Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter


Hey Everyone!
I love all the love and support you are giving me. I feel like many prayers have been answered. Prayers are so powerful. That's something I learned here out on my mission. I have to keep a pen and paper next to me and night when I am praying for all the people I teach. I get so many inspirations from Heavenly Father on what to teach, what to ask, what they might need. It is really neat. I write them all down as much as I can because I don't want to forget them.
I thought this week would be really tough because of spring break. A lot of members were gone, but we still managed to get busy. We were sad that Laurie, Gary's wife and Sena, daughter were in Utah this week, because it made it a lot harder to see Gary. We left messages on his door and talked to him a little outside and eventually we couldn't take anymore, we asked him to meet us out for dinner one night. We talked to him for 3 hours in a restaurant. He is so cool. But to top it off. The next day we got to teach him inside his home because his family came home. He prayed for the first time in front of us. His prayer was wonderful. We were all in tears after he was done. He did so well. He explains the reason why it's so hard to pray in public because it's so sacred and personal. We see Gary's strong spirit all the time. He doesn't think he has much faith, but I know he does because he is diligently reading The Book of Mormon daily. Sometimes I wonder why he hasn't gotten his answer yet, but I came to realize just today that it's in the Lord's time. Gary is being faithful and diligent in reading. He will come to know that it is true and that the next step is baptism and the best steps is the Temple with his family. I pray that I will be able to see that day.
We put two people on date for baptism this week! April 27th is the big day! Martha and Alexis. Martha is Alexis's aunt. Alexis is 13 years old. We tracted into them while doing the prayer approach. Martha told me that she feels like she has known me from the Pre-existence. Which is so neat. She looks really familiar to me as well. :) They are awesome. We are also teaching Alexis's mom, Tammy, but she isn't ready to accept The Book of Mormon yet. We need to figure out why that is.
This week we handed out a lot of Easter Eggs we made. Everyone was happy to get one. We were in charge of the Easter Egg hunt on Friday which was scary because we weren't suppose to be in charge, but it got thrown at us because everyone was going out of town. It ended up going really well. We met this awesome Australian guy. He was so funny and neat to talk to. We couldn't understand everything he was saying because of his thick accent, but when we happen to see him later, he did a big friendly hand wave at us. :) he's very friendly.
We went to jail this week! on Sunday actually! haha It was because when I was with Sister Partridge I remember trying to see this lady named Judy. She never answered her door. So we dropped her. I also remembered her telling me how they had to visit her in jail a few times. Well while me and Sister Betts were driving in town I thought about her. So we went to her house and knocked. Nothing. Well I got this wonderful feeling to call the jail and see if she was in there. Well she was. So we went to see her on Easter. It was a little weird because she hasn't ever met me, but I just explained what happened. I think she was grateful to get company.
We ate two easter meals. One was with Rayola Rust and April. and the other was with the Zellers and Kummers. It was a lot of fun, but my tummy was in a lot of pain after all that food!
Embarrassing story...of course. okay yesterday hahaha I'm such a loser. So I was looking at Sister Rosendahls easter basket and there was some marshmallow thing that reminded me of circus peanuts. And she asked me what it was and I said, I don't know but it reminds me of circus penis... ahhhhh bright red face I was so embarrassed! I said that in front of her whole family! 4 kids! eeeek! aweful huh!
I've been eating a lot of candy this week! whoa. the scale is mad at me. So I'll have to work a little harder in the morning and cut out sweets. haha
Well I keep you all in my prayers thanks for all the love and support. I miss you all, but there's a lot of work to be done!
-Sister Gampe

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