Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mulduchen and the Pinewood Derby


Hey Everyone! This past week was FULL of set appointments from Monday-Friday! It was awesome! We saw so many people.
Monday- we had Mulduchen with the Zellers. YUMMY!
Tuesday- Relief Society Brithday Celebrations 171 years! The largest womens group in the world! Cool huh. I showed up and found out I was going to help sing a duet. haha It went well.
Thursday- Pinewood Derby. whoa that is intense! haha It was funny. I helped paint flames on A.J. Gardners car.
Saturday- Exchanges! I stayed in Meeker and Sister Betts went to Glenwood Springs. I had Sister Dailey from Washington. She is super nice. Sadly all our apointments and backups and backup backups fell through! It was a tough day but we talked alot about our areas and gave eachother some advice. She is 19 years old! I feel old in the mission already!
Sunday- We woke up early and drove to Irene's house (less active) and we made her breakfast. Hashbrowns, eggs, turkey bacon, onions, green peppers. Yeah it was delicious! Well she came to church for the first time in forever! I was so excited! It felt so good to see so many people go up and talk to her. It looked like she was well welcomed at church. She's a funny lady. She has a Kitten kingdom at her ranch. (she takes in stray cats) She has a license to pick up road kill so she can feed her cats. hahaha
We have been making eggs out of string and sugar water and putting candy inside them. We blow up the baloons and wrap the string around it after dipping it in the syrup.  (1 cup of water for ever 2 cups of sugar) . Once it dries, we pop the balloon and cut a hole in it and put candy in it. We made 33 so we can hand them out. It was fun making them.
This week we are going to make things happen. No more whimpey Sister Gampe! I'm going to really work hard to help people keep committments that help them come closer to Christ. We will see miracles happen.
My favorite insight I got from reading the scriptures was in Doctrine and Covenants 46. It talks all about how we are each given different gifts to benefit mankind. It then talks about certain gifts starting with the word of wisdom and continuing on. There are 9 listed. It's really neat. I think that everyone has at least one of those gifts mentioned. We are all given gifts at different times in our lives as well. It's really neat to think about.
Well I miss you all so much! Thank you Mom and Dad for my Easter Package yummmy! I gave Sister Betts her package. haha Thanks Nay for the spring package! I loved it!
Well You are all in my prayers. Remember who you are! You have inherited Godlike Qualities. Figure them out.
-Sister Gampe

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