Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Greenie

Hey everyone! Well I have had two companions this week! I had Sister Mortensen from Tuesday-Saturday. On Wednesday, we got a call from President asking if Sister Mortensen was still interested in learning spanish. (she mentioned it in an interview). She said yes. Then he called back again and explained that a sister missionary was sent to a spanish area because they thought she was a spanish missionary but she is not. So they told her that they are going to move her to Denver speaking spanish on Saturday. So I realized the day after I got my new companion, that she was leaving!
Sister Mortensen is from Tucson, Arizona. She is a sweet sweet girl. She's more on the quiet side. I really had to talk to her to open her up. She has a slower pace than me so I had to really work hard to find that equal balance of me slowing down and her speeding up. I know I was put with her for even just those 4 days for a reason. I learned and I hope her learned as well.
But we worked really hard. I didn't want to slack at all. It was tough because she wasn't used to the morning schedule which is VERY important as a missionary. Wake up at 6:30 am, work out till 7am. get ready by 8am. start personal study, and 9am companionship study, 10am out the door. So I worked really hard to get her moving.
We got to see alot of people. The zone leaders gave me a call telling me that they were impressed with the amount of work we did.
I got a letter from someone from California! I looked at the name and saw it was from California and though.. "hmm who is this!?" Then started reading and the lady wrote, "Your probably wondering who is this?!" haha. Well anyways she said that her daughter just got called to the Colorado Denver South mission and they were searching online and came across my blog. They started following it and loved it. She said that she learned so much and her daughter was more excited to come out! It made my day! It was such a wonderful letter. I really needed it because it was right after Sister Partridge left. I was a tender mercy. I hope I get to serve with her daughter. That would be neat. Thank You!
This week has been really hard without Sister Partridge. I miss her so much! All the members miss her too because she has been here for 9 months! Well we were in a lesson with the Bivens. And Bob, this sweet old man started silently crying. I saw him and lost it! I started sobbing! I felt so bad for crying over my last companion, so I blamed it on a scripture....not my brightest moment. Then we went to Gary's and I kept tearing up there as well.
BUT wonderful news. Hunter Zeller got baptized on Saturday! It was so wonderful! There were 8 missionaries there because so many were involved with his teaching. The font was leaking, so they got behind on filling it up. So they had to baptize him in like 2 feet of water! So they started on their knees and then Brother Woodward dunked him and when he went to pull him out, he slipped and fell on him! I thought poor Hunter was going to drown! haha but it was still such a spiritual baptism. We had a wonderful testimony meeting afterwards. I bore my testimony. Even though it wasn't technically my baptism because the elders in Craig taught him, I felt like he was still one of my baptisms because Heavenly Father gave me the inspiration to get the missionaries in his home. It doesn't matter. I just want everyone to have the blessings that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. But anyways it was wonderful. Well afterwards Sister Mortensen and I drove to Rifle to meet with President and my new companion.
Sister Betts! Oh She is from Laurel, Montana. you know the Betts family? Well anyways she is a spunky 19 year old! haha she was totally opposite from Sister Mortensen. She talks up a storm. I love it. She is really funny. I feel like an ogre next to her because she is only 5'1''!  haha but anyways we have more of the same pace. The switch was inspired.
Well after I picked up Sister Betts we went back to the Zellers to have dinner. That was so nice. Then we went to stake conference the adult session. It was wonderful. Elder Payne from the Quorum of the Seventy spoke. WOW it was amazing.
Sunday we had stake conference. It is broadcasted throughout our stake because it is such a large area. Something went wrong in the the middle when Sister Maynes and President Maynes were speaking! We were so sad because the only thing we could hear were the Spanish Sisters in Rifle translating!!!! :( so sad. Oh well.
Afterwards we went to Gary's and we read The Book of Mormon. He is now in Alma. I really want him to really try to set a goal to finish it so he can pray to know whether or not it is true. Wow Gary is just so amazing and I love him so much. I just want him to receive his answer from Heavenly Father so that family can be sealed for eternity! I know it is something that will come in his time when he is ready. I never want to push him because I want and I know he want's to get baptized for him and only him.
Sunday we had an intense lesson with Ray. He knows the Bible front to back! whoa! It's actually very inspiring. Well we taught his wife with him this time, so we retaught the restoration which is the first lesson. But we wanted to put more emphases on the Priesthood for Ray. Poor Sister Betts turned off during that lesson. She was intimidated. haha But she was fine! I know it wasn't our best lesson, but the spirit was still there. I know it. Brother Murray was also their to bear testimony. So that was good. We have been practicing the first lesson more and more since. She knows it, she just needs to practice to gain that confidence. It will come and I am not nervous or worried at all. I trust her. She strives to be obedient and she will be blessed tremendously for that.
I was reading in 3 Nephi this morning and I found this amazing scripture just testifying the importance of food storage and how we need to be prepared for anything. 3 Nephi 4:18-20. Awesome!!! :)
Well I love you all so much! Keep sending the letters. They make my day! Truly!
-Sister Gampe

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