Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nobody Takes Me Away From Sister Gage!


 Sister Gage looks like an old man in this photo.
 I look like Michael Jackson in this photo.

 We went to knock on a door and Sister Gage turns to me and says, "Sister Gampe...I think there's a big dog behind me!" I turn around and that dog wouldnt leave and was just staring at us! hahahaha We were dying laughing. The people never came to the door! Darn!

Hey Everyone!
Sister Gage and I get to stay together. I'm so happy. When Sister Murdock told us we started cheering. So I'll be with her another 6 weeks, but then she will be finishing her mission. I'll be sad about that, but I know we will be lifetime friends. I will probably be in Lakewood for at least 3 more months. I could be longer. I have no clue how long I will be a Sister Leader Trainer.

We have a hard transfer. We lost 3 sisters. :/ But it's for the best. They can get some extra help at home. I am really tired of dealing with lazy whimpey sisters. So President and Sister Murdock asked us to do a Sister Zone Conference. I'm going to focus on the importance of planning and being obedient to the schedule. It was easy to come up with that after my last exchange. They get like 3-8 lessons a week. When I went there, we had the trainer come into our area with Sister Gage. I taught 6 lessons and found 2 new investigators. They sent us their numbers at the end of the week and they only at 8 lessons! I was so angry!!!! They go home all the time to take naps. They are only out working about 4 hours during the day. I was so mad. When we were planning I looked at a name and said, "Lets go see that person." She said... "Oh we don't go see him because his house really stinks." I of course said, "Well we are seeing them tomorrow." So we go to see this man. He looked like Quasimoto from the Hunchback of Notre dame. His house did stink, but we started teaching the Restoration starting with God is our loving Heavenly Father. I told him that he was really loved and he instantly started crying. I started tearing up because I instantly loved him. When we walked out I thought that the sister would have been touched, but she complained about how much it stunk in there. I honestly didn't notice the smell once the spirit was there. The next day when I wasn't in there area. The sisters texted me saying that the sister was sick from going into that home. I was really mad and had Sister Gage talk to them. Whimpey is all I have to say. Luckily Sister Gage wasn't as mad as me.
We are still working with Tom. I am sad he didn't make his baptismal date, but he has to have the desire. We decided to stop seeing him so much. President had us see him 3 times a week, but now we need him to really pray to know. We told him we will see him in a week. I pray that he misses the spirit we bring there. I'm really scared that he will get really depressed.
Well I love this work so much. Sister Gage and I are working really hard.

-Sister Gampe

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