Monday, December 17, 2012

Picture Update

I'm in Meeker, COLORADO! It is a SMALL town. No Walmart. no fast food. no nothing. It's amazing. We have to drive an hour on P-days (Mondays) in order to go to walmart to shop for food. We can't buy it in Meeker or we will starve. Way too expensive. I've never seen so many mounted animals in my entire life. EVERY house has: Deer, Elk, Moose (sorry mom) , Goat, Mountain Lion, Bear etc. wow. My companion Sister Partridge (who is AMAZING, fun, spunky, I love her) said her last companion was a vegetarian (stopped for her mission) and cried every time they left a house because it was full of those mounts. Meeker wasn't her place. haha The people are so loving. I've never met so many loving people. The ward helps the missionaries so much. Sister Partridge says that I'm so lucky to serve here. She says Meeker is the best. We get fed every dinner. (pretty much) I ate Elk. It was really really good. Bishop Isenhour made it for me. He seasoned it really well. It was delicious! Every meal has been great. I love the weight from the MTC. wooo! I have a scale in my home. I'm living with the Neilsons. They are so sweet. We live in the basement. There was a weasel in the walls scratching and keeping Sister Partridge and her companion up, so they put tons of Moth Balls. So when I got there it REAKS of moth balls. But that will hopefully die down...when we give hugs people complain of our smell. Its actually pretty depressing. All my clothes smell like moth balls. So if you smell moth balls, think of me. :) This place is not what I was expecting when I was sent to Colorado. I love it though. I've never received so many hugs at church in my entire life. The kids all would hug me. They asked me to introduce myself by bearing my testimony. Our investigator Laura came for the first time! (which was crazy) So my testimony was more like a mini lesson to her testifying of the truthfulness of the first lesson. The people are wonderful even when they turn us away. Which is a huge blessing. This is a dog town. Every home has a dog. We probably smell so bad from petting so many dogs. AWE we even got to hold BABY puppies. Only 2 weeks old! I finally can send pictures because my companion has a SD converter. (to a USB) Shes sweet.
I am in charge of the phone...which isn't good. I accidentally dropped the phone in the snow getting out and didn't know. we continued through our day. That night during companionship study, we noticed the phone was gone. I thought of the possibility of me dropping in the exact spot where we did. (heavenly father blesses us) The next morning we got it in the snow and it works perfectly :) I would have cried if I broke the phone my first week. I'm extra careful now.
We found an investigator TRACTING! crazy huh. especially in this small town. She GAVE us her number without us asking. Who does that?! She must have some reason. We meet with her tomorrow and we are preparing like crazy so the spirit can teach. I'm so excited. Her name is Dawn.
I miss Dear Elder. I don't think they work. I havn't gotten anything since being in Meeker. My Mission President is amazing. His wife is amazing. I loved meeting them. That picture they took of me the day I met them (which I think they sent to you) is terrible. throw it out! hahah On the flight to Colorado, I sat next to this man who is not a member. So I took advantage. ;) We talked alot. The whole time, and he admitted that he usually hates talking to people. He is BRILLIANT. He has his own business curing cancer with herbs and some other crazy stuff that was too smart for my brain. He says he doesn't advertise because hospitals would put him out of business. sad. people could fix their illness, but he want's more money. I got him to open up. His family is mormon. He was raised mormon. He served a mission in Dallas, TX. He left the church. I think he was offended. He basically says he doesn't believe in organized religion but respects what I am doing and he said that I will benefit. I asked him what his favorite thing was from his mission that benefited him. He said being able to talk to people. He seems like one of those really smart people that are socially awkward. I really did enjoy talking to him. He told me to take 2 tablespoons of Ground Flax seed for my ADHD. He said it will help tremendously. I should try it. He said I can put it in my protein shakes. I don't know how to get that stuff though. He said a Health store...whatever that is.
Wow there is so much going on. I don't even know what to write about! Everything is fast pace. Sister Partridge got sick though so we had to take it easy so she could rest. She sounded really crappy. She is back on her feet again so our numbers are going to be high next week. I can feel it. We have alot of lessons scheduled so that is good. It's so hard to make plans after 7. Lights are out by 7 in Meeker. It's really wierd. haha
There's this inactive lady Irene. She saves cats and has a Kitty house for them. It's heated and everything. She has a permit so she can pick up road kill to make food for the cats. I told her how mom saves every animal stumbing in our yard and she loved that. We are "practicing" our lessons on her "since i'm new" Yeah Sister Partridge uses that excuse alot so people will let us teach them. But we know if we let the spirit touch them, they will remember it's true. There are alot of inactive members here. We will bring them back. All we need to do is love and serve them. I keep extra clothes (pants and shirts and sneakers) in the car so we can do unexpected service for people.

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