Thursday, December 5, 2013

Year Mark

Hey Everyone!

Well on November 14th I hit my year mark. What a weird thought. I don't like it. I forget that one day, I won't be a missionary.

Well guess what! We have a baptism on SUNDAY! November 24th! Heidi Shook moved it from the first Sunday in January to November! I was praying for that everyday! haha. She is amazing! Every time we teach her in her home, we feel the people so strong. 

We had such a busy week! 31 lessons! 10 member presents! 10 new investigators! 3 on Date to be baptized!

Seriously is was awesome! Stressful, but awesome! We had 3 exchanges. I stayed in the area for 2 of those exchanges. Sister Pfeifer did great even not knowing the area! haha It's tough because I am trying to drive/make calls for members to come with us/schedule a baptism/exchanges. I am a little overwhelmed, but the week is flying by! 

We spent the whole day on Thursday in Glenwood Springs for a mission leader council. It went really well. He is stressing on some important rules. No calls can be longer than 6 minutes, which is tough when I have to "fight" with people to come to church on Sunday haha. We also cannot call or text people outside our area. We can only keep in touch with Recent Converts through e-mail and letters. We are also off the phone at 9:45 pm. There were 2 and a half hour phone calls being made after 10:30 PM! That made me sad to hear. I don't know how they stay up and do it. I fall in my bed at that time. We also are expected to teach in 1 member's home every day Monday-Thursday. I'm excited about that/ unsure how we will fit it in. We are so busy with set appointments. Of course some fall through, but these member lessons are suppose to be set up in advance. Not just a stop in. We also have more stress on music. No Disney, no Christmas that is outside the hymn book. So I am going through my CD's and making sure I am being obedient. Have to be a good example. I know we will be blessed with all this. 

Exchanges. haha I only had 1 tough exchange this week. The sister was just really shy...I think. She wouldn't talk. I felt like I was pulling teeth all day to get conversation. I tried to crack so jokes. hahaha fail! AND I'M FUNNY! right? hahaha I'll try to think that. But anyways. If anyone can come up with some conversational questions for me to ask on exchanges. please help me out and give me some ideas. I'm sick of asking what their favorite halloween costume was. 

Sister Pfeifer and I are feeling great this week! No puking. ;) haha Honestly I am learning so much from my companion. She's a beast. 

We had like 7 people that we teach at church this Sunday. What a wonderful thing to see. 

I love you all so much! You are always in my prayers! My mission President's wife said that "we should be the missionary that our parent's brag about. " Don't brag mom, because I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm striving for it. ;)

Oh tis the season! I'm getting festive! I love this time of the year! I was super excited to get Christmas scented body wash. 

I love you!
-Sister Gampe

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