Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rickey's Art

Hey Everyone!

So I have a photo of Ricky's art. It doesn't give it justice. It was done with Color pencil and pen while he was in jail. He's really talented. I felt honored that he would give this to me. We keep trying to teach him how to shake a hand. He gives the wimpiest hand shakes. I think he has shaken hands with us more than ever in his entire life, being in a gang and all. 

This week went really well. I keep learning so much. I finished reading The Book of Mormon in 6 weeks. I actually finished a little early. It was amazing. I got an amazing letter from an investigator from my last area. He asked me what my spiritual passion was. I have been pondering that. I'm extremely passionate about The Book of Mormon, but I'm also passionate about the thought of not only knowing that we are children of God, That I am a Daughter of God, but FEELING like a Daughter of God. That motivates me. I want everyone to FEEL it. I am excited to write back my response. 

We went to see President on Friday. I'm shocked he keeps asking to see us. I would think he would be sick of us by now. But anyways he asked Sister Vasquez if she could handle another transfer in this area and if she would like to stay with me. She wants to be with me. That made me feel really good. I made a goal to hide a post it note within her things. I learned that from Sister Gage. She did it for me all the time. I would find them in the most random places. I found one THIS transfer. She's amazing. Anyways I want the post its to have compliments and things I love about her. I'll do it everyday. 

I'm officially off sweets :) sad day. 

Bernadine and Ricky came to church this Sunday. They also went to a baptism another ward had. It was awesome! I'm so proud of them! They have been making amazing changes! We watched The Testaments with them. They thought it was amazing. I know Ricky is getting a little nervous. We had him offer and kneeling prayer with us there. During the prayer he said, "Please help me know that this is true. yeah. This is true." The spirit was so strong. His prayers are so simple and sincere. I love it. They also include his ghetto gang voice haha. I love that even more. They are still on to be baptized February 9th.

We are finding people all the time. I love it. This area is booming. We are loosing the elders though. It makes me sad. I know this branch has enough work to support both Sisters and Elders. The elders took a lot of emotional abuse this transfer. I don't think they could handle another transfer. I keep telling them to press forward and don't look back on anything negative from this area. But with just Sister Vasquez and I in this area, means a lot more work to do. 

Still looking for things to do during the super bowl. hahaha hopefully we can clean someone's house or something. haha

I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe

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