Monday, December 10, 2012

Goodbye MTC

Hey Everyone!

First off, I received so many wonderful letters from family and friends. Greatly appreciated! They make my day. I hear that you can still send Dear Elders while I'm in Denver. I would check on that if you can. I have my Mission Home Address. I will put it in the bottom of this e-mail. So many wonderful experiences here. Good thing I write in my journal everyday because I would never remember it all. It all blurs together. I am getting sad every time I think of the last moments with Sister Lamb. She is so wonderful. I know she will be an amazing missionary in Toronto Canada. She is an amazing companion.

It's amazing how Heavenly Father truly answers prayers with faith. Mine were answered all week. Tears come to my eyes just thinking about it. Keep saying prayers morning and night. Individually and with with your family. I've really loved reading The Book of Mormon. I don't know why I had a hard time reading or understanding it. It's truly turned into a novel now. It's hard to close it. A novel of Truth about Jesus Christ and his prophets. I am reading it and marking all the things about Christ in red. When I read it again I will mark Christ's doctrine in another color. It's going to be amazing.

The lessons are a lot easier to teach. The Plan of Salvation was my hardest to teach, but the trick is to simplify! The Gospel is a lifetime of learning, not just a 45 minute lesson. They will learn more later. I continue to love everyone. I really got close to the new districts that came into our zone two weeks ago. There are four sisters that I absolutely adore. Sister Woodbury was a BYU soccer player! I beat her in leg wrestling with my right leg. My left leg I got crushed. Literally I was thrown! She's way cool. She's graduated and started a career. What an example. She paused her life to serve the Lord.

There are some Elders here that need to lock their hearts. My companion and my sisters in my district tease each other that the weirdo ones that we see are each others future spouse. So the one p-day me and my companion were in the book store and she was looking at the birthday cards and so I wanted to try to find some funny ones. Funny cards in the MTC = NON EXISTENT! They were ridiculous. Gave us some good laughs. The one said, "It's always time to go out on your Birthday! Unless it's 10:30!" Me and my companion were wondering if it was a joke for old people, or if it was a strict parent who doesn't want their teenager to go out at night. Hmm.

I am going to miss my Book of Mormon Tutor. She was such a sweet lady. We really dug deep in the scriptures. She was so fun to talk to and I think she really enjoyed studying with me as well. I'm glad I was hard on myself and was able to be scheduled to have the tutor even though I didn't actually need it. My companion was jealous she wasn't being tutored because she could feel that spiritual high I had after it.

The food here is oh so delicious! I gained 4 pounds. Which is nuts because I work out every morning and in the gym! Sitting in a classroom studying allows you to lose 0 calories. Our elders in our district each gained 10lbs! Ouch! I should be good when I go out in the field.

Guess who wakes up ALL of the sisters in my room. ME! Who would have thought? I am terrible at waking up. But I pray every night that I will wake up. I am excited for my quilt from mom. I hear it is so beautiful! Plus I can't wait to be super warm at night. Oh no! I hope that doesn't make it harder to wake up!

I am getting anxious to meet everyone in Denver! I'm going to open my mouth up to everyone! I don't want to risk missing the people the Lord had prepared for me. That would be sad. Well I better get going. I love you all so much!


Sister Gampe

Sister Kendra Gampe
Colorado Denver South Mission
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