Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Working Harder

Hey Everyone!
So we have been really busy this week! Alright so we had exchanges. I got to be with Sister Encarnacion. I love that girl so much. But the sad thing is, we were in Rifle so all the lessons were in Spanish. :/ But I did learn a lot. I need to open my mouth more. I really do. There are times that we have extra time that we can knock on a door. Sister Encarnacion has a hard time with people falling in love with her because she is just so beautiful. She has a stalker in Rifle. His name is Juan. He met the Sisters by seeing them in the window of their apartment. He asked if he could look at the picture of Christ that is on their window. Of course he wanted to take the missionary lessons. He went to church and a baptism and everything. Then he confessed his love for Sister Encarnacion and she passed him on to the Elders and he was extremely rude to them. He kept showing up at the Sister's apartment. So they had to switch apartments with the Elders. The switch took place AFTER I stayed the night during exchanges. I didn't sleep well. I was too worried Juan was gonna break in! We were safe though.
So we really stepped it up this week. We had soooo many blessings from doing so. We had 23 lessons this week. The district leaders texted us telling us not to look everyone look bad hahaha.
Well We have been doing so much. Whenever we have even 10 extra minutes we pull over and walk around tracting. We found 3 people who invited us to come back. I know that all the hard work we put forth will bring blessings to the people here in Meeker.
With all the hard work comes stress though. Poor Sister Betts lost it. I know Satan works really hard on missionaries. And if missionaries are obedient he works harder. The only thing he can really get us is attacking our view on our own self worth. I know he has been attacking me, but he has been attacking Sister Betts even harder. She snapped on me after church. Tears came running down her face. She feels like she isn't wanted in Meeker and that she should just be transferred. I told her she needs to allow the members to get to know her. She has to open up. She has a hard time talking sometimes and I don't make it any easier for her because I can talk up a storm. We pulled up to our next appointment, but I told her we should go for a walk. We walked for 10 minutes talking and venting and getting it all out. It really helped a lot because by the end we were able to joke around. That day we had 6 lessons. I'm proud of her for letting things out. I know the mission can get hard because I sometimes hit a brick wall. She is doing a lot better today.
We had zone meeting this week which really made me want to push harder as well. I am exhausted all the time, but you have to just keep going and know that no matter what you do, you will be exhausted.
There are so many inspirational people here in Meeker. I love sharing D&C 121:7-9 to the people who are going through a rough time. The Carrolls are dealing with their daughter Toni with cancer. They realized that there isn't anything they can do anymore for her. They accept it and count all their blessings. It's amazing.
I love you all so much! I love receiving letters. Always know those are greatly appreciated.
-Sister Gampe

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