Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greenie Fire

Hey Everyone!
This week went by so fast. We stayed really busy. We went through our area book and found a whole bunch of potential investigators. We wrote down all the addresses and tracked and tried out this new prayer approach. This new approach is suppose to triple our baptism rates. It gives you a 25 percent chance of teaching inside the home. ONLY if you are obedient and worthy to have the spirit with you. Let me tell you how much this does work. We found 7 new investigators! 7! Okay so this is the prayer approach:
We tell them how we are representatives of the Lord and ask if we could offer a prayer in there home to bless their home and family. It should only take 5-7 min. Then we ask them everything they would like us to include in the prayer. Some people gave us long lists. It was wonderful. Than we all kneel down and I started with prayer with "Heavenly Father. With the virtues of our callings as missionaries and Representatives of the Lord, we ask our Savior for peace and blessings on this home and family." Then we would go into more detail about what they wanted. Afterwards we would ask them how they felt. The spirit was always so strong. We had so many wonderful reactions that brings tears to my eyes. Then we would ask if we could teach them more. They all let us come back. We then would ask for anyone they know who needs a prayer in their home. We received 3 from just one home. It was amazing!
 So we tracted alot this week because we really wanted to focus on finding new people. We prayers on 2 different men's porches because we couldn't go inside and they asked us if we could pray on their front porch it was so wonderful. The first one, the dog was barking the ENTIRE time talking to him prior to the prayer. I started to pray and Sister Betts prayed the dog would stop barking in her head. It stopped barking during the whole prayer and as soon as I said amen, It started barking again. :) Prayers are powerful. That man was in tears. He said he really needed that prayer. We were praying for his health. He was on new thyroid medicine and was in alot of pain.
We did get into a scary apartment. It was full of marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes and shroom posters. There were 6 young adults. It felt super dark. I wanted to get out of their so bad, but supposedly the one wanted to talk to us. The other guy was leading us to go into his room. I quickly said, "Hey we can teach you another time". The guy was laying on his bed half asleep or on drugs. He scheduled the next day at 7pm.  So then when we left I turned to Sister Betts and said, "we are never going back there without two men with us." So we called two men in our ward to come with. When we knocked on the door, the guy looked at Brother Patterson and Brother Sanders and said, "whoa whoa whoa we will have to do this another time, this is way to big of a crowd for me." I told him we couldn't teach him unless there were two men with us, and immediately he got defensive and said he was christian and didn't need to be taught. It was such an odd situation. I was so happy to have Brother Patterson and Brother Sanders with. I just asked him again if he was interested to learn more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He said no. And we left. I wasn't upset. I am used to people denying. I try to teach a tiny message before asking, so they have the opportunity to deny the doctrine rather than just denying me teaching them. They will be prepared for missionaries another point in their life.
We also found this wonderful family. They were filled with the spirit and told us how amazing it felt and how they really needed that. They are very interested. There was a young girl who was only 14. She looked really lost and uncomfortable with herself. It made me sad because she didn't look like she really understood her self worth. She is a daughter of God. She has so many Godlike qualities. I can't wait to teach her more and get her involved with the young women.
Sister Betts is such a wonderful companion. She's got so much fire and wants to work so hard and be obedient. She keeps me moving which is wonderful. 19 year old sister missionaries will truly be a huge blessing for the church. She's a biker chick! wild lil thing! Went skydiving. I'm glad I'm the driver. ;) hahaha
So last night the weasel came back. It woke me up. I wanted Sister Betts to hear it. So I woke her up gently and she nearly punched me in the face. She was scared I guess. It was a mistake to wake her up because not only did I almost get punched, but she got super hyper and didn't stop talking till 12. I am tired! hahaha
I recieved so many wonderful letters of encouragment this week. It truly is so wonderful to get a letter in the mail. It just gives you so much comfort that people are thinking about you. So now that easter is coming up, you should all know my love for Cadbury Eggs and Cadbury mini eggs. So if you happen to come across them, you know who would gladly eat them. ;)
President Maynes just told us during zone conference that we can now e-mail our friends! So my e-mail is . :) I would love to hear from more of ya. Hopefully I will have enough time to send a reply.
Well I'm excited for all the scheduled appointments next week. Always know how much I love the Gospel and the work I am doing. It gets exhausting at times, but I want everyone to have the opportunity to find out for themselves the truthfullness of the gospel. I know it's true with all my heart.
 I got to read 3 Nephi 11 this week. Oh what a wounderful chapter. This is the climax of The Book of Mormon. This is when Christ finally comes after so many prophets prophesying of his coming. In Alma 16:20 they were taught that Christ would visit the people after his resurrection. And it came to pass.
I love you all so much. I pray so much for my friends and family. Stay safe.

-Sister Gampe

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