Monday, January 27, 2014

Humble Prayer

Hello Everyone!

It has been a great week! We are seeing miracles everyday! We were able to teach many people this week! Many are progressing! Many are being found! 

We had zone conference on Tuesday. I sang a solo. The elders asked me the day before to sing. So I sang, "Live Like You Believe." It went really well. I just prayed before I sang that I could invite the spirit. That helped me not be so nervous.

We were knocking on some apartment doors and this cute chubby hispanic kid starts talking to us. He told us which doors were english speaking and which were spanish speaking. He started following us around like a little puppy. It was hilarious. He started knocking on the doors for us. Just imagine the people opening the door and seeing two missionaries and a little chubby boy. hahaha 

We have been doing a lot of hours at the Jeffco Action Center. It is a place that people donate food and items and they give it to the poor and homeless. It is amazing. The workers love us so much because we work really hard. I cleaned out a dirty fridge that literally made me gag. Most of the volunteers are people who need court service hours. So theirs a lot of Juveniles there. They think it's funny that we volunteer just for fun.  

We have moved into a new home. Sister Grebe. The McCall's home was really far and we kept going over our mile limit. Sister Grebe just recently lost her husband. They were married for over 70 years. She is 94 years old! hopefully we can help her around the house and give her some comfort in her home. Her home is really nice. We have the basement all to ourselves. I'm excited because there is a treadmill! Get my Skinny on!

Bernadine and Ricky are doing really great living the Word of Wisdom! They haven't been smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee. I am really proud of them. We taught them Saturday night and we were really inviting them to come to church. Ricky kept giving excuses. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. I'm not gonna lie, my stomach dropped. I was so scared his gang was going to come in a get us! But it was this man, Rafael. He walked in with a big smile. They don't even know him very well. Ricky and Bernadine were walking on the side of the road and he decided to pick them up and take them home. He wanted to stop by to check on them. Well he joined us. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation. Than he starts telling Ricky he should go to church. hahaha I seriously think he is an angel! But we are going to get him to go to the spanish ward because he wasn't able to understand to much.

The next day, Bernadine and Rafael were at church. We talked to Ricky since and he says he promises that he will come to church this next Sunday. Ricky gave me a drawing he did in jail. It's really neat. I'll take a photo of it for next week. I love Ricky and Bernadine's prayers. They are the best. So sincere.

Everyone is going crazy over the Broncos. haha It's really funny. Yesterday Sister Vasquez bought bronco clothing. I was going to get a vintage bronco looking shirt/jersey, but I didn't want to spend the money. So i booked it out of the store empty handed. 

Well I love you all so much! Transfers is Tuesday the 28th. I am pretty sure I will be staying in the area. Their not kicking me out yet. 

-Sister Gampe


3 Nephi 11

Hello Everyone!

Okay crazy week. Am I surprised? Nope :) I love it and embrace it. haha. My area is so ghetto. haha I love it so much. Mom please don't worry. I'm being obedient so I can follow the promptings of the spirit. 

The other night I was on exchange. There were these two guys walking on the street so I run up to them to talk to them. The one guy is really drunk and keeps telling me how beautiful I am and is asking me if I'm married and if he can have my number. The missionary I was with goes, "Don't worry! her number is on the card!" OH goodness! haha I have not received any calls from him yet. 

We went to an appointment and I had to help our investigator undress his stab wound. He got it from ONE of his girl friends. I guess that's why we should only date one person at a time. He was being such a baby while I was taking it off. We had a member with us. We always do when we go there. Anyways he had crusty gross old gauze on it. But it was the stringy type so the string was stuck inside his deep wound. So we had him put it in luke warm water and let it soak and than pull it off. He almost cried. We wanted him to go to the hospital but he wouldn't because of the cost of money. We taught him the Word of Wisdom. He want's to live it because he has so much desire to come unto Christ. We have a lot to do to help him get there. The world is living farther and farther from Christ so it takes a lot of work to prepare them for baptism. His name is Ricky Thunderhawk. He's on date to be baptized on Feb. 9th. His mother, Bernadine Thunderhawk is also on date. She struggles even more than Ricky with the Word of Wisdom. They were suppose to go to church and we had a member go get them and no answer at the door. I was really sad. Ricky makes me laugh so hard. We asked him if he read 3 Nephi 11. and he awkwardly said yes. I look and him with a serious face and said, "Ricky, are you lying to us? You didn't read." He put a huge smile on his face and said. "Nah. I didn't read." hahaha he does that a lot. 

We made breakfast for Ines, the lady we live with. It was her birthday on Sunday. It made her day. She said she has never had anyone make her breakfast before besides her husband. It was really sweet. 

We find people everyday to teach, but we really need strong families because we have a few families in the branch that are active. 

We had zone meeting on Thursday. Sister Pfeifer and I did a training on Language. We did a little role play of two missionaries. One was super positive and the other was super negative. I was the positive one because I wanted it to be funny. The reason why it was funny making Sister Pfeifer the negative one is because she is the most positive person I have ever made. The mission goal is to make her have a bad day. She had a hard time doing it without smiling. The other missionaries were laughing. It's amazing how much language and attitude makes a difference in the mission. I have been able to cut out the word ."hate". I never use it thanks to Sister Hatch. I've noticed a difference in my language. 

Well we were able to get a lot accomplished this week. The Murdocks helped us a lot. They came and saw us. They also came to our meeting with our ward mission leader. I expect changes to happen. Good changes. Changes I have been praying for. 

I love you all so much! 
-Sister Gampe
 The cat's name is dog. He lives with us.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2 on date

Hello Everyone!

Things have been crazy! haha words cannot describe. The stress of the area might be getting to Sister Vasquez too much, so I'm not sure how much longer I'll be with her. I just want her to be happy and enjoy her mission. 

Okay so this week I got to go to Glenwood Springs for Mission Leader Council. It was so much fun! I got to drive a 2014 Jeep Compass! The elders had to pry me out of that vehicle. I loved it so much. During the meeting an elder got up and his companion chased after him, opened the bathroom door, and we could loud and clear hear him puking. I accidentally made a gagging noise in the middle of the council. Needless to say, it was disgusting. But funny when he walked back in. We all giggled. Poor kid. What makes it more funny, his name is Elder Barfield. hahaha! I hope I'm not the only one that's immature and thinks it's funny. Later I got to relax in the backseat of the car and sleep. That was nice. I had a great time with Sister Pfeifer! It was so great to be with her and away from all the stress of the area for the day.

We have been going on exchanges. Sister Vasquez loves them because she gets to go and relax a little. That's a good thing.

We have been doing service at the Jeffco Action Center. They provide things for homeless. It's been great.  

During Friday planning, we knelt on our knees to know when Bernadine could be ready for baptism. We got the answer of Feb. 9th. Than we prayed who could come with us and be a great fellowshipper. Joy Wareham came into our mind. We don't really know her well but we know without a doubt that it was inspired because she was fabulous!!!!

Saturday we had a great day! I was with Sister Smith for the day and we taught a mother and her son who is in his 20's. Bernadine and Ricky Thunderhawk! Cool name huh. Joy Wareham came with. The mood when we first got there was pretty bad, but with the help of the inspired member that we brought, Christ lifted all of Bernadine's sadness off her shoulders. I invited them both to be baptized on February 9th. They were excited to follow Jesus Christ. They were suppose to come to church. We had a ride and everything, but she said she had to go grocery shopping. :( sad. I was pretty bummed. But next Sunday!

We are getting moved into another home. We are just too far from our area. The mission doesn't have enough miles to provide for us. So we are going to a 90 year old lady in the Lakewood ward. We hear great things about her. My first concern was if I was going to find her alive...the members said she is super fit. I'm excited to meet this woman! The McCalls are really sad for us to leave, and we are really sad to leave them. They have helped us so much and were so much fun!

I'm working on trying to get the Branch to change their monthly Friday evening pot luck to Sunday Fast Sundays. "Breaking the Fast" It just know it would be more successful because more people would attend. We need to get this Branch more united. 

I got my hair cut! It's fun. It's not much shorter at all because I'm trying to get it longer, but It has more layers so it has more volume and style. woot woot. no more plain Jane Sister Gampe.

I started reading my patriarchal blessing more intensely. I created a list of "Do's" "Bewares" and "Blessings". I find it amazing that the Do's list is so much smaller than the Blessings list. We do so little, but Heavenly Father blesses us so much. I loved that!

I love you all so much! Happy New Year! Time is going so fast! I don't know where it is going!

-Sister Gampe

Thank You!

Hello Everyone!

I was overwhelmed this week from the support and love I received from you all. Thank you so much. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for everyone/everything I have/ love. 

Everything this week went  a lot better than last week. We were able to get into more doors and find more people. We found 5 new investigators! We were so excited. We are really getting to know the Branch pretty quickly. Not many people come to church in our Branch. About 40 come to church. haha. We are going to double that with baptisms and re-activations.

Sister Vasquez and I laugh all the time. We tell funny stories. I'm doing my best to keep her mind off of home and family. She was a little down last week and didn't know how to express it. We are working hard together. I love her so much. I'm glad she is with me. 

We had some miracles happen. We knocked on a door and the man didn't speak English. So I was able to ask if we could send the Spanish missionaries to him. I asked him his name. His name was Jesus. I got all his information and sent it to the missionaries. We got a call last night from the Spanish elders telling us that he was one of the converts from over a year ago with one of the elders that came back to the area just now. He said the Jesus told him that he was inactive for a long time and asked in prayer for a sing to come back. We knocked on his door shortly after. :) He told the elders we were an answer to his prayers. :)

It's so wierd being in a branch with elders. It's exciting for me though because this branch will receive so many miracles. I feel bad for the elders because they keep getting compared to us. They shouldn't at all. They are working hard. We all are. We are all trying to get the members all excited. Our mission leader works hard, but doesn't have the faith that we will do what we say. I was pretty angry when he said that we are talking the talk, but he doesn't see the results from the records we handed him.I think he forgot that it has been the week before Christmas and Christmas. No one want's to let someone in that they don't know the week of Christmas. haha But that just makes me want to work harder next week. The first week we only got 5 lessons. Literally we knocked for 4 hours straight on members homes and homes we didn't know before getting in 1 home. haha it was crazy. This week we had 12 lessons. Next week I'm shooting for 25-30 lessons. I know we can do it. We will work extra hard. 

I added a photo of my boots. They are pretty torn apart. I just got new boots from a member. So sweet! I'm not going to lie, I was pretty proud of these torn apart boots. I was sad to throw them out. 

Well I love you all so much! We are going to see more and more miracles everyday. :) 

Sister Gampe

Alameda Branch

Hello Everyone!
Well this week has been tough. I got my baby on Tuesday! Sister Vasquez. She's gorgeous! She half Filipina and Hispanic. She is from California. She has only been a member for 16 months! That will bring a deeper understanding for our investigators. She is a fabulous teacher. It amazed me the first time we taught the Restoration. The spirit was so strong. We have had ups and downs this week with our relationship, but have learned a lot and worked it out. I'll make sure I have a photo of us together next week.
I am in the Alameda Branch. It involves a lot of transient families. I think that is what it's called. Basically the ward cannot function on it's own, so they call families in different areas to be in the branch. The branch keeps telling me to not get disappointed because blah blah blah. They have such low expectations for missionary work.That's my goal. I'm going to change that. I'm going to talk to EVERYONE. We are going to find so many investigators that they won't know what to do with them. This past week has been hard because NO one wants to let us in because they are busy with Christmas. So starting Thursday, it's on. I'm going to be on fire and the branch will watch me burn.
I'm so excited to Skype my family on Christmas! We will keep it 40 minutes. That time will fly, but I know the Lord will strengthen and bless me, my family, my companion, and the area  when we are obedient.
I've got a pile of packages from so many family and friends. Thank you sooooo much. Surprisingly I have gotten a little more mature on my mission and have not opened them yet. Saving them for Christmas. Before the mission, I would have torn them open the moment I saw them. hahaha The mission changes you in so many ways.
I'm reading The Book of Mormon in 6 weeks. I'm so excited. I'm highlighting everything about Christ. I invite everyone who reads this to also do it. 13 pages a day.
My favorite chapter this week was 2 Nephi 4. It helped me a lot. Fill yourself with Christ's love. :)
Merry Christmas! I love you!
-Sister Gampe