Monday, September 9, 2013

Glenwood Springs!

Hey Everyone!

We got to go to Glenwood Springs for our Mission Leader Counsel! It was so much fun! I love driving out west. I love Glenwood Canyon! So beautiful. The worst part of the trip was that we were in a van full of elders. Sister Gage and I were the only sisters and let me tell you, they stunk really bad. I don't know what was going on, but he smelled like stinky feet. I had to crack open some coconut lotion. 

We got a call from President Murdock kind of freaking out a little asking if we are okay and where we were. We were on our way to Glenwood Springs for a mission leader counsel. Well we told him we were fine. He then says, "Sister Gage, your dad called me. And he is really worried." Both of our stomachs dropped. But he said that her dad has had some scary feelings about us and was really worried. So worried that he over nighted a letter to her to make sure to tell her to be careful. Ever since then we have been on our toes a little more. Bishop recently had us give up 2 young singles to the elders because they are dirty and talk dirty. I have a feeling that was what could have been worrying Sister Gage's dad. 

This week I had a lot of experiences where I felt really inspired to do something. It was neat. I felt like we needed to bring someone to a lesson who we never brought before and it was perfect. We stopped by someone randomly who we didn't plan and who has never invited us back and they want to go to church now. I love those things!

We are trying to think a little more out of the box to try to find new investigators. We are averaging 2 new investigators a week and want to jump it up to 6. I know it's possible. We really need to rely on referrals from members. We have some ideas with doing missionary fireside. There is an amazing CD called, "The Missionary Next Door". I want all of you to order it right now and listen to it, make your kids listen to it, and make your friends listen to it. It's amazing! Sister Gage had me listen to it and I almost refused because I thought it was going to be boring or stupid. It was amazing! Please. I want you all to have it in your homes! I guarantee your kids will be more involved in missionary work!

Well I love you so much! Thanks for all your prayers and love and support! You are all amazing!

-Sister Gampe

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