Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving with Elder Holland

Wow my days blur together! But let me tell you how much I love The Mission Training Center. What a wonderful place full of loving people. My teachers are amazing. I am learning so much. I truly think I will benefit as a high school teacher because of my mission. I love my Sisters, Companion, District, and Zone. They are so amazing, fun, and strong. We are teaching acting investigators daily and I am blessed because I haven't had a bad experience yet. But I know my time will come. I am really learning out to teach through the spirit. My lessons with my companion, Sister Lamb are totally guided. We have had investigators cry, and we have set baptism dates. Our investigators have never said no to commitments because the spirit is always burning inside them and they cannot deny it. I always try to point it out to them.

Thanksgiving was the best I've ever had. We first had a Morning Devotional, and we knew one of the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was going to speak. We didn't know which one though. Jeffery R. Holland walks in and immediately we all stood up. My heart was beating so fast, my body felt like it was on fire, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. The spirit was so strong in that room as soon as he walked in. Tears filled my eyes. What a wonderful experience. He brought his whole family and had a few of his grandchildren perform vocal, piano, and bear testimonies. His beautiful wife spoke about how we need to have a testimony so strong that we cannot control it. We just want to shout it to the whole world because we want everyone to have the blessings. President Holland spoke about how blessed we are to be in this dispensation. We are the members that will press forward. So amazing. He shared his love for his wife. What a beautiful thing to witness. Plus he was hilarious. He wanted us to tell you all that they adopted us in their family on Thanksgiving. When he left, we stood up and that same feeling came and tears filled my eyes again!

We also had a humanitarian aid project. We made 4,200 Health Kits and 4,200 Education Kits that are being sent to Mali, West Africa. What a wonderful thing for Thanksgiving. Service is how we show our love for our Savior.

We than were given popcorn and watched "17 Miracles". I cried so hard during that movie the whole row of seats were shaking and everyone was looking at me. Embarrassing. And than an Elder went to shake our hands to tell us that when he looks at us Sisters he feels so blessed. He shook my hand while it was covered in snot. Embarrassing. Hahah I couldn't contain myself!

I love you! Heavenly Father loves you! We are all blessed.

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