need to pray and ask Heavenly Father so you know for yourself. hahaha. 

Funny Story: Sister Pfeifer and I were looking at this less active lady's quilts and pillow cases she makes. Well She was just about to open up this pillow case and all we see is that the material has motorcycles on it. Sister Pfeifer goes, "OH I LOVE THAT!" then the lady opens it up and it's really inappropriate women on motorcycles. I started dying laughing and teased her like crazy! She got so red! 

We got our teeth cleaned and the dentist praised me for my teeth! He said they were spotless and that he can tell that I am flossing everyday! :) yes! I actually have been really conscious about it since I got a cavity the last time :/ Who would have thought I'd get that compliment. I grew up all my life with my siblings telling me that Heavenly Father stuck his hand in a bad of teeth and shook it around in his hand and threw them in my mouth. Jerks hahaha. ;)

We had a lesson with this man Louis. He is 40 and single. So we brought a Nathan, a member who is 28. It went super well. The guy was really educated in the gospel and had great things to say. He told us that we radiated light. That made me feel good. Well at the end I went for the handshake and he pulled me in a kissed me!....hahaha totally just kidding! he gave me a hug.

I bet a lot of people reading this freaked out. hahah. Well anyways I gave the most awkward hug ever. Eeek. I don't know what I would have done if he kissed me. Probably cry and tell President.

I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!
OKay Thanksgiving was a blast. I got to play football for 4 hours! I called President the night before to ask if it was okay. It was. Anyways we had so many people there, that we had to split it up into 4 teams. I was on the champion team. Undefeated! Mwahahaha. Well I actually played! I didn't just run around on the field to take up space! I scored some touchdowns and I caught some sweet passes and knocked some elders out...well I didn't know out elders. I haven't hung out with Elders in over 6 months, so it was wierd to do that, especially for 4 hours. I don't hang out with them much so I am able to tell the sisters to not hang out with them. To much flirting goes on. Gross.
After we went to the Gerrard family for lunch. Yummy! The cranberry sauce here isn't that junky stuff in the can. Don't get me wrong...I love that stuff, but the real cranberry stuff is the real deal. It's wonderful Anyways after that we did dishes and went to another home. It was an open house so we got to talk to alot of nonmembers. Than we went to see the Raney family. Oh they are wonderful. Than we got to see our dear friends Glenny and Dave. We had a great day.
Well the next day, I wanted to cry every move I made. I happened to have to sneeze alot that day too. LAME.
We had a busy week. I felt like we weren't going to have a busy week since it was thanksgiving, so we scheduled 9 hours of community service. We painted mostly. They loved my steady hand for the trim. I get stuck with that job alot. We have been going to Dinosaur Ridge. There is a Ridge that has real dinosaur bones and footprints. It's pretty cool. We had a personal tour with the lady and she made it so we could drive up there, which you can't normally do anymore. It was pretty neat.
We ended up being blessed and were able to find 6 new investigators and teach 20 lessons. We got 4 investigators to church by going to their home and cooking them pancakes. That was alot of fun. Only the 4 daughters came, but next week the whole family will come. It was so wonderful that they came. We have: Brianna (13), Cheyanne (11), Izabella (9), and Jalen (8). I felt like a parent sitting in the chapel with them. I'm not gonna lie cooking breakfast on fast sunday was rough, but we did it without breaking our fast.
Broncos makes missionary work really tough! NO ONE wants to see us when the Broncos are on. Especially when they are playing Kansas City. We jumped into a home with a 85 year old lady and taught her the Restoration. New investigator.
Well everyone I love you so much! I am grateful for:
-The opportunity to serve the Lord
-My family and their good health while I am away
-The wonderful people I get to meet here in Colorado.
-Sister Gampe

Heidi Shook's Baptism

Hey Everyone!

Heidi Shook got baptized! She is amazing! She was so happy. She told us that she was going to run home so she could put it as her facebook status. hahaha. The Spirit was so strong at her baptism. It was a little stressful because we were rushed making sure she received all the lessons. She was super ready though. She was a unbaptized mormon for a long time. 

We had Stake Conference this weekend. I loved it so much. The Adult session was really good. The missionaries got to sing at it. It turned out great. I was a little worried and you could tell the director was too. She seemed to be pretty mad that we couldn't practice as much as she wanted. People don't realize how busy missionaries are. There are never enough hours in the day. We had a General Authority there. Elder Vern P. Stanfill. He was awesome. I got to talk to him. He came up to me actually and told me I was doing great work. Our Stake President came up to Sister Pfeifer and I and told us how much our countenance glowed. That was neat. 

We went on some great exchanges. I was with this cute Sister from Reno. She went to BYU-I and we found out we were in the same English class! She figured it out first. I completely remembered her after. She remembered first because I'm loud in class :/ hahaha. We had a blast together. I enjoyed our time because she has struggled with companions and almost went home. It was good to be able to show her how much fun the mission can be. This girl was proposed to 3 times before her mission!!!!! 2 times was with a ring. Needless to say we had some pretty funny conversations. 

I also went on exchange and got to speak Spanish for a day. I told an older man, Santiago that is was Very Fabulous after he prayed! I also accidentally went in for the side kiss. Hermana Smith looked at me funny. Luckily he's in his 70's. hahah oops. I guess I got to into the Hispanic culture. 

We had some awesome lessons this week! Sister Pfeifer set 2 people on Date this week!!!!!!!! I set someone on date last week. So we are praying for Marjie, Susanne, and Ashley

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! I love you all so much! I am currently so grateful for the people I serve around, the new things I learn, and for this gospel. 

I love you!
-Sister Gampe

Year Mark

Hey Everyone!

Well on November 14th I hit my year mark. What a weird thought. I don't like it. I forget that one day, I won't be a missionary.

Well guess what! We have a baptism on SUNDAY! November 24th! Heidi Shook moved it from the first Sunday in January to November! I was praying for that everyday! haha. She is amazing! Every time we teach her in her home, we feel the people so strong. 

We had such a busy week! 31 lessons! 10 member presents! 10 new investigators! 3 on Date to be baptized!

Seriously is was awesome! Stressful, but awesome! We had 3 exchanges. I stayed in the area for 2 of those exchanges. Sister Pfeifer did great even not knowing the area! haha It's tough because I am trying to drive/make calls for members to come with us/schedule a baptism/exchanges. I am a little overwhelmed, but the week is flying by! 

We spent the whole day on Thursday in Glenwood Springs for a mission leader council. It went really well. He is stressing on some important rules. No calls can be longer than 6 minutes, which is tough when I have to "fight" with people to come to church on Sunday haha. We also cannot call or text people outside our area. We can only keep in touch with Recent Converts through e-mail and letters. We are also off the phone at 9:45 pm. There were 2 and a half hour phone calls being made after 10:30 PM! That made me sad to hear. I don't know how they stay up and do it. I fall in my bed at that time. We also are expected to teach in 1 member's home every day Monday-Thursday. I'm excited about that/ unsure how we will fit it in. We are so busy with set appointments. Of course some fall through, but these member lessons are suppose to be set up in advance. Not just a stop in. We also have more stress on music. No Disney, no Christmas that is outside the hymn book. So I am going through my CD's and making sure I am being obedient. Have to be a good example. I know we will be blessed with all this. 

Exchanges. haha I only had 1 tough exchange this week. The sister was just really shy...I think. She wouldn't talk. I felt like I was pulling teeth all day to get conversation. I tried to crack so jokes. hahaha fail! AND I'M FUNNY! right? hahaha I'll try to think that. But anyways. If anyone can come up with some conversational questions for me to ask on exchanges. please help me out and give me some ideas. I'm sick of asking what their favorite halloween costume was. 

Sister Pfeifer and I are feeling great this week! No puking. ;) haha Honestly I am learning so much from my companion. She's a beast. 

We had like 7 people that we teach at church this Sunday. What a wonderful thing to see. 

I love you all so much! You are always in my prayers! My mission President's wife said that "we should be the missionary that our parent's brag about. " Don't brag mom, because I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm striving for it. ;)

Oh tis the season! I'm getting festive! I love this time of the year! I was super excited to get Christmas scented body wash. 

I love you!
-Sister Gampe