Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pool Party in the Baptismal Font

Hey Everyone!
I'm excited to say that we have 4 people set on date for baptism in Feb! I'm so excited! I really hope that Satan doesn't get to them! It's amazing how much success there is here in Meeker. They had 4 Baptisms last YEAR! haha We are working hard and the Lord is blessing us and everyone around us.
Eddie is 8 years old. His parents are not members. His sister is. He is living with a family in our ward, the Leathems, and they teach him all about the Gospel. It's amazing and adorable how much he knows. He knows more than adults know. He's really cute and really wants to get baptized. The Leathems are really making sure that he gets baptized for himself so he has his own testimony to rely on. He wants to so badly! He ran up to Bishop Isenhour and asked if he would baptise him! hahaha so cute! His baptism date is the 9th of Feb.
Rachel is also on date to be baptized. Her date is Feb 16th. She is working on getting over coffee and tanktops! ;) Shes really adorable. She's a gorgeous tiny blonde. She knows the church is true and is now ready to make the wonderful changes in her life. She loves the temple and wants to get married in it someday. She got a blessing to help her with coffee from Bishop on Friday. It was wonderful! The spirit was so strong. Rachel was so happy. I wrote out the blessing for her so she will always have it.
April is on date for Feb. 23rd. She is wonderful. She has a son Daven. Her husband is a member, but hasn't been to church in a while, but he is getting back into the church. She was introduced by her wonderful mother in law (who lives in Meeker) Sister Rust.
Joanne is also on date for Feb 23rd. She is inspiring. She is really working hard to get her life back on track. She is working on quiting smoking and coffee. We have been having a hard time connecting with her schedule. We need to see her. We missed her the past 2 weeks, but still have been communicating with her. I know she will see the blessings of baptism really soon.
We have been really getting involved with the ward. Yesterday we set up a fireside with bishop. It was for the youth to invite any nonmember friends and ask any questions. We had them write them down so it was more comfortable for them. We had a great turn out with the youth. But only one nonmember. One girl brought questions a friend asked but was too scared to come and ask herself. We answered those questions. We had alot of wonderful questions. The spirit was strong. I'm excited to see how the nonmember Lily liked it. She is a sweet her. Her family is Catholic. Wonderful people. Bishop let us have it at his house so it would be more comfortable. Our panel who answered the questions were Me and Sister Partridge, Bishop Isenhour, Brother Hanberg, and Brother Harman. It was really great.
We also meet with this inactive member of the church, Chris. He was baptized when he was young, but never came to church, so we started from scratch and taught him all the lessons. He loves it. We read the Book of Mormon every week with him. He reads a chapter on his own. When we first started, he couldn't read. It was hard for him to read even very simple words. We are now in 1Nephi 16 and He can read perfectly. We talked about it to him yesterday and he said he is dyslexic. He's been blessed tremendously. Very inspiring.
In ward council I was able to hear the lowest scoring basketball game! The Middle school girls basketball team WON! The score was 5-4! I was dying! hahaha what a great game! They say thats common haha
I had a wonderful package come in the mail from my sister, Alycia. I recieved a yoga mat, insanity work out videos, craisins, pistachios, and her famous carmel apples! It was such a wonderful surprise! I've been working out to the Insanity. Let me tell you that name is perfect. It is insane! It feels great afterwards thought, except for every muscle hurting in my body. Thats okay. haha
 I cut my ankle in the shower 2 nights ago. it was the worst I've ever done! It bled so much. I was scared I was going to pass out so I yelled for Sister Partridge. She first handed me a tissue! I was like uhh. I need way more than that! (she hates blood too) So she gave me a rag. I was able to make it out of the shower. She ran upstairs and asked sister Nielson for gauze and something to wrap it. Its about 3 inches long and a half inch wide. It hurts so bad to walk, but it will get better. We are taking care of it. Sister Nielson who is an animal lover only had dog wrap, so my (sports stretchy tape stuff) wrap is lime green with the words, "no chew" all over it. It also has a terrible scent so the dogs to chew it...I guess I'm better off not tempted to chew it. ;)
 It's been alot warmer here in Meeker. Sometimes we see 40! Sister Partridge and I haven't been wearing coats lately because we adapt so much to the cold -30s that 40 is now the 70s! hahah But it was snowing really badly today. We were on our way to Rifle. It was such a terrible blizzard. We couldn't see a difference from the road and the sky. scary. But we made it both ways safe. Heavenly Father was keeping an eye on us.
Gary's son, Hunter was at one of our lessons. Well he told Gary that he would come if I was always there. haha but it actually did get him thinking. It turns out he was really interested in the gospel a few years ago but got involved with a girl and started living with her. He has now accepted to take discussions from the Elders in Craig. (thats where he lives). We are excited because if he gets baptized that will really touch Gary's heart. Gary is so wonderful. We love that family so much. I know they will be my eternal friends.
We had a wonderful visit with the Denny's (the family who said they were offended and don't want anything to do with the church). Everything was straightened out. It was all a missunderstanding. Well we visited in their home. It went really well. The spirit was strong. We are reaching out to their son. He needs guidence for his future. He has only one more year left of high school. We mentioned preparing for a mission and a patriarchal blessing. I brought water in the lesson so I could clear my throat. (house is smokey) It helped but I still struggled a little. It didn't distract at all during the lesson. It was powerful. They are a wonderful family. We love them so much.
My scripture this week is Alma 13:24. there so so many people being prepared to hear the gospel! Go out and teach them! The gospel of Jesus Christ truly brings Happiness! I've realized that so much on my mission already! I see the blessings pouring out to the families who are keeping the commandments. Commandments keep us safe. They are blessings.
Well I think that is all for now. I love you all so so much! Thanks for all the letters of encouragement. They really make my day when I get them. I pray for you everyday!
-Sister Gampe

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey Everyone!!!
okay so today was FREEZING! -30 when we left to go to our district meeting at 7am. And once the sun was completely up, it was -20. It burns to breathe. I forgot the phone inside...there's a shocker. and when I opened the door to go inside, it felt like I touched my curling iron. It burned so bad because it was so cold!!
This week was wonderful! I have a BAPTISM DATE!!!!! Joanne. She is the one who we helped move. She has been prepared. The gospel is what she is looking for. She wants her family to be together forever. (shes the one that the teenager kids were taken away because the dad was abusive and the she was addicted to alcohol). She hasn't drank any alcohol since the kids were taken its been over 100 days. I'm so proud of her. She is working so hard to get her family back together. Her daughter Leah, who is 14 was baptized 4 months ago. We taught her the first two lessons with spiritual tears in our eyes and we asked her to be baptized Feb 23rd. We have to wait till then because she doesn't want to miss football. haha Were gonna have to work on that one. haha But it was wonderful! I'm so happy for her! she just needs to give up smoking and coffee.
Another investigator Rachel wants to be BAPTIZED the end of feb. She wasn't getting back to us for 2 weeks and me and Sister Partridge were really sad, and then she showed up at Brooke's baptism (8 years old) and told us she wants to be baptized the end of Feb! we are very excited for her. She just needs to give up coffee and tank tops haha. She is 23. Really cute girl.
We had 2 progressing investigators last week. This week we have 9!!!!!! isn't that wonderful! We are working so hard. I think I am getting the hang of using the phone. I call everyone all the time setting up appointments. The ward is really appreciating our great work. We had a missionary fireside on Sunday. I sang, "The Man With Many Names". I of course was nervous. I didn't do my best, but it wasn't horrible.The fireside was wonderful. This really amazing recent convert stood up and bore his testimony on missionary work. He was an investigator for 15 years. His wife and kids were members, but it wasn't until a special missionary taught him that he got baptized and talked about how blessed he is and how that was the best choice he's ever made. Gary (the investigator who's family is all members who has also been an investigator for 15 years) was there and I'm sure it touched him.
Sister Partridge and I sang, "I Stand All Amazed" in gospel doctrine for our teacher. It went really well. Alot of tears in the room. The spirit was there.
The Dennys. The family that I was sad that I didn't see a bright future for. I had a great idea to teach the kids separately because I wanted to meet their specific needs and help them know that they are individually special. (plus the house is so a mess, smoke filled, cluttered) It's hard to teach them when the parents are sitting there with no desire. So I talked to bishop and he also thought it was a great idea. So I talked to a member who is friends with that family, that the parents would trust the kids being taught at her house. She was fine with it. Sister Partridge called the mom and asked, and she seemed a little put off. So Sister Partridge said or we could have it at your house. She seemed so mad that we wanted to teach them somewhere else. She also asked what we were going to teach. Sister Partridge told her that for the son, God's love for us, and for the daughter the First Vision. She said she would get back to us. She calls us back flipping out that she is so offended. I had the phone this time. I told her that I was sorry and had no intentions to hurt her. I said we just thought it would be nice to teach the kids separately instead of together. I told her that we weren't trying to be secretive and thats why we told her exactly what we were teaching. She told us that the kids were never allowed to come back to church, and hung up.
Sister Partridge immediately started sobbing. It took a good while to get her able to go to our next appointment, which was luckily Bishops. She kept blaming herself. I was blessed to have the mindset that we didn't say anything offensive and that she has her agency. She was just looking for a reason to not let them come to church. It's sad because church is what those kids need. Bishop said that this isn't the first time and that she will be back. I keep praying for them.
Okay I have a huge favor for EVERYONE:
Toni Simmons who is a mother has cancer for the second time. She is going through chimo and is waiting for a bone marrow transplant. That is the only way she has a chance to live. She is determined and will fight to survive. She says that best thing for her is letters of encouragement. You can find her facebook "Toni's story  "10,000 reasons for my heart to shine" " I also have her address
Huntsman Cancer Hospital
Toni Simmons Room # 4502
1950 Circle of Hope
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Please send her a card of encouragement. Everyone! Every Letter will help her. Her kids are staying in school here in Meeker, while she is being treated. Keep her in your prayers.
I came up with the idea that every single home needs an extra Book Of Mormon to have to hand out. Bishop ordered them and we are making a magnet for every home that says
-Pray and follow the Spirit.
-Give service.
-Develop friendships.
-Open mouths to share the restored gospel.
-Invite others to do things to increase their faith in Christ.
We have a goal for the families in our ward to have a friend eat dinner in their home with the Missionaries. They have 6 months.
Sister Partridge and I have talks next week on Missionary work. This ward is so wonderful to us.
We taught 22 lessons this week. The standard of excellence in our mission is 20! Sister Partridge says she hasn't hit 20 in a long time. :)
Oh we had a lunch with Tom and Bev. Tom is an investigator. They gave us each a steak the size of a dinner plate! It was huge!!!  We both ate it. I felt so sick, but I didn't want to not eat it! They both ate theirs too. It was delicious though.
My favorite scripture this week:
Ether 12:27. Weak things become strong.  I flipped to that when I was teaching a less-active family. The mom opened up to us that her husband and her were sealed together with the family. They expressed how wonderful it was and how they want to go back, but the husband is struggling with chewing tobacco. We are going to really reach out to that family.
Well I better get going! I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe
Okay so there were a group of 5 huge deer all laying next to eachother! we saw 2 others in the same yard! wierd huh!

The picture of me Sister Partridge and AJ (little boy) was RIGHT after We set a baptism date with Joanne. I'm so excited!

The photos with the icicles. I had to walk in 2 feet of snow to get to those. they were so beautiful. The next picture was RIGHT after I crawled in that deep snow to get to them. It was sooo cold! While we quickly took pictures, snow was gushing in our faces.

 The next picture is a dog that likes to hang out on the roof. :)

Hair Cut


Sister Moala

Hey Everyone!
I got my hair cut!!! I love it so much! I don't know what first really got me to have the desire. I've never had my hair short or dyed and so I thought that this would be a good time. Especially since I'm in No Dating mode. Don't worry mom, the dye is a total fade out, so It won't be there forever, and I won't have gross roots. I just dyed it darker with a mixed mocha. It's a really pretty color. My eye brows match really well as well. As for the length. It's so fun! my neck is so bare! I love how she cut the back so its shorter in the back than in the front. I can still do fun things to it. I like the change, but I'm sure I'll let it grow out back to long when I come home.
I wasn't able to e-mail yesterday because of Martin Luther King.
Today was transfers. I am still with Sister Partridge in Meeker. The only change is, I am now the driver. It will help me get to know Meeker better before she leaves. This transfer is only going to be 5 weeks. Sister Partridge has only 5 more weeks on her mission! Crazy!  We had 8 new Sister Missionaries come this week and 11 are coming next week. We have 180 missionaries in our Mission and it will jump up to 250! We think that they might split the mission in half. Who knows! Crazy things happening! The work is rapid!
I spoke on Sunday on Missionary Work. It was all about what the members can do. It turned out really great. I spoke for 15 minutes and was suppose to speak for 10. I tried so hard too. I need to work on that because it's rude. But except for that it really did go very well. Bishop restated and commented on things I said. Everyone complimented me. The ward seemed to be excited to hear from Sister Partridge and I that day. They enjoy having Sister Missionaries in Meeker.
We had a trio companionship from Saturday-Tuesday. We had Sister Moala. Her companion is finishing up her mission today! Sister Moala is hilarious! Her brother plays for the Colts and her cousin plays for the Ravens! I think I developed stronger abs with Sister Moala. She is just the funniest girl ever. She absolutely adores Tongans, so we visited the only Tongan family in Meeker and she was in love. The whole ward loved Sister Moala as soon as they met her. We are sad she is back in Glenwood Springs today. She actually goes home in 5 weeks with Sister Partridge. She asked me if I knew Elder Watts. I told her yes, that he served in our ward and my dad was his Bishop. She was sooooo excited and told me how that's one of her friends. She says he goes home that same week she does. I told her how wonderful of a missionary he was in our ward. She was so excited.
We had a busy schedule this past week. We are going to be more and more busy. Especially since we are going to visit every family in the ward and give them a Book of Mormon and Magnet that Sister Isenhour (Bishops wife) made for us. We will describe the importance of reaching out to people for friendships that could lead their friend to the gospel. It will be hard to see every family, but it will be worth it in the end. I know Meeker will be booming with missionary work.
Oh I forgot to announce to everyone that one of my best friends, KATRINA SCHAELLING is serving her mission in Urguay! So cool!
Sister Partridge loves eating out. Which is tough for me because I'm cheap. So she got money in the mail and she screamed, "its a sign! lets go out to eat." So we go and we saw basically the whole ward there and one family took our check and paid for it. It was so sweet. We have such a wonderful ward.
My favorite scripture this week was Alma 7:23-25. I love how it tells you what to do/be and the blessings that will come from it. Ahh I love The Book of Mormon! I am starting to read, Jesus the Christ. It's a tough read, but very interesting and I enjoy it. I am writing notes within the book so I get everything out of it. I am using the footnotes as well. I know it will draw me closer to Christ.
Well I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe
PS The picture with the hair dresser is Sister Zellers. Her husband Gary is one of our investigators. We love that family so much. She wouldn't let me pay for the hair cut or dye because her sons didn't serve missions and she said this is how she funds missionaries. We had a blast while getting it done. Shes wonderful.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jacob 3:7

So the work here is doing very well. I'm getting better at calling everyone to make set appointments rather than just hoping they are home. We have a very busy week. I'm excited.
This week we taught Laura again. She needs to get married to get baptized, but her boy friend Ed isn't proposing. She wants him to have the strong desire she does to get married. Poor thing. Mom if you could e-mail me your conversion story about how you decided to get baptized. I know your conversion is centered around family. Laura is 27 with a 1 year old and a boyfriend. She want's a family that we describe. I think your words would impact her tremendously. Whenever you have free time. I know that I will recieve it when It is most necessary.
Another investigator is Ray. He is extremely into the Bible and desires to be closer to Heavenly Father. He has been around Mormons and said he has never had any complaints. He is going to read The Book of Mormon. He wants another lesson with us in a month after he has read it. I know he will read it. He said he can't deny The Book of Mormon. I wish we could go see him earlier, but we need to respect him. Plus we know he will read and he needs that time to dive in the book. I think we will stop by every now and then and see if he has questions. He is very kind and respectful.
We are also teaching Gary. He is wonderful. His wife and kids are members. He is reading The Book of Mormon. I knows it's true in this head,  but he doesn't feel it yet. We highly respect him. He is a wonderful husband and father. He said that he knows he will get baptized someday....ahhh he just has some questions. But we know those are lifelong questions that the Holy Ghost can help him answer. We keep teaching him. It's never a burden to go over because he is so wonderful. He is truly easy to love. We just love him so much we want him to have the Gospel now. He goes to church every sunday but doesn't stay after sacrament meeting. We are going to try to think of a way to help him understand how much he would learn if he would stay.
We are also teaching the Hobbs family. The dad is also not a member, but he is very sweet to us. We love going over there. We taught the importance of family. We had them create a list of things they can do to strengthen there family even more. They do so many recreational activities so we have to put that as just one thing. We included family prayer, scripture reading, family home evening, family dinner, and Daddy Daughter Dates and Mommy and Son Dates. The dad thought that was the thing he wanted to work on the most. We circled it. Autumn the daughter just got baptized. She will hound him about joining the church. We are going to let her push him. haha She is so sweet.
We have a baptism this weekend. Brooke. She is eight. We are inviting everyone we know to go to that so they can see her face as she comes out of the water. It will be wonderful.
We also are teaching a little boy who is eight the lessons. He wants to get baptized, but the family that he is staying with wants to make sure he realizes that he's making the decision and not them. He needs his own testimony to rely on because his dad is not a member and his mom died when he was a baby. The dad doesn't take good care of him so this family in our ward took him and his sister. They are so wonderful to the kids. The daughter just went to the Temple for the first time and baptized her Mom. :) It was a powerful experience for her.
We are going through our area book alot. Its makes me so angry when previous missionaries don't write down detailed information. It makes it almost impossible to find the people.
We helped move out a family. The mom is moving into town. She currently doesn't have custody of the kids because the dad was abusive and she wasn't protecting them the way she should. She is having a hard time accepting that. The one daughter was recently baptized, but isn't as active because of this trial that she is going through. She finally came to church yesterday. The mom is doing everything she can to get the kids back. (they are teenagers) She has been sober for 90 days +. I'm so proud of her. She needed the help moving. At first me and Sister Partridge were the only ones there to help because her friends bailed. We called another family in our ward and they came to help. I wasn't feeling very good to begin with and then when I walked inside the house, it smelled like dead deer. I thought I was going to puke. She was so appreciative of the help we gave her. We are going to teach her very soon. We have to be careful because of the situation she is in. We realize that if her daughter goes to church, the mom cannot go. That is very tough, but she needs the gospel in her life, so we will teach her and pray that things work out.
I've gotten extremely close with the ward. We have their trust which is great because we need referrals. We do as much service as we can and also show that we are working hard. We set up a fireside that we are having the youth invite all their nonmember friends to come and write down questions about the church and we have a panel that will answer them. That will hopefully give us some interest. That will happen Jan. 27th
We also have a missionary fireside this Sunday. I am Singing at it. I don't remember the name of the song. I barely know the song. I will practice it this week...in the no spare time I have.
Oh I love the work. I love it so much. It is exhausting. It is hard. But It is wonderful and I know I am where I am suppose to be. I miss you all so much. I really do. Keep giving me updates on your lives. I love them.
My favorite scripture is Jacob 3:7 this week.  "Behold, their ahusbands blove their cwives, and their wives love their husbands; and their husbands and their wives love their children; and their dunbelief and their hatred towards you is because of the iniquity of their fathers; wherefore, how much better are you than they, in the sight of your great Creator?"

I am reading through The Book of Mormon. I'm currently in Mosiah 6 now. But when I read Jacob 3:7 I remember how Mom and Dad also told me to put your spouse before your kids. I always thought that was just their opinions, but if you look at the order in that verse, you know that it is true. You need to love your spouse before your kids and it will all fall into place. I shared that with a member in our ward the same day I read it. I think that was Tuesday. Isn't it wonderful. :) Thanks Mom and Dad
Well I will send you some pictures. I love you alll so much!
Sister Gampe

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone!
Alright, It's amazing how everything blurrs together. But here we go.
We are going tracting alot lately because we need more investigators. I'm pushing that more. It is hard though because it's not the most effective, but when it is...boy is it cool. We were driving around and I thought, "go to Corrine's house". So I told Sister Partridge and we go to her house. She is a referral we keep trying to contact, but she wasn't there. So we try another house across the street because I knew we needed to be there. That didn't turn out good. The man was mad that we messed up the snow on his front patio. (While hes getting snappy at us, we are standing in 2 feet of snow). Wierd. So then I get back in the car and Sister Partridge is playing with two random dogs outside. (animals are EVERYWHERE). I see this teenager walking towards us. I realized this was why we were at that spot. So I jump out of the car and start playing with the dogs as well. As he is walking by I asked him what his name was and how he was doing. Quinton. He was walking listening to music. Looked like he was deep in thought. He never stopped walking so I didn't get to talk to him about the church as he was walking by. So then I slapped my leg and yelled, "Quinton!". He turned around and I ran to him and gave in The Book of Mormon and told him how it has changed my life and that it's important for him to read it and pray to know it's true. I told him how our number was in there if he would like to learn more about it. I have no clue what's going to happen to that Book of Mormon, but I know it's suppose to go from my hands to his. It was a powerful experience.
Asher this other boy we found has texted us this week asking how we are doing... uhhh hahaha So we have to be extra careful what we say and do with Asher. I don't want him to have the wrong impressions. We are looking for a good friend for him in the church. He seems like he is lonely. From what we heard from the Taylors who hired him to build them a new fence, Asher came from a polygamy family. So that will be very interesting. The Taylors said that him and his brother were basically kicked out of the family and are now trying to work, but people aren't hiring him based off of his background. Really sad. We desperately want to teach him the gospel.
We are trying to find alot of friends for different people. Inactive members, part-member families, and investigators. They all need friends. We are doing our best to match them up.
It still amazes me how attached I get to these people. I love them in literally 2 seconds of meeting them. One family has been hitting me hard. The Dennys. They are an inactive family. The parent's never go to church and the kids sometimes go. They have 2 children, live in a small, cluttered, smoke filled apartment. It's so full of cigarette smoke, it hurts to breathe, and your clothing smells terrible when you leave. The parent's don't work. The only income is the 17 year old son, who is really struggling. The daughter is 12. I usually see bright futures in the gospel and everyday life with everyone I see, except for the Denny's. I see Kelly, the son, leaving as soon as he is out of high school. I see him trying to make money with little education and going in and out of jail. I see Melina, the daughter, getting pregnant young. It makes me want to work extra hard on this family. I need to somehow reach out to the kids. The parents have no desire to have an eternal family...none...I don't know why anyone wouldn't want that. They support the kids going to church though. I feel it would be best to teach the kids outside of that home. I need to figure out how to do that appropriately. They need the gospel more than ever.
We drove really far out to Lov Ranch because of a referral. We were invited in because it was so cold and they were shocked to see us. This lady was so sweet to us. We talked to her while she cooked dinner for her in laws. Than I asked about the quilts she had hanging in the wall. I told her my mom was currently making me a quilt. At the end I gave her a Book of Mormon and than we left. She was so excited to see us. We will return. I will definitely bring the quilt Mom is sending me. She will love it. Than we can teach her about the church.
Another investigator, Ronald and Peggy. They are so sweet. We taught them the Plan of Salvation because they have a son who died. He was crossing the street and a drunk driver hit him. It is still a sensitive subject. Peggy had to leave the lesson twice because she was crying. I told her it was wonderful how much she loves her family. She kept coming back downstairs to hear more, so we kept going. Ronald is a sweet heart and told us that he sees a glow around certain people. He's powerful. Peggy is offensive to some people and gets offended often. We are careful with our words because we want her to know how much we love her. It's true how much we love her. In church I was thinking about how I wish she was there because it was about family. We need to bring a member so she can have a friend. Someone who is sweet and doesn't get offended easily. haha.
Funny note: a baby bunny peed on my skirt. It was disgusting. It really grossed me out because it smelled terrible. Luckily the skirt can be washed. Grr!!!
Another funny note: We were eating at a Mexican Restaurant because this week has been rough with getting meals from the ward because everyone is out of town. We decided to split a meal and pig out on chips and salsa. The waiter was flirty towards me, so when Sister Partridge said she had to use the bathroom at the end, I begged to go somewhere else so the waiter wouldnt talk to me. So she says alright but we need to go to the church to use the bathroom. Little did I know, Sister Partridge has diarrhea! haha. poor thing. She was running to that bathroom. She sat on that toilet for a long time. I can't figure out how she got it. We ate the same thing. I was dying laughing.
Sad note:
Sister Partridge, my companion, is going through a rough time right now. Her dad has cancer. He is getting surgery on Wednesday. We both fasted this Sunday. Keep him in your prayers. It's not a good surgery. They couldn't go with the microscopic surgery. She is very worried. I am just keeping her busy and positive. She said that the whole ward is fasting for him. He has alot of prayers going for him.
Well the work has been improving here in Meeker. We are busy. Sometimes so busy, we barely have time for lunch or dinner. I like working hard though. We are very exhausted. We do alot of service inbetween teaching lessons. We have shoveled aton of driveways, cleaned bathrooms, swept floors, etc. OH yeah and dump moldy meatballs and sauce down the toilet....yeah I don't understand that one either. hahaha
I'm reading The Book of Mormon everyday. It's so wonderful and I've grown attached to it. I wish I would have taken more advantage of it before. 2 Nephi 29 is all about why we need The Book of Mormon and The Bible. There are AMAZING reasons that I have descovered. Not just from that chapter, but just from studying in general. 2 Nephi 30-33 are AMAZING Oh read it. :) haha
I love you all!!!!!!
- Sister Gampe