Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day

Hey Everyone!
Boy was it exciting to be able to Skype with my parents and talk a little with my siblings. It's amazing how much you really miss your family when you can't hear their voice. I get so busy that I don't realize it until I think about it. After the call I walked down stairs and teared up, that's why we don't talk more than 2 times a year! Mother's Day is harder than Christmas because we have to get right back to work after we hang up! But I love the work so that's okay.
This week was a service week! We painted, pulled weeds, helped move members, and went branding!! The branding was an exciting new thing to see. I've never been around that before! At first it was really sad to watch. I was so interested and the one man noticed so he called me over and had me hand them the individual brands. Then I started branding myself!! Who would have thought I would be branding on my mission! The brand was, F, bar, lazy H. It was really neat. We branded 73 calves. We were using the table to brand them. That makes it a lot easier. We went with the Hobbs family. Donald, the father is an investigator and we were helping Donald's nonmember friends. It was a good experience. You will probably get a hit out of the pictures.
We went to Trappers Lake. You have to google image it. It was beautiful! I heard so many wonderful things and so I begged our district and another district to go. We went today actually. They were in shock with how long it took to get there, and we had to hike in thigh deep snow. It was pretty hilarious in my opinion. They were all freaking out. Well the idiots showed up in shorts! I knew there would be snow up in the mountains! hahaha
We had a wonderful lesson with Scott Styles. He came to church for the first time. He is really interested and is doing everything he can to know if it is true.
It's amazing to have the opportunity to teach Kenneth Hinckley. He is literally Gordon B. Hinckley's great nephew. He has so many wonderful insights. Right now he is getting reactivated and is really opening up. He is getting more and more comfortable with us. He's really fun to see.
The picture with the family with the dog is the Simisters. We loved seeing them. We are very sad that they moved out of the ward.
Well I love you all so much! Keep sending the letters. I look forward to them! Sister Betts gets packages and letters every week. Literally she usually gets 3 letters everyday!!!! Grrr! haha So every letter I get is greatly appreciated!
-Sister Gampe

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