Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Funny Moments

Hey Everyone!
Okay, being a missionary brings lots of funny moments. We had a hilarious lesson with Dandolf ( Dan who looks like Gandolf) and his brother William. William was celebrating because he is no longer on parole. Right before he opened the door, i quickly told Sister Gage, "Oh by the way William is usually naked". He opens the door and he's wearing his usually tiny little thin shorts. He's a big man with tattoos all over him. I asked at the end what was the tattoo on his....peck. and his brother Dandolf goes, "You mean Man boob" hahah it was so funny! We always get a kick when we go over there.
Well I absolutely love my companion. She makes me laugh so much. She may be a little distracting, but we work hard together. Funny fact. I made Sister Gage (my comp) to read the first time she met me which was when we were on exchanges. That meanie said I was weird and she was glad she wasn't my companion! I tackled her! I wrote that she was a great missionary and was good at getting in and out of lessons. That little little.

But we laughed about it because she loves me. I'm pretty sure I'm her favorite companion...well that's what I told her the other day.

We had two exchanges. We have three more to do this transfer.
Sonya is doing so well. She is now the Family History Specialist. She is so excited. She is so excited to go to the temple and she really wants her patriarchal blessing. :)
We had a hilarious moment while tracting. I was doing the talking, but the man had this huge smile and was only looking at Hermana Gage! He would answer my questions, but while he was smiling and looking at Hermana Gage. Sister Gage freaked out afterwards! I was dying laughing.
Well I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe
ps we see miracles everyday. A girl came to church and found us and said she wants to learn more and be baptized.

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