Monday, April 15, 2013

Families Can Be Together Forever

Hey Everyone!
We put together a missionary fireside on temples and families. We had 3 investigators there and some really less active families. It was wonderful and went really well. I was really proud of all the work we put into in order to get people there. The spirit was so strong. How can you deny or not desire having an Eternal Family. It made me so proud and happy that I have an Eternal Family. I'm grateful for my parent's decision to find out for themselves whether or not the church was true.
The elders got into a really bad car accident near Meeker. They were rushed to our hospital. We went to them right away. Our district leader and his companion came as well. I was so worried about them. They hit a semi and the car was completely trashed. What a miracle/blessing they are alive. If you saw the car you would die! They had to cut the top of the vehicle in order to get them out. fractured hip and stitches and concussions were the damage of the elders. They are so lucky. The whole town found out about it and knows that the Lord was on their side. It has sparked interest. Elder Rivera got Gary ( he works at the hospital) to play a trick on me. He made it sound way worse than it was. Elder Rivera played it up and Gary kept trying to get me to talk to him. I didn't know what to say! I was freaking out. So I told him Gary was our investigator and to convert him. hahaha Gary laughed really hard. Later they took off their cut up suits and I didn't know and walked in he was just laying there in his garments. I felt soooo uncomfortable and my face was probably 50 shades red! I quickly left. I never thought I'd have to see an elder undressed.  So to get back at them for playing a trick on me with Gary, I told him I was very flattered about what he said about me to Gary in the hospital. (he totally thinks he might of confessed his love for me or something hahaa) He was totally freaking out. haha that's what he gets. jerk. They are doing much better. I'll send photos later of the car
Our investigator Alexis who is 14 didn't make it to church. It's hard to get her to understand the importance. She isn't reading The Book of Mormon either. We keep expressing our disappointment. Sometimes I feel like she just is believing in what we are saying, but I want her to find out for herself!
Our Testimony Meeting this Sunday went really well. So many wonderful testimonies. I couldn't stay in my seat. I had to go up. So I bore my testimony. I couldn't hold in my tears because I had no doubt that the church was true. I love the knowledge we can gain through prayer.
Well there wasn't to much going on. We are working hard. Keep sending letters. I love them! They make my day. Remember how much I love you and how much I pray for you all.
-Sister Gampe
ps the photo is of Sister Betts and I with Sister Gardner. She is a wonderful member missionary in our ward. She loves the gospel. I love her so much. We are eternal friends.

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