Monday, April 14, 2014

General Conference

Hello Everyone!

This was a tough week because we didn't have as much time to be out working, so I kind of felt like my feet were in mud. But! General Conference was AMAZING! We had such a wonderful time. I felt so much guidance and inspiration. The guidance had nothing to do with the talks, so I'm really excited to go back and read the talks and study them out. The words of each apostle was perfect for the people we were with. What a blessing that we have apostles and a prophet in this time! We get to see so many miracles everyday!

This week we not only had conference, but we had mission leader council in Frisco, which was 3 hours away, and we also had zone conference. Both meetings went really well. I bore my testimony at both of them. President asked me to bear my testimony at the end of the mission leader council because it was going to be my last time there. I strictly kept my testimony towards the Savior and this gospel. I allowed the tears to just flow so I could get through it. I looked up and saw the other missionaries, my friends in more tears. I love working with representatives of the Lord. I love President and Sister Murdock. I love everyone here. We are starting a new finding technique! I am so excited!! It's an 8-step door approach... survey/questionnaire! It is sooooo amazing!! Our mission president and his wife found it in a missionary book, and one of the sets of assistants to the president took it and read it and started doing it! You ask if you can do a survey and that it doesn't take much time, and all the questions are actually soul-searching questions that missionaries always want to know the answers to! I will have to type it up one day and send it. :)  It is seems really good!! And fun!! And bold and direct and amazing! ...I have yet to try it... BUT, I can't wait!! Stats are that you get in so much more doors and more return appointments which means more new investigators, and GOOD ones! Because then you know what they need/want/are searching for in their lives and you know how to help them!! I'm excited. :) We haven't tracted in this area because we have found so much work other ways, but we want to try it out.

 I was able to sing at zone conference. I can't believe how often I sing out here. I was terrified to sing in Pennsylvania. But every time I sing, my goal is to just invite the spirit, not to sound amazing or anything. I know angels take over my voice. 

John Aubry went to see his family this week. We were really bummed because we wanted more contact, so we texted him scriptures everyday. When he came back late Sunday, we went over there. He is doing amazing. He told his family that he is getting baptized. We are so proud of him! I will never forget the voice in my head to go talk to him. What an amazing find! He was so prepared. 

John Covington watched conference at another members home. He was so funny. He called us late the night before saying he wasn't feeling well and that he might not make it. So we rushed over to his home to be PERSISTENT. He went the next day. He actually was really sick. I felt a little bad watching him struggling through it. But I know he will be blessed. After Conference he received a beautiful blessing. He knows we love him so much. It hit me hard on Sunday that he is 77 years old. His health can decline at any moment. We need to get him baptized and sealed to his wife fast! 

My companions have been really sick this week, so that also cut into our work. Wanna see something funny? Trap Sister Gampe in an apartment all day after long meetings. I learned how to play a Kalimbas. (video coming) I went crazy trying to get rid of ants. They were all in our cabinets! It was awful! I had to throw out so much food. We took a trip to walmart to get a million traps. It's getting better. I haven't seen any cockroaches. Sister Noffz was about to kill a daddy-long-legger in our apartment and I yelled at her to not do it! If I can remember correctly they eat other bugs. So hopefully our friend can stick around and hopefully none of us eat him while we sleep. Someone just told us that humans eat an average of 10 spiders every year in their sleep....I don't know how you can possibly have that statistic. 

I love you so much! The church is true! Tell all your friends! 

-Sister Gampe

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