Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone!
Alright, It's amazing how everything blurrs together. But here we go.
We are going tracting alot lately because we need more investigators. I'm pushing that more. It is hard though because it's not the most effective, but when it is...boy is it cool. We were driving around and I thought, "go to Corrine's house". So I told Sister Partridge and we go to her house. She is a referral we keep trying to contact, but she wasn't there. So we try another house across the street because I knew we needed to be there. That didn't turn out good. The man was mad that we messed up the snow on his front patio. (While hes getting snappy at us, we are standing in 2 feet of snow). Wierd. So then I get back in the car and Sister Partridge is playing with two random dogs outside. (animals are EVERYWHERE). I see this teenager walking towards us. I realized this was why we were at that spot. So I jump out of the car and start playing with the dogs as well. As he is walking by I asked him what his name was and how he was doing. Quinton. He was walking listening to music. Looked like he was deep in thought. He never stopped walking so I didn't get to talk to him about the church as he was walking by. So then I slapped my leg and yelled, "Quinton!". He turned around and I ran to him and gave in The Book of Mormon and told him how it has changed my life and that it's important for him to read it and pray to know it's true. I told him how our number was in there if he would like to learn more about it. I have no clue what's going to happen to that Book of Mormon, but I know it's suppose to go from my hands to his. It was a powerful experience.
Asher this other boy we found has texted us this week asking how we are doing... uhhh hahaha So we have to be extra careful what we say and do with Asher. I don't want him to have the wrong impressions. We are looking for a good friend for him in the church. He seems like he is lonely. From what we heard from the Taylors who hired him to build them a new fence, Asher came from a polygamy family. So that will be very interesting. The Taylors said that him and his brother were basically kicked out of the family and are now trying to work, but people aren't hiring him based off of his background. Really sad. We desperately want to teach him the gospel.
We are trying to find alot of friends for different people. Inactive members, part-member families, and investigators. They all need friends. We are doing our best to match them up.
It still amazes me how attached I get to these people. I love them in literally 2 seconds of meeting them. One family has been hitting me hard. The Dennys. They are an inactive family. The parent's never go to church and the kids sometimes go. They have 2 children, live in a small, cluttered, smoke filled apartment. It's so full of cigarette smoke, it hurts to breathe, and your clothing smells terrible when you leave. The parent's don't work. The only income is the 17 year old son, who is really struggling. The daughter is 12. I usually see bright futures in the gospel and everyday life with everyone I see, except for the Denny's. I see Kelly, the son, leaving as soon as he is out of high school. I see him trying to make money with little education and going in and out of jail. I see Melina, the daughter, getting pregnant young. It makes me want to work extra hard on this family. I need to somehow reach out to the kids. The parents have no desire to have an eternal family...none...I don't know why anyone wouldn't want that. They support the kids going to church though. I feel it would be best to teach the kids outside of that home. I need to figure out how to do that appropriately. They need the gospel more than ever.
We drove really far out to Lov Ranch because of a referral. We were invited in because it was so cold and they were shocked to see us. This lady was so sweet to us. We talked to her while she cooked dinner for her in laws. Than I asked about the quilts she had hanging in the wall. I told her my mom was currently making me a quilt. At the end I gave her a Book of Mormon and than we left. She was so excited to see us. We will return. I will definitely bring the quilt Mom is sending me. She will love it. Than we can teach her about the church.
Another investigator, Ronald and Peggy. They are so sweet. We taught them the Plan of Salvation because they have a son who died. He was crossing the street and a drunk driver hit him. It is still a sensitive subject. Peggy had to leave the lesson twice because she was crying. I told her it was wonderful how much she loves her family. She kept coming back downstairs to hear more, so we kept going. Ronald is a sweet heart and told us that he sees a glow around certain people. He's powerful. Peggy is offensive to some people and gets offended often. We are careful with our words because we want her to know how much we love her. It's true how much we love her. In church I was thinking about how I wish she was there because it was about family. We need to bring a member so she can have a friend. Someone who is sweet and doesn't get offended easily. haha.
Funny note: a baby bunny peed on my skirt. It was disgusting. It really grossed me out because it smelled terrible. Luckily the skirt can be washed. Grr!!!
Another funny note: We were eating at a Mexican Restaurant because this week has been rough with getting meals from the ward because everyone is out of town. We decided to split a meal and pig out on chips and salsa. The waiter was flirty towards me, so when Sister Partridge said she had to use the bathroom at the end, I begged to go somewhere else so the waiter wouldnt talk to me. So she says alright but we need to go to the church to use the bathroom. Little did I know, Sister Partridge has diarrhea! haha. poor thing. She was running to that bathroom. She sat on that toilet for a long time. I can't figure out how she got it. We ate the same thing. I was dying laughing.
Sad note:
Sister Partridge, my companion, is going through a rough time right now. Her dad has cancer. He is getting surgery on Wednesday. We both fasted this Sunday. Keep him in your prayers. It's not a good surgery. They couldn't go with the microscopic surgery. She is very worried. I am just keeping her busy and positive. She said that the whole ward is fasting for him. He has alot of prayers going for him.
Well the work has been improving here in Meeker. We are busy. Sometimes so busy, we barely have time for lunch or dinner. I like working hard though. We are very exhausted. We do alot of service inbetween teaching lessons. We have shoveled aton of driveways, cleaned bathrooms, swept floors, etc. OH yeah and dump moldy meatballs and sauce down the toilet....yeah I don't understand that one either. hahaha
I'm reading The Book of Mormon everyday. It's so wonderful and I've grown attached to it. I wish I would have taken more advantage of it before. 2 Nephi 29 is all about why we need The Book of Mormon and The Bible. There are AMAZING reasons that I have descovered. Not just from that chapter, but just from studying in general. 2 Nephi 30-33 are AMAZING Oh read it. :) haha
I love you all!!!!!!
- Sister Gampe

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