Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pay Back

Hey Everyone!
Well it's been a busy week. We had many wonderful lessons and a lot of service.
So on Tuesday we get a call from the Elders saying that Elder Rivera (one of the elders in the car accident) had to get surgery on his knee. (before I go further just know that it was a total lie!) Well they asked us if we could bring them food because they were going to be there all day. (Elder Jenkins, Lee, Rivera, Pesantes) So we give them our last food and Elder Rivera is sitting there with a walker in tears because he feels like they are going to send him home after the surgery. So we are all trying to cheer him up. This is going on for like 15 minutes! So then he says he wants fresh air so we walk outside and I decide to cheer him up, I'd tell them my embarrassing poop story....not the brightest moment of mine. So I tell them and they are all dying laughing and then we see Gary and I run inside to talk to him and I turn around and I just see the walker fly up in the air and they are all taking off running! So they got food and my poop story. Gary was dying laughing. Well they are getting a pay back. We decided to make them brownies with exlax in them. We made them with the Zellers last night and we went to Craig earlier today because of Sister Bett's dentist appointment.  We developed a plan that they would come with us to take Hunter (Gary's son who lives in Craig) brownies, but Hunter knows not to eat them and is handing them out to the Elders. :) hehe.
Well the crazy things that are going on with the explosions have been really hard to deal with. It scares me. We keep hearing about all this stuff from members. Sometimes I wish I didn't know as much. I dreamed about the Boston bombing that morning and told Sister Betts as soon as I woke up. Then we heard about it later that pday. I was so mentally exhausted and upset and confused, I took a long nap.
I got to meet with President on Thursday. That was wonderful. I learned more things about me. As soon as he asked about my family, I started crying. I haven't done that before. It caught me off guard. But I guess I am just worried about everyone's health and all. He gave me this wonderful scripture, D&C 31:5. That scripture promises me that as long as I work hard, my family shall live. So I am working as hard as I can.
We had a wonderful lesson with Gary last night. We watched Holland's talk from General Conference. I love how it talks about how it's okay to just believe. Believing is a precious word. Also I loved how he talked about how it's okay to have questions. It's a good thing, but we shouldn't let those questions stop us and our families from receiving precious blessings. After the talk I bore my testimony and really opened up to Gary. I told him how he needs to experience the gospel and not just learn it. Gary is wonderful and has so much faith. More than he recognizes. 1 Nephi 22:20 states how important it is to listen to the prophet. We are so blessed to be able to hear from the prophet and the apostles. They guide us.
We were working workshops with the Meeker Chamber of Commerce. We were in charge of the registration. This main speaker was talking to us and it was after one of his speeches. He talked a lot about our purpose and "why are we walking across the road". His name is Jim Whitt. He was really funny and neat. I asked him how he figured out his purpose in life which was "To help other meet their potential". He told me and I asked a few more questions. Then I said, "Well we have something in common." He asked what that was and I said, "We both are helping others understand their purpose." He smiled and said, "You know one time this man asked me if I was Mormon. I said, No why?. the man said "I don't know, you just are so happy. There is just something about you." Jim Whitt then said, "We both know our purpose". I smiled and gave him a card. It was a neat experience.
At church we realized we didn't have a relief society teacher. I volunteered to teach it even though I haven't even read the lesson. It went extremely well and everyone was impressed. I was impressed with myself. I was guided by the spirit.
Well I love you all so much! You are all always in my prayers. Keep reading and praying to know so you can fan the flame you have.
-Sister Gampe

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