Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Footie Pajama Party

Hey Everyone!
This week wasn't as successful as we planned. We had 4 lessons reschedule for next week. But thats okay. We got alot of service done, which is great. This upcomming week is BOOKED. I'm excited. We will be very busy.
This week we had Brother Nielson's dad, Grant Nielson's, funeral. It went well. We were in charge of the food. We were busy. My feet were very sore after that. But it was a wonderful funeral. The family were filled with peace. I love the message in the Ensign, Peace be Still, I think that is what its called. It is comforting for those to lose someone they love.
We taught a new investigator the first lesson, The Restoration. It was so amazing. Her face after I slowly quoted the first vision was so inspiring. I asked her how she felt. She was speechless. She is only 13 years old. I can't wait to teach her more! The gospel is going to bless her life so much! Especially in these hard years in her life. She's trying to figure herself out. I wouldn't want to do that without the knowledge of being a Daughter of God.
We helped the Hobbs build a sheep pen on Saturday. It took a long time. We are really getting close to that family. Donald, the dad is not a member, but he is very supportive to his family. We always teach the family, and we are trying to angle them towards him. I want his family to be sealed in the temple so bad! After we got done with the service, we challenged Donald to stick pull (Joseph Smith's game ;). Me and Sister Betts together beat Donald. But he creamed us one on one. I would love to send videos, but I think they are too long to send :(.
Later today we are going to the Zellers and we are going to eat Malduchen! (spelling?) We went over yesterday and made it with them and then read the scriptures. The scripture reading is really amazing. We get so many insights together. Gary is very inspiring.
I spoke this sunday on Understanding and Recognizing the spirit. It was so fun to prepare for that. It went really well. Gary told me he felt inspired when I talked about reflecting on "tender mercies" at night. Thats when you reflect on your day and recognize the little things that Heavenly Father did for you.  I enjoy speaking on sundays because I learn so much. I felt very inspired through out speaking.
Chis this 26 year old that we see weekly to read the scriptures diligently continued to study even though he worked every sunday. Now he is off every sunday! We are so excited for him! He showed so much faith and diligence.
This week our focus is diligence. I love Jacob 1:19.
Sister Betts got footie pajamas in the mail! See Family, I'm not the only one who loves them :)
Well I have to get going, but I love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support!
-Sister Gampe

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