Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tender Mercies

Hey Everyone!
Okay what a wonderful week! I noticed that I had so many tender mercies this week.
We were able to drive up to Glenwood Springs for Mission Leader Counsil. That was alot of fun. I got to drive a BRAND SPANKING NEW CHEVY CRUZ. That was a beautiful baby and I wish I didn't have to hand over the keys. But Sister Gage and I enjoyed the drive so much. There were gorgeous Aspen trees everywhere! They were bright gold. I loved it. The way home was alot different. We were crammed in a mormon van full of elders. It stunk like feet and was really loud haha. It was funny though. We told funny stories the whole time. I made Sister Gage sit next to the elder and I got the window. She said he was sweating on his leg hahahaha.
We were on our way to teach Dan and I see this HUGE bright shooting star. It went so far that I had time to hit Sister Gage and yell at her to look. She got to watch it! It was amazing!!!! I'll never forget that.
We had conference this week! I loved every single talk. I think my personal favorite was Uchtdorf's because it connected so well with every single person we teach. Less active and investigators. I loved Holland's talk as well. It's amazing how many people we see everyday that are struggling emotionally. The talk caught me off guard, but It was very needed. I was so excited to have 2 of my converts go to Salt Lake City to watch conference at the conference center. Gary and Sonya. That is just so neat! I'm so proud of them. They are both so amazing.
This week we didn't have as much time to go out and find and teach, but we really are focusing on getting new investigators. We are trying to talk to every single person we see no matter where they are. Sometimes when we have to chase them, we get some extra laughs.
Well everyone I love you so much! Study those talks and apply them to you. Create goals on how you will improve yourself everyday.
-Sister Gampe
ps I love how I am obviously yelling at elders. The next photo displays why I have to yell at them. haha

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