Monday, September 9, 2013

Tom Is On Date

Hey Everyone!
Okay so it was a busy week. We had zone conference which is always amazing. Sister Murdock (president's wife) pulled all the Sisters out to have a little workshop. She taught how to do hair and makeup. I loved it! She is requiring every sister missionary to wear makeup and do their hair. I'm really excited about that. Then no one will think we are polygamists. We are really working on getting more referrals. We need them. They say that if we find 38 investigators on our own, we will have 1 baptism. If we rely on the members that number drops to 8 to have 1 baptism! It's so important! Please refer all your friends. They need the gospel and you have no clue who is ready. Only Heavenly Father does.
We worked really hard because we lost a day from zone conference. Sonya asked us to help her paint a bedroom. She wouldnt let Sister Gage help because she didn't trust her haha. So She had me do all the trimming. We had a wonderful time. She is just eating the gospel up. She bore her testimony in church. It was amazing. Made me so happy.
We had a tough exchange. I was so frustrated. I just don't understand why people have the mindset that they cant do it. "The area is too hard." I don't care about the area. I care about the people. It's a lame excuse to be lazy. I was really frustrated as you can probably tell by my email.
Sister Murdock came to our home to do weekly planning with us. She then came with us to our Ward Mission Leader Coordination. That was really fun. She then asked if she could take us out to lunch. We went to Jason's Deli. It was delcious. We had great conversations. I love her so much. I can also tell she cares alot about us. I'm blessed to be in this leadership position so then we can get close to President and Sister Murdock.
We set Tom on a Baptism date for September 22nd. Pray for him because it will be really tough. But I know he is ready. I almost jumped out of my chair when he accepted because whenever we used to talk about baptism he would think NO WAY. His heart has been softened. He loves The Book of Mormon and reads it everyday. :)
Our lesson with Dandolf was hilarious. Him and his brother William told us these hilarious stories. William stabbed Dan with a fork on the shoulder! They are hilarious biker dudes. Total teddy bears to us though. William said he would go to jail again for us if we were in trouble. No worries mom. Were taken care of.
I twisted my ankle in a hole while playing tennis. There was a huge crack in the court. It is really sore, bruised, and swollen, but not too bad. I don't need to get it checked out or anything. It is just uncomfortable.
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your love! Keep praying!
-Sister Gampe

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