Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last week in Green Mountain

Hey Everyone!

This week started off wonderful! So we first went bowling with a part member family on Monday. I told him I could beat him. Well I did awful! haha But that's okay. I was using a house ball. I cannot remember what my score was. It was over 100. So that's good. haha Than later I was able to meet Gary and Laurie Zellers at Village Inn and eat some Key Lime Pie. Yumm! That was wonderful. 

We got the official phone call that I was getting moved on Friday afternoon. So I am opening up a new area, training, and being a Sister Training Leader. We had a Training Meeting the next morning. President talked about a time in his life that he felt burnt out. That gave me comfort. I know I am ready and will give it my all. The Lord will help me. 

Well a lot of wonderful miracles are happening every day. We taught some powerful lessons. There's alot of people that are really close to baptism. We are helping two of our investigators quit smoking. We had a huge Christmas Party. It was 2 wards combined. We had 7 investigators come, and over 20 less actives and recent converts their that we teach. It was awesome. We were really happy with who all came. There was about 260 people at the ward party. 

We are teaching the Stamper Family. The dad is really getting more and more interested. HE got the family to sit down and read The Book of Mormon as a family and was amazed by how calm and peaceful their home was. The family came to church, but the dad had to work. We were so excited that the mom came. she had a smile on her face the whole time. I loved it. The only problem is, we need to get them married. The dad isn't actually the dad, but he's the closest person to being their dad. He treats them all wonderful, but says he's not a married type of person. That will change when he understands the blessings of the gospel. 

Sunday morning we got a call from a landlord of someone we are teaching. She told us that he fell "off the wagon last night." Sister Pfeifer looked at me dead serious and was like, "OH I wonder where? I hope he's okay." hahaha I died laughing. It was the comic relief because we were sad when our friend drank after 16 days of being sober :/

At church we had 6 investigators. During Sacrament meeting, they asked me to come up and bear my testimony. I of course cried through the whole thing, but was told that I kept it straight to the point of my testimony and it was classy ;) The one investigator told us that he felt something. The Holy Ghost. :)

Last night Sister Pfeifer and I got a blessing from Bishop Richards. Sister Pfeifer had the idea and I was blessed by it. There were powerful comforting words said. I feel more confident. I know Heavenly Father knows my needs and loves me so much. 

Well I love you all so much! My next letter will be coming from a different area. I'm excited for what lies ahead! I'm excited to really reach out to a new ward and serve them and let them know how much I love them, the Savior, Heavenly Father, and my Companion. I've learned so much from this area, and will never forget these wonderful people. I'll never forget my friend Sister Pfeifer. She taught me so much. I'm not afraid to talk to random people no matter what they are doing. Losing our fears is how we show our willingness to serve the Lord. 

-Sister Gampe


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