Friday, May 31, 2013


Hey Everyone!!!!
Well I found out while I was at the Zellers home on Friday for his birthday that I am being transferred. Sister Betts is training. I was also called to be the new Sister Trainer Leader. There are only two in the whole mission and I am one of them. This is new for our mission. I think I'll be going to Green Mountain, CO. I think Sister Hatch (who used to serve in Meeker) will be my companion. Gary told me that she was called, so we are putting it together. I am excited to serve with her. I have heard SOOO many wonderful things about her. She is a hard worker and has so much love. Gary told me last night that the two of us could change the devil. haha When I got the news I instantly started crying. The whole home was crying. I cried myself to sleep. I'm excited for the new calling, but I am terribly sad that I will be leaving Meeker. I love the people so much. I love the area. Meeker is gorgeous!
Sunday was tough. I was asked to bear my testimony. Afterwards I sang "Live Like You Believe" Jenny Phillips. Listen to it. It's a gorgeous song. I prayed so hard that I could get through it without crying. I did. I also prayed I would invite the spirit. I know that musical angels helped me. It went really well and touched hearts.
I felt dehydrated at church because I was crying so much. Rayola Rust hugged me right after sacrament meeting and told me my mom would be so proud of me and that she loved me so much. I love her with all my heart. I lost it with tears even more when I hugged her. She's such an inspiration to me. She is an inspiration to everyone who meets her. I got a lot of pictures with families and a lot of people were able to sign in my "bye-bye book". That was nice so I have a lot of addresses and ways to contact them all.
I feel like I haven't slept in a while. I'm so exhausted! I just lay there and my mind is rolling.
It's amazing how much I've learned here. I've been in Meeker for 6 months. I've loved every moment of it. I have learned so much as I read the scriptures. I've learned the importance of being an example. I want to slap my leg every time I think of someone back at home that I wasn't a good example for. I owe people apologies and wish I had addresses so I could do so. I will when I have the opportunity.
I feel so close to the Lord. More than ever before. I love serving. I love helping people. I feel like I'm finally learning that I am getting more and more lost in the work. I don't think about myself as much. I do my best to only be motivated through love. not fear, or greed.
One scripture that really touched me was Alma 37:6-7. A simple thing you can do for yourself, family, or others can bring great things to past.
I love you all so much! I miss you and I hope you are all safe and well. You are always in my prayers!
-Sister Gampe
The pictures are of me at South Fork. Me with adorable kids (Aaron and Josh Murray) (kids are my weakness. I need to repent) Sister Rust and I (she is undergoing a lot of health problems. My spirit seems to be drawn to her because I always feel like we need to see her when she wants to call us.)

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