Monday, September 16, 2013

Building an Ark

I'm sure you have noticed all the crazy weather we are getting here! Just so you know, I am safe! I'm on top of a mountain, so we haven't had any issues other than the lack of sun is driving us crazy!

We had a good busy week. President called us and asked us to go on another exchange with another set of missionaries because they aren't doing well at all. There's a lot of disobedience which is coming from the trainer. Grrrr. This makes me sad because I never want to switch because I love my companion so much. Well we both decided that I should go in the area with the greenie missionary. Which went really well. She told me everything and I wrote down everything that they need to work on. I usually don't do that, but President wanted me to. They average 5-8 lessons a week, which drives me nuts because they live in Denver and have a million open people to talk to. That day I got them 7 lessons, 2 of those lessons were with a member present, a new investigator, and a contacted referral. President was calling a lot. Boy is he funny. He asked if Sister Gage and I felt like we could handle being a Sister Leader Trainer and train a new missionary at the same time. We said yes, but I don't think it will happen because we don't have any room in our house. The new missionary was so excited about what we accomplished. She has so much desire to do good. She was the one that contacted President and told him everything that was going on. The trainer told Sister Gage the opposite which is annoying. Lame.

Dandolf (Dan) and his nephew Zebediah came to church!  Oh it was so exciting. He was really sick this week. We dropped off some homemade wassel and chicken noodle soup...well it wasn't homemade chicken noodle soup, but it was the good manly chunky one. He was so happy. We then were able to get the elders over there to give him a blessing.

Awkward conversation of the week. The man that we live with is timing our showers because Sister Gage takes longer showers! haha He decides to time us the day I decide to shave my legs, which doesn't happen very often for me, so it took some extra strokes. haha Awkward conversation! hahaha

We taught 28 lessons. We have been really trying to break 30 lessons again. We will do it.

So we just left a dinner appointment and were running late. There was a man stopped at the stop sign, but not moving. I was getting so frustrated, so I went to go around him, but I felt like I needed to not be rude and check if he was okay. I rolled down Sister Gage's window and he looked at us all confused. He was just looking on his gps, so he was just checking something. He asked us who we were. We told him we were missionaries. He got all excited and told us how his nephew is serving a mission for the church. We had a great conversation! His name is Garen. He gave us his number because he wants to ask us more questions. We also gave him ours. We are planning on seeing him this week. :)
I know it was the Holy Ghost telling me to stop. I'm so glad I listened. I didn't realize I was listening. My body just did it.
The church is true!!!!!!

Well I love you all so much! Take care. Know that you are always in my prayers! The work is great!

Alma 5:60 Ye are his sheep. He calls after you. You are important in his flock.

Sister Gampe

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