Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tom Got Baptized!

Hey Everyone!
We had a great week. Stressful, but great at the end!
One thing I wanted to mention from last week that I forgot was we had a horrible wind storm! I mean super bad! 70 mph. So I hear.... hahah It woke Sister Gage and I and we couldn't sleep. It sounded like the trees would crash through our window. So finally after 30 minutes of tossing and turning,

I whisper, "Sister Gage...are you awake?"
My bed is in front of the window. So I jumped in her bed and Sister Gage being from North Carolina with a bunch of hurricanes wanted us to go down stairs. So after 30 minutes of her begging, I gather my stuff. We cram ourselves inbetween a washer/dryer and a wall. It was tighter than a twin size bed. It was still sooo loud. So after 2 hours down there, we go back upstairs. We were exhausted! hahaha but it was hilarous. I was scared the Baums would come down to us being so whimpey.

I was on exchange and there was this HUGE MASTIFF! This dog was huge. I wanted a picture with him. I wanted to make him look extra huge so I went to sit next to him  while he stood and he instantly started humping me! It was awful! I was trying so hard to get him off! Sister Gregerson was dying laughing and didn't save me! But continued to take photos! :( His name is Eli
Tom Got Baptized! It was so wonderful! The spirit was so strong. We went on a Temple Tour the day before and that gave him so much strength and courage. The poor thing was shaking because he was so nervous, but he said that he feels so great! I'm so happy for him!
I'm so excited to have another new nephew Covey!! I can't wait for pictures!!!!!
I love you!
-Sister Gampe

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