Monday, April 14, 2014

Cockroaches AHHHH!!!

Hey Everyone!

This has been one crazy week! We worked really really hard. We had a competition with the elders. Our ward mission leader said that whoever has the most contacts written down gets Coldstone ice cream. Well....we smoked them. haha We contacted over 80 people. They contacted 50 something. We had 25 lessons, 6 new investigators! Seriously it was awesome. I crawled under a bush to talk to this man. That's what we really focused on was talking to everyone. I was pulling over and we would all jump out of the car to talk to someone....I'm not competitive or anything. haha But it really got us to push ourselves and even work harder than we thought we could. It was successful for the elders too because they taught more and saw more than they have ever done before. We were proud of them. Next week we are working more as a team with the elders. Our ward mission leader created a point system and if we get 300 points as a team with the elders than we get to go to Red Robin with our ward mission leader. Yummy. After this area I'll gain 20 pounds. Yeah as you can see my off sweets thing had to stay in Alameda. It wasn't working out here! The people wouldn't let me get away with not eating their desserts. 

Another crazy eventful night was when we discovered COCKROACHES! and NOT baby ones either. HUGE COCKROACHES. Everywhere! Seriously I wanted to cry. I was so grossed out. We didn't know what to do! Neither of us would squish them! (I couldn't handle the pop feeling!) Well anyways those things were fast too! So we ran over to the other sisters that live in the same apartment complex and they came over and killed embarrassing. Plus the people above us got really mad because we were screaming....and laughing. Laughing because we were so embarrassed we were all so whimpey. They were huge though! Well anyways, we called around and basically we were told that they weren't going to do anything about it. So we had to just get over it. We have a system. Sister Noffz and Sister Cowan take turns squishing them and I whip them up....gross. During weekly planning the zone leaders came by to give us a white board and Elder Redd put a huge cockroach in front of my face, and I screamed and jumped back. Turns out they bought a fake rubber one....JERKS. Traumatizing week with the cockroaches.

John Aubry went to a baptism with us this Saturday to watch an 8 year old be baptized. It went really well. He was in tears. I love him so much. He came to church this Sunday for the first time. Our lessons with him always go so well. On Monday, he was talking about all his feelings and concerns. We just listened and without saying anything he just looked up and said, "and I've realized that...I want this." I wanted to jump out of my seat. He got his answer that he should be baptized! 

Ronald Covington. He's the old man in the photo. Boy is this man a character! He's 77 years old. He is constantly singing. haha It is so hard to teach this man because he never stops singing. He hummed during the sacrament. He hummed during Sunday school. He is crazy. He absolutely loves us and tells us that we are his girls. He keeps asking when/ if we know we are leaving soon. I haven't had the heart to tell him. We just tell him to not worry about it. We are trying to get him to the point where he knows he should be baptized. He agreed to a date, but he hasn't prayed about it. 

I loved General Women's Conference. I was such a baby during it. My eyes were tearing up like crazy. I just felt an overwhelming peace and love from my Heavenly Father. I loved how much it was emphasized that we are daughters of our Heavenly Father and that we are all Sisters. We had a lesson with a new investigator, Ann. She's a girl version of Quasimodo. She doesn't believe she is a daughter of God. She doesn't believe he loves her. She has a low self confidence. I felt power given to me as I testified to her how much He loves her. I told her about her self worth. I felt the spirit so strong.

I still love this area so much. We have had a lot of success finding those part-member families. They are inviting us back too. The ward can see how hard we are working and they love us so much. They give us a lot of support. It's amazing!

This upcoming week is going to be tough because we have Mission Leader Council in Frisco and we have Zone Conference and General Conference. We have every single hour that is not in one of those meetings booked with less actives and investigators. It's great! We are excited. It's just going to be tough. 

I love you so much! We are working hard. I am giving my heart, might, mind, and strength. Thanks for all your love, prayers, and support!

-Sister Gampe

PS! I've met 3 Golden doodles this week! Golden Doodles galore! This Dog's name is Ginger. I think my love for the dog got us into this home.


  1. A "girl version of Quasimodo?" Kendra, have you stopped to think how that sounds on a public blog? Perhaps you meant nothing bad...but wow, the images are spinning in my mind. How do you think your investigator would react if she saw it? Does it come across as something Christ-like? Does it come across as judgmental? I'll answer that for you: Yes, it does...even if it's not how you meant to come across. Don't you wonder why others label people of faith as judgmental? As a person of faith, I DON'T's posts like this, Kendra. THINK!

  2. Well, I would suppose your new "friend" Ann's self esteem would NOT get any better after hearing you call her a "girl version of Quasimodo". You are a representative of Jesus Christ? I think not my dear child.....

  3. Wow. In addition to insulting your targets, you post pictures of them. I find your actions and postings so repugnant, and as a resident of Colorado, I caution you about sharing images of people without full consent. We take privacy very seriously, and would encourage you to as well. You make yourself vulnerable by posting your own face. If you care about your "cause" please please stop this blog. Or don't, and more people will see the beneath your charming veneer.