Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello Everyone!

Wow this work is amazing. I love it so much! We had a lot of success this week with less actives. We got this family to go to a high priest BBQ. When they said they would go we sent a huge mass text to everyone we could think of and so many people were like, "don't get your hopes up, they always say they will come." Well we drove to their home 15 minutes before because we told them we would and they were already in their car! It was soooooo exciting. They had a blast. We didn't even sit near them because they had so many people talking to them. They told us they felt like they fit right in. We were really excited. Sadly they had to go to Durango this weekend, so they weren't able to go to church. 

So we had a little car issue. We ran over a huge rock...it was raining and freezing! I didn't have a coat with me, but luckily Sister Noffz had an extra. The zone leaders came after this photo to awkwardly watch the guy that was already helping us out. They gave Sister Cowan their suit jacket to put on, so that was nice of them. The car is okay. The Tire wall just fell off, but we got it back on and their was no damage to the tire or the car besides a dent mostly underneath. Who put's a random huge rock on the side of the road! And why did we hit it!? I don't know. Just had our mind on the work I guess. 

We had some people come to church that normally don't. We were really excited. This man that we are teaching wants his son to be baptized and he wants to really get back into church. His wife is not a member but she is a sweet heart. Well we asked him who would baptize his son, trying to push him to be worthy for the priesthood. Sadly he said he doesn't think he can do it. I asked him to talk to the bishop. He is such a sweet father and cares so much about his son. I feel like children are often the push to open our hearts for the gospel. He came to church alone this week for the first time in a while. His family was in Denver. 

I had an exchange in Fruita. Our neighbors were cows and they mooo all night long. Just so you know. 

We had a zone meeting this week. We made the zone breakfast before with the zone leaders. I did a training on getting people to sacrament meeting. I really focused on the way we present church to the people we teach and getting them excited and thinking outside the box to get them their. Well in the beginning. I had this nice looking red velvet cake and I asked an elder if he wanted a piece. I really talked up how delicious this cake would be. I cut it all nice and I handed it to him. I than asked another elder if he wanted one. He said yes all excited and I SLAMED my hand in the cake and SLAPPED it on the plate and handed it to him. I said. "Presentation is Everything." It was pretty intense and the zone really liked it. 

We found some really solid new investigators this week. We are really excited to get them going in the lessons. I love this work so much. I will push till the end. Enjoy to the end. I love you.
-Sister Gampe


  1. I do not know you at all, but I have just a little suggestion. I came across your blog by accident, but it wasn't hard to find, meaning anyone can access your blog, your pictures, your companions names you've included here, and even including your address that you have at the top. As a mom, this would make me nervous, A LOT. You can make your blog semi-private, meaning anyone who has your blog address can see it, but you can make it so that no one can find it by any search engine on the web. You could also make it super private by setting it in the setting to only allow certain people, who's email addresses you put in, can see it. At least the semi-private option no can "search" and come across all your personal pictures and info. Just a tip. :-)

  2. Wow, I read through your blog entry and noticed absolutely NO mention of Jesus. Church, baptisms, priests, meetings, no Jesus. All about getting people to church, not getting to know and love Jesus. hmmmmm