Monday, July 29, 2013

One of The Greatest Secrets of Missionary Work is Work

Hey Everyone!
Okay so the tender mercies this week is how well it went! We worked hard and we were able to hit beyond the standards of excellence. We were able to teach 31 lessons! receive 7 referrals and contact 7. We found 2 new investigators, and we had 4 investigators at church! It was awesome!
We have an investigator that is really struggling. Every time he drinks really bad things happen. The first time we knocked on his door, he was all cut up. The next time he's not there, he is in the ICU. He fell and hit his head. He was so blessed to be alive. We went to the hospital on Sunday to go see him. That was the day he was scheduled to get baptized, but he dropped it because he wants to get tattoos. Members must have talked to him about that. I know he will be baptized one day. He is thinking about it still. The sad thing is, he is moving to Washington :/ I'm sad, but it's a blessing because he has family members there that are members of the church. Keep him in your prayers. His name is Allan.
We went to go do service at a potential investigator's home. The lady was so excited. She let us weed. While we were weeding, she came out and asked if we wanted to see pictures of her grandchildren. We said yes and walk over to her. The ONLY picture she shows us is a picture of her son who is single! She talked up her 36 year old son. haha
I'm seeing more and more blessings coming from the exchanges. We had a really really hard exchange last week. I was so frustrated because there was NO faith in the area. They didn't have faith that they could hit the standards. They kept giving me the, "well in this area, the members don't help us, we cannot find, blah blah blah" I found them a new investigator, set up 5 other appointments with potential investigators, and taught 4 lessons, and they didn't have a single appointment set up. We had a talk about how much faith does to an area. They texted us this week and thanked us. They found 3 investigators. I'm so proud of them! They are great missionaries, but they didn't see the potential the area had. No worries. I don't just tell missionaries what they should work on. I always compliment, give improvement, and compliment again :) that's my sandwich of love!
Oh so we had zone meeting this week. The zone leaders asked us to do a training on social graces. So we had President stand up in front of everyone and had the group compliment him on everything that looked nice. President always looks nice because he's a cars salesman. It means a lot to him that we always look nice. Well I meant to say "Look how shinny his shoes are!" But I accidentally said, "Look how shinny his eyes are!" The crowd had a good laugh! Also we had a role play of how to eat at members homes/ how not to eat. I was the missionary that didn't eat well and was really rude. I ate an apple really really obnoxiously. Juice was flying everywhere. It was really funny. I thought I was going to choke, because I was trying to talk with a huge piece of apple in my mouth.  Everyone was in shock and laughing.
We went on exchanges. I was with Hermana Encarnacion! Oh I love that girl. But not enough to let her use my tooth brush. haha.

President invited Sister Hatch and I to come to a meeting with him and the President's Assistants tomorrow morning. He says he wants our opinion for the mission. I'm so grateful he trusts us to much. He thinks we are the best. Sister Murdock want's to join us for a day this week. We are excited. I hope it works out.
Well this week was amazing. And we will have another amazing week. I love you so much!
-Sister Gampe

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