Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Maybe Pre-Earth Life or Something"

Hello Everyone!

Okay starting on Tuesday. We had transfers on Tuesday. What a fun meeting we have. Not all missions do this, but everyone on the Metro side is able to go to the mission office to greet the new missions. We have a big screen with all the companionships and they announce them. I was so happy when we found out that Sister Gage and I would stay together. She's amazing. So during the meeting they have the missionaries that are going home bear their testimonies. The one elder's testimony was so awful President Murdock stopped them and talked to him on the stand for 30 seconds. I was praying he would. The elder just went on and on about how disobedient he was!? We have brand new elders and sisters in the room. It was ridiculous. He even continued after President stopped him. Crazy. To make the matter worst. That same elder came up to me and told me that the training Sister Hatch and I did really touched him and that he felt a strong connection with me. Then he goes, "Maybe Pre-Earth Life or something". oh GAG! he asked me to write in his  "bye-bye book". I accidentally spelled his last name wrong...oops. I signed it. Sister Gampe. So hopefully he doesn't find out my first name. Such a wierd experience. Sister Gage was laughing and laughing when we left. Of course she didn't save me in the situation. jerk. hahaha 

We got another 2 new areas with sisters on the metro side. So we have to go on more exchanges. We are going to try to go 3 times a week. 

But here is something really cool from the transfer meeting. One of the brand new missionaries that came in, ran up to me and told me she followed my blog! haha She said she was so excited to meet me :)

Guess what! the one companionship that I saw 2 weeks ago, that was only averaging 5-8 lessons a week. Well the companionship was changed. The New missionary that had only been there for 6 weeks that I was with is now training even though she didn't have a good example, and she got 39 lessons this past week!!!!!! Isn't that amazing! I was so proud of her. I referred to president that I felt like she could do it because she's a hard worker. What a blessing. 

The older day Sister Gage and I got "smudged" it's a native american thing. It's with Cedar, Sweet Grass, and Sage smoke. William (the half naked biker santa claus) smudged us using an eagle feather...I'm happy to say that I've officially been smudged. He asked if I felt clean. I told him I kinda felt smokey and that he should take the sacrament. haha. I love that man. 

So on Thursday Sister Gage had a sad moment. She recognized that her time on the mission is ticking away. She was so sad. She also feels like she gets lost in the ward and isn't accomplishing something in this area. I could really relate to her because I felt the same way when I got here. Another thing I notice with missionaries that are on their last transfer is they are so exhausted. They have so much desire to have the fire they started their mission with, especially since they are more experienced and know how to do the work, but their bodies literally do not let them do it has hard. I have noticed since she is my 3rd companion I am sending home because literally they are physically exhausted. Sister Gage noticed that with herself and it really upset her. She has no desire to go home and it scares her. So we took the time to talk and let it all out. I bought her some Ben and Jerrys ice cream. 

The Relief Society Broadcast was amazing! We had an investigator go. Guess how old she is!!!! 93 years old! Her name is Evelyn and she just melts my heart. She said she loved the President of the church. Sister Gage goes, "Yep. He's the Prophet." haha 

We helped Phaydra move her apartment last night in storage. It was exhausting. Luckily Nathan Woolf and Sonya came and helped us. 

I also found out real fast that the Eagles lost to the Broncos. Come on Philly, Your making me look bad. 

Here's a hint of the love Sister Gage and I have for one another. We decided to try to study on our beds this morning to see if the distance would help us not be as distracted by one another. We were doing pretty good, and then almost lost it, but Sister Gage saved us by putting her body pillow in front of her face/body so I couldn't see her and so she couldn't see me. So then 5 minutes to go, I look up and say, "Can you take that off? I miss you". We lost it.

Well my sweet family and friends. I hope you know how much I love you!
Something that really stuck out to me was in Alma 24:27. Not one of the people who were slain were wicked. This to me answers the big question of, "Why do bad things happen to good people". I love Uchtdorf's message "Saint's for All Seasons"

I love you all so much!

-Sister Gampe


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