Friday, May 31, 2013

New Address

Hey Everyone!
It's official! I am in the Green Mountain 1st Ward! Sister Hatch is my companion! She is amazing and makes me feel intimidated because I think she has the whole Book of Mormon memorized. She only has 1 more transfer after this so at least I have an excuse. She is really sweet and works really hard!
AH it's so scary. I've learned so much in the past week! I finally got to unpack my things before I came to e-mail. It was tough because I had to go on exchanges to Clement Park and I hadnt had anytime to unpack because we keep getting home at 9:30 and planning has taken along time. which is okay because they have been awesome plans. We weren't able to teach at all on Tuesday and we still got 25 lessons this week. I am exhausted. I am going on exchanges alot and I am going to try to hold down the fort in my own area next week on Thursday. I'm nervous because i don't know many people or the area. I'll get lost and AHHHHH Can you tell i'm nervous. I just am nervous because I don't want to waste the Lord's time. This leadership position has already been a help for the rest of the Sisters. I've already helped a Sister know how to deal with disobedience. Poor thing. She needs to speak up though! In the MTC I was so scared to correct disobedience as a coordinating sister, and that scared me for the rest of my mission, but I'm not afraid anymore. The Lord is more important. I'm not perfect. There are things to work on, but it makes me sad when I see disobedience with the schedule and stuff. grrr. I keep reading leadership scriptures in the Book of Mormon so I can lead with love. I the Lord helped me give good advice with the disobedience I saw.

I still cried even at night when I got to Green Mountain. A couple nights haha. But I did it quietly so I didn't wake up my companion ;) I don't know why! I've never been such a cry baby in my entire life. I just love the people in Meeker. I miss the feeling of knowing where I am and who I am talking to. But that will come. :)
Okay so saying goodbye to everyone was the worst! The President's assistants asked me to drive the 3 other girls that were with me over the mountains. I accidentally left my scriptures in my zone leaders truck in Rifle...yep that is 4 hours away from me...I miss my scriptures so much. I'll get them back not this week but next. i was tempted to just have them mail them, but I need to be frugal. Plus Sister Hatch knows every scripture so I can just describe it and she knows it. Sister Hatch is like my human Internet when it comes to the scriptures.
I have met so many people in the last week. Some of the funnier high lights were Andy. He is 57 with a long straggly beard. He wanted to feed us so we ordered pizza. He lives with his parents because he is schizophrenia. The hardest part of the visit was watching him eat the pizza. The sauce was all caught in his beard and it was all going in his mouth. He instantly wanted to give us "holy kisses" when we greeted him. eeeek! hahaah
I met this German lady, Liz. She knew the german recipes we make in our families and gave me the correct spelling from her german cook book. Maultaschen (mouth pockets is kinda the translation.) and Knödel. haha
1447 South Welch Court
Lakewood, CO 80228
That is my address! Post it everywhere please. But you can always rely on the mission office address ;)
Well I think that is all for the day. I'm exhausted and can barely think. I love you so much!
~Sister Gampe

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