Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New President

Hey Everyone!

My President went home on the 28th! :( So sad. My new President's name is President Murdock. He's going to be awesome I know it.

Well guess what. I love my area more and more everyday. I love it. I get a gorgeous view of Denver and of the Mountains. I'm in a perfect spot. We have transfers on Tuesday. Sister Hatch and I are staying together. I'm so grateful. I love that girl. She got really sick the other day. While she was laying down on the phone, I decided to give her a lotioned feet massage. I don't know why I thought about it, but I did. So I did and I was worried the whole time because she is a massage therapist. She said that everything that I did is what they do to help nausea! The church is true!!! hahaha Even though she was sick, we were still able to have a good time. She only got sick at 6:30 pm. I think it was a mixture of alot. We were out in the hot sun staining a playset and on the go alot...well we are on the go all the time but yeah she doesnt have the best of health but she keeps going. They almost sent her home at one time but she refused and President allowed her to stay. Shes awesome. But while she was laying there I decided to use one of my ridiculous belly button tattoos a member gave me in Meeker, Teresa Murray on her. She was laughing so hard. I thought she might puke on me. That wouldnt have been good. Gross.
Earlier we had our last exchange! After we got in the car we literally both looked at each other and screamed at the top of our lungs because it was a rough one. haha but we learned alot. One of the things we learned was how much we love eachother.

The thunder and lightening storms have been amazing!
We helped move one of our investigators. Boy that was exhausting. But she went to church for the first time! Our members were amazing!
Well I better get going! I love you so much!

-Sister Gampe

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