Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grand Junction 5th

Hello Everyone!

I am in Grand Junction! Wow! This place is gorgeous! Seriously. The ward is amazing! It's huge and I'm terrible at learning names to begin with, but I have some time to still improve myself. Make weak things strong, right? Well the ward is amazing when it comes to missionary work. Our ward mission leader is amazing! He's an attorney and is all about presentation. He taught us about  how to previcate. Previcate- embellishing or misrepresenting for a proper cause. Theirs your word for the day. Anyways, he has us write down EVERYTHING we do. We have sheets and sheets of papers of what we do for the week. He organizes it and makes us look good in front of the ward council. I'm the lucky one in the tripanionship who gets to be lazy and just drive around while the other two are writing and calling people. haha He teaches us about pulling us apart from any other missionary the ward has met. He was talking to us about what we should do during our testimonies to get people to like mind was blown! I think soon he's going to force us to show up in a flaming dress like in the Hunger Games. One thing he taught us which might be a neat approach. We are building our teaching pool. We are trying to find find find. When we do that, there's a lot of people who may not be actually interested. He taught us how to get them to actually want to keep commitments. He taught us what to say and do to make the commitments an expectation because we dont have "time" to waste because there are "a lot" of people who want to learn from us. haha He's intense. I'm excited because it will be nice to give me that push to keep up with him. He is actually really excited for us because the last sisters that were in the area taught 6 lessons last week. We taught 14 without knowing anyone. Oh I forgot to mention that I'm white washing again. haha That makes things more and more interesting huh. 

The Trio is going really great. I was super nervous at first. Because usually with a trio that means that you have a crazy with you. But we are all working really hard. We are seeing miracles. We are talking to everyone. I love it. I'm with another Sister Trainer Leader that was just called, Sister Noffz. My other companion is Sister Cowan. The only thing that kinda stinks is I have been sleeping on a cot. It was funny because at first we only had 2 beds and we called the housing people and told them and they said " okay we will bring you a bed." They called back five minutes later and said, "It's hard/ inconvenient/ going to be hard to bring a bed. Is it important/ really needed to have one?"...we were like...uhhhh yes. hahaha So we come home and there is a cot! hahahaha So I took the cot because I wake up earlier than the others to get a better work out. HEY I'm in my FIRST apartment on my mission. It's really really nice to have an apartment. Kinda expensive though. But the cot was killing my back. So our Zone leaders broke into an apartment that sisters used to live in and took the 2 mattresses. So now I'm on two mattresses. It's a lot better. I think I'll be able to sleep better. 

We had a neat experience. We went to go see this part member family. The husband is a member and the wife is not. Well turned out she wasn't there, so we talked to him for awhile trying to get any information out of him. He was going off on tangents that really didn't matter. I finally cut him off and said, "Is there a certain topic that really invites the spirit in your home and touches your wife's heart?" He instantly started crying and told us that he loved the previous sisters, but all they did was hang out and not teach. It's so important to teach! This is his WIFE'S eternal salvation! He wants everything for her and it breaks my heart that he had to experience that. 

We also were talking to this amazing family, the Rasmussen family. They are a family of 5 boys. The oldest is on a mission. They are so inspiring. We were teaching and the dad came home late from a church meeting. At the end he started crying and told us that when he was driving home, he pictured his home and it was glowing because he knew we were there. That was so neat. He told us that his greatest advice is to hold a testimony meeting wit h your family once a month. He said they do it on the Monday after Fast Sunday. I was so excited for that advice because I'll never forget when my family went to Yellowstone and we had a testimony meeting. The spirit was so strong. I want to do that with my family every month. That family is super amazing. I love them so much. They all memorized the first vision so they call each tell a friend! They went all crazy on me and said that I "LOOK EXACTLY LIKE ANA FROM FROSTED". I don't know who she is or what she looks like, but they said I have the same face. They said they will buy the movie so I can see the cover. I'm a little nervous.

We have 2 people on date. We are excited. The one is for April 13th and the other is for May 17th. We are excited because We know there's a lot more people that will be ready for baptism. We just need to find them first. 

There are some HUGE homes here. Some that make me choke on my spit. The Rasmussen's home is huge. hahah I accidentally ran over a mouse with the car right before we went in to teach them. I've never done that before. They thought that was the coolest thing. I'm glad I have ways to win this ward over. hahaha

OH here is something cool. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month 2 leaders from each Auxiliary takes a "route". They all visit someone at 7 pm. They literally shoot to contact 20 people every month just in 1 day! Crazy huh! Isn't that amazing! 

I love you all so much! Thanks for all your prayers and support. Remember that Christ lives. I know it. 

-Sister Gampe

ps. Saying goodbye to Sister Vasquez was tough because I truly love her. I learned so much from her. She has grown so much and it has been a privileged to serve with her.

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