Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sister Sleep Over!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Okay so on Monday I got a call from President. Sister Pfeifer was in the shower, so it was just me and him talking. He asked me if I was worn out. I told him that I am very exhausted, but I will do what the Lord wants me to do. He said that he needs me to continue being a Sister Training Leader. He said the sisters are still too young (in the mission). He also told me that they want to transfer me out have me train a new missionary, in a new "white-washing" area. ( white-washing- two missionaries go in the area at the same time. it will be tough since neither of us will know anyone. ) So I will continue to be a Sister Training Leader, but training a new sister and white-washing. I'm pretty nervous. 

So the next day, we had exchanges. I was with Sister Ulberg from Samoa. Sister Pfeifer was with Sister Rousse. We also had the temple the next morning, so we asked President if we could stay with the sisters since they were much closer to the Temple. Also because the snow storm that came in. The temple was what I needed. I prayed that I would be comforted/ guided to know that I could do what is in store for me on my mission. I want to finish strong! I'm scared of being too worn out. I have to heavily rely on the Lord. Sometimes I am so exhausted, I know Heavenly Father is carrying me from place to place. In the temple I was led to read Alma 7:17. That gave me a lot of comfort. I believe. I know this is the Lord's work and that if he wants me to do something, I will be able to do it. 

We had a huge Christmas Concert on Thursday and Friday. It was amazing! The stake choir joined with the Lakewood Symphony and Lakewood bell ringers. Oh I loved the bells so much! My eyes were glued on them. We spent 13 hours doing service for this concert. It turned out gorgeous. They took out the pews in the chapel and had the symphony there. We set up chairs everywhere in the gym and over flow. The decorations were magnificent. It didn't even look like a church building. There were a lot of nonmembers there. 

We have been having miracles in this area. We found awesome new investigators this week. We had the girls come to church again with us. It was awesome. We are desperately trying to get the parents there as well. Jalen, the little 8 year old is so funny. We were teaching about how Joseph Smith was trying to figure out which church was the true church and she yells, "Your church is the true church!" hahaha I smiled and said yes it is, but you need to pray and ask Heavenly Father so you know for yourself. hahaha. 

Funny Story: Sister Pfeifer and I were looking at this less active lady's quilts and pillow cases she makes. Well She was just about to open up this pillow case and all we see is that the material has motorcycles on it. Sister Pfeifer goes, "OH I LOVE THAT!" then the lady opens it up and it's really inappropriate women on motorcycles. I started dying laughing and teased her like crazy! She got so red! 

We got our teeth cleaned and the dentist praised me for my teeth! He said they were spotless and that he can tell that I am flossing everyday! :) yes! I actually have been really conscious about it since I got a cavity the last time :/ Who would have thought I'd get that compliment. I grew up all my life with my siblings telling me that Heavenly Father stuck his hand in a bad of teeth and shook it around in his hand and threw them in my mouth. Jerks hahaha. ;)

We had a lesson with this man Louis. He is 40 and single. So we brought a Nathan, a member who is 28. It went super well. The guy was really educated in the gospel and had great things to say. He told us that we radiated light. That made me feel good. Well at the end I went for the handshake and he pulled me in a kissed me!....hahaha totally just kidding! he gave me a hug.

I bet a lot of people reading this freaked out. hahah. Well anyways I gave the most awkward hug ever. Eeek. I don't know what I would have done if he kissed me. Probably cry and tell President.

I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe

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  1. Thanks for this post. It made tears come to my eyes. We have been having a rough time of it here in Chile but reading this reminds me the Lord has his hand over all of us. -- Hermana Patty Kennington