Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miracles are coming our way

Hey Everyone!

Alrighty where to begin!? 

Guess what! The Sister Missionaries that came in last transfer knew me as "Sister Gampe, the famous missionary blogger" WHAT THE!? hahahaha the one sister told me that when they saw me leading the music at transfer meeting when they first got to them mission they were like OH MY GOSH! THATS SISTER GAMPE! like I was famous or something. Well maybe I'm just known by the Sisters that are coming to this mission because I'm probably the first thing that comes up when they google it. 

The exchanges went well, but I missed me some "Gage" time. We had 3 exchanges this week. 

We were able to help Tom finally get rid of all concerns that were stopping him from getting baptized. I asked him if he knew the Church was true. He said yes. The member we brought asked if he wanted to get baptized he said yes. haha So then the member went off and explained how his concerns were all "what ifs" She slapped them right out of him haha. He let me take all his coffee and tea, so I bought him herbal tea. So then the next time we saw him, 2 days later we asked him when he would be ready. He said he prayed and watched conference and kept hearing a voice saying, "What are you waiting for". I almost jumped out of my seat! So excited! He said as soon as possible. So we set him on date to be baptized October 20th. So we had to really get cracking for his baptism. So we set up a interview with our Bishop and President Murdock for this past Sunday and he passed! He is worthy to be baptized. We set up a Temple Tour for Tom on Saturday so he can be spiritually uplifted before. His Baptism will be on Sunday the 20th at 4:00. Keep him in your prayers. He knows it's true but he is still really nervous!

Before Tom's interview we went to our stake building and got to go to a Fireside by Matthew Holland. Who is the son of Jeffrey R. Holland! What an experience. He was amazing. He spoke on gaining a testimony and strengthening your testimony. I wish Tom could have made it, but he wasn't feeling very well. I loved how much he stressed that everyone starts their learning of the gospel with doubt. But we need to focus on the faith that we have. 

Well I love you all so much! Remember that!
Sister Gampe

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