Monday, December 3, 2012

Still Learning

Hey Everyone!!!

I've been receiving wonderful letters from friends and family and I want you to know that EVERY SINGLE letter was greatly appreciated. Tremendously appreciated. Keep it up! ;) I love the work. I love my study time to dig deep in the gospel. Its amazing how my view on the gospel has change. It has changed in the way that I thought that the gospel was complicated. Whenever people asked what we believed in it was hard for me to explain, but I learned that it is so simple! We have a Heavenly Father to loves us. That's the beginning and you take it from there. I wish I could go back in time and teach people what we believe more clearly.

I love the people around me. I met senior missionaries during lunch one day and every time they see me the sister missionary gives me a big hug expressing how grateful she is to see me. I love how easy it is to truly love people you don't fully know. But I know they are a child of God. That's enough for me. My teachers are truly inspired. They are amazing and I feel like I can ask them everything. I can see the difference in my lessons. I've learned to listen, be patient and actually listen to people. Focus on what people are saying. Don't focus on what you should say next. You will be more honest and inspired. The more I learn the more I am able to get out of the way so the spirit can guide my lessons. I love asking questions so I can focus on what THEY need to hear and not what I want to tell them.

Funny story. Before my TRC (where I teach an "investigator" that I don't know) me and my companion, Sister Lamb, were out in the love waiting. We started talking to some elders. Randomly the one elder gets up and sets his camera on a table across from us and sets it on a self timer. I didn't know he was doing this. Randomly he leans over and the camera takes! I look up super confused! All the other elders were yelling, "Elder you have to ask her! You can't just take pictures with random people!" He was extremely embarrassed and quickly put his camera away (without deleting the picture) and tried to say he meant to angle the camera towards the other Elders. I hope his companions teach him a little more social skills while he is in the mission training center. ;) Me and my companion were able to awkwardly laugh it off.

Funny things happen here all the time. I'm always laughing with my sisters, my district, my zone, and especially my companion. I know that we will be eternal friends. There are Christmas lights all over campus here. I LOVE it. The only thing about my district is they don't like singing Christmas songs right after Thanksgiving. I had to fight for some Christmas songs! So now we do "rock-paper-scissors-shoot" to see if we can sing a Christmas song. We learn new things about each other everyday.

Alright well I better get going. Only 30 minutes. Exact obedience = miracles! I love you all so so much! I miss you and pray for you every day. Promise!!!


-Sister Gampe

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