Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alexis Got Baptized!!!

Hey Everyone!
Guess what! A girl that me and Sister Betts found in Meeker while tracting just got baptized on saturday! I was so happy! I was able to give her a call and send my love to her. She is only 14 years old. She's amazing! :) Also we should have baptisms coming our way. We taught 31 lessons this week. And we were cut down a whole day because we had mission leader counsel. We are working hard. It is very different in the states. At our Mission leader counsel, President wanted to discus changes with the standards. We are now expected 8 member presents. We have been hitting above that lately, so I will personally make it a goal of at least 10. Also we want to find 6 new investigators weekly. I'm nervous about that. We only found 2 this week.
Also I got to go to the temple and see the new endowment video. WOW! it's gorgeous! I loved it. Eve was amazing. I cried. You need to go if you havent.
Well. I lose Sister Hatch. She goes home. I am so proud of her because she worked hard till the end. She never planned saying goodbye to people, we just worked. With the Sister change, I'm going to work hard to start with really good habits like getting home on time, being on time in general. I don't like being late ever, and shortening our lessons. The spirit is powerful with 30 minute lessons. I'm working on that one. Pray that I can accomplish these goals.
We had a couple go to church and the girl friend cried in my arms because she was amazed at how her boyfriend has accepted the gospel and she felt bad for giving us the cold shoulder. In church they surprised me by having me come up and sing with Sister Hatch. I looked her dead in the eyes when I sang. She felt the spirit. :) We san Nearer My God to Thee
Sonya got the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Wow she is amazing.
So I am still a Sister Leader Trainer, but they are calling another set of Sister Leader Trainers. So I will no longer be a Sister "AP". haha I'm very happy about that. The sisters need another set in the mission.
Here's a funny story I think I forgot to mention. It happened like 3 weeks ago. Maybe 2. but anyways. I lost a contact in the middle of the day. By the end of the night my other was bothering me so bad, I just ripped it out and threw it out the window. I forgot how blind I am. We went into our next appointment with Evelyn. She is 93 and has a cat named, Sammy. I walked in and say, "OH YOU GOT A NEW CAT!" and everyone looked at me funny (luckily I couldnt tell they were looking at me funny because I was blind) and they were al confused. I finally pointed at Evelyn's "new" cat. and it was a porcelin cat under the table that has always been in there. haha She accused me of being drunk.
Well I love you all so much I loved the August Ensign. I loved the artical on Gratitude by Henry B. Eyring.
The photos are of Alexis and her mom Tammy
-Sister Gampe

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