Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!
OKay Thanksgiving was a blast. I got to play football for 4 hours! I called President the night before to ask if it was okay. It was. Anyways we had so many people there, that we had to split it up into 4 teams. I was on the champion team. Undefeated! Mwahahaha. Well I actually played! I didn't just run around on the field to take up space! I scored some touchdowns and I caught some sweet passes and knocked some elders out...well I didn't know out elders. I haven't hung out with Elders in over 6 months, so it was wierd to do that, especially for 4 hours. I don't hang out with them much so I am able to tell the sisters to not hang out with them. To much flirting goes on. Gross.
After we went to the Gerrard family for lunch. Yummy! The cranberry sauce here isn't that junky stuff in the can. Don't get me wrong...I love that stuff, but the real cranberry stuff is the real deal. It's wonderful Anyways after that we did dishes and went to another home. It was an open house so we got to talk to alot of nonmembers. Than we went to see the Raney family. Oh they are wonderful. Than we got to see our dear friends Glenny and Dave. We had a great day.
Well the next day, I wanted to cry every move I made. I happened to have to sneeze alot that day too. LAME.
We had a busy week. I felt like we weren't going to have a busy week since it was thanksgiving, so we scheduled 9 hours of community service. We painted mostly. They loved my steady hand for the trim. I get stuck with that job alot. We have been going to Dinosaur Ridge. There is a Ridge that has real dinosaur bones and footprints. It's pretty cool. We had a personal tour with the lady and she made it so we could drive up there, which you can't normally do anymore. It was pretty neat.
We ended up being blessed and were able to find 6 new investigators and teach 20 lessons. We got 4 investigators to church by going to their home and cooking them pancakes. That was alot of fun. Only the 4 daughters came, but next week the whole family will come. It was so wonderful that they came. We have: Brianna (13), Cheyanne (11), Izabella (9), and Jalen (8). I felt like a parent sitting in the chapel with them. I'm not gonna lie cooking breakfast on fast sunday was rough, but we did it without breaking our fast.
Broncos makes missionary work really tough! NO ONE wants to see us when the Broncos are on. Especially when they are playing Kansas City. We jumped into a home with a 85 year old lady and taught her the Restoration. New investigator.
Well everyone I love you so much! I am grateful for:
-The opportunity to serve the Lord
-My family and their good health while I am away
-The wonderful people I get to meet here in Colorado.
-Sister Gampe

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