Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Apostasy vs Apostrophe

Hey Everyone!

This was an AMAZING week! It wasn't even amazing until it was Sunday! We usually average about 30-40 members at church, and there were about 60! It was amazing! 12 people that were their were people that we teach! 3 of them were investigators. It brought so much joy to be able to see those people be able to enjoy the spirit of going to church. Our Testimony meets are really wonderful. I was surprised the first testimony meeting, because they aren't many members, I was expecting long gaps, but there aren't any at all, and everyone does such a wonderful job bearing their simple testimonies. 

The Thunderhawks came! They are getting back into the lessons and have the desire to be baptized again! And their friend who was totally anti-mormon when she met us, she came to church and loved it and wants to be baptized! Woot woot! We are really excited. We are not allowed to go there everyday, which they were really pushing earlier, but now they want the elders to teach them as well, so we teach them every other day. They are currently homeless though because they got evicted from their home, but luckily Bernadine has section 8 so she can get another apartment for cheap, we just don't know how long it will take. This would be a situation that would cause me to FREAK out, but they are used to this kind of thing, but she said she isn't going to tell her family or friends where she goes so she has no one bringing alcohol to them. That is a very good idea. They refuse to go to shelters because they have gone before and said they are terrible, so they are trying to get motel vouchers. We helped move her things into a storage unit. Bernadine bore her testimony in sacrament meeting! It was really really good. It brought me to tears. 

So my spelling, grammar, and English are terrible. Sister Vasquez says every time I impersonate someone, I use a ghetto voice. Uh oh... that's not good. Well anyways, Sister Vasquez was making fun of me for not using the correct form of "you're" when I was writing. I get lazy and just write "your". So this was our conversation.

"I know how to use "you're", I just get lazy." -Sister Gampe
"All you have to do is add an "e""- Sister Vasquez
"AND an APOSTASY!"- Sister Gampe
"You mean, APOSTROPHE! hahaha!"- Sister Vasquez

We were helping this lady unpack her things. It's actually really fun because she was from my Green Mountain 1st ward! Super pumped to see her. Well she is this sweet older lady and she wanted help going through her genealogy so she could teach a class at her senior apartment activities, well we found out she is from Los Alamos. Which is where the atomic bomb was made! She has so many neat stories. She lived in the gated community and the town was supposed to be "unknown" top secret stuff. I realized from going through her things, which I looooove snooping through people's things, so this was the perfect service job for me, well anyways, I realized how important it is to write things down and really keep good records of your history/ life. That is something I want to make sure I do. Mom, Dad, I bet you never thought I'd be able to use my Christmas snooping skills in the mission field. :)

Well I can't think of anything else to say. Actually, I think it was in Mosiah 14:2 describes Christ really interesting. It stuck out to me a lot this morning. 

I love you all so much! Still working hard! I find out on Friday or Saturday, if I am staying in the area or leaving. Sister Vasquez and I don't think we are staying together any longer. Which makes us both sad. I love her so much. She's become one of my best friends. Eternal Friends. 

-Sister Gampe

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