Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone!
Oh the packages and cards and letters make my day. And I seriously kept all the packages unopened for Christmas. Crazy because I'm a snoop, but you can ask my trainer, Sister Partridge. Meeker is wonderful. I'm getting to know the ward alot faster than I expected. It's not to hard when everyone hugs me every two seconds.
It's cold... Very cold. -20's. We went caroling one night, which was a big mistake on my part. It was the coldest night so far. It was on Wednesday with the youth. We road on a flatbed trailer with hay on it. It hurt so bad to sing. When you breathed in your nose, you could feel your nose hairs freezing. My toes were in excruciating pain because they were so cold. When we got back to the church, Sister Partridge and I went into the bathroom and put my toes under the water in the sink. I yelled "turn off the hot water!" Sister Partridge didn't have ANY hot water on. It was pure cold water burning my toes. It took a long time to get the pain to go away.
I got warmer boots :) Wool socks, but it's still super cold!
This week has been crazy! We found 3 new investigators. The standard of excellence is 2. We were shooting for 6. We really need more. We found so many referrals though. And we met so many new people. Finding 3 investigators is alot in this small area. Last transfer, Sister Partridge and her companion only found 1. It's such a small town.
We had a lesson with 2 men from Assembly of God. We were nervous it would be a Bible bash, so we brought Bishop Isenhour and his first counselor Brother Harman. It went extremely well. The lesson was for Justin. He asked for a Book of Mormon at the end. Sister Partridge said the last time they went he wouldn't accept a Book of Mormon. Null, Justin's friend who baptized him, is still scared to take a Book of Mormon, but we have another lesson with them next week. Brother Harman did a great job answering questions I might have been stumped on. No contention. The spirit was there.
We taught Tom this week. He talked to us about his concern of going to church because of feeling judged from past sins. We taught him Alma 36 which is all about Alma telling his son Helaman his conversion story. What an amazing use of the Atonement. The spirit was there. He came to church that Sunday. His newly wife is a member. He was almost baptized 3 months ago, but suddenly went backwards. I think he will progress again.
Alot of the husbands here are inactive or a nonmember. Our investigator Laura is a sweetheart. Her boyfriend is an inactive member of the church. They have a son, Dillion who is 1. She loves the idea of the family. She came to church for the first time last week. She couldn't go this week because Dillion was sick. We need Ed, her boyfriend, on board for her to be baptized because they need to be married. He was offended at one time in his youth. He had a traumatic event happen and people didn't treat him the way they should have.
We felt strong promptings to go to the Taylor's house.  (referrals) They are currently moving, so we went to the new house. When we got there there were two boys in there twentys working on a fence. We talked to them and they said they would be there tomorrow. We left. I regretted not talking to the two boys about the gospel! We did quickly turned around and went back to talk to them. Thats why we were prompted to go to the Taylors. We went back and we literally had to circle the house to find them. We felt like stalkers. We found them and got their numbers and will visit them soon.
Sister Partridge is AMAZING!!!! She's so fun! And so amazing. She's so directed by the spirit. We both have been!
I cannot wait to skype on christmas!!!!!
-Sister Gampe

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