Monday, January 6, 2014

Thank You!

Hello Everyone!

I was overwhelmed this week from the support and love I received from you all. Thank you so much. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for everyone/everything I have/ love. 

Everything this week went  a lot better than last week. We were able to get into more doors and find more people. We found 5 new investigators! We were so excited. We are really getting to know the Branch pretty quickly. Not many people come to church in our Branch. About 40 come to church. haha. We are going to double that with baptisms and re-activations.

Sister Vasquez and I laugh all the time. We tell funny stories. I'm doing my best to keep her mind off of home and family. She was a little down last week and didn't know how to express it. We are working hard together. I love her so much. I'm glad she is with me. 

We had some miracles happen. We knocked on a door and the man didn't speak English. So I was able to ask if we could send the Spanish missionaries to him. I asked him his name. His name was Jesus. I got all his information and sent it to the missionaries. We got a call last night from the Spanish elders telling us that he was one of the converts from over a year ago with one of the elders that came back to the area just now. He said the Jesus told him that he was inactive for a long time and asked in prayer for a sing to come back. We knocked on his door shortly after. :) He told the elders we were an answer to his prayers. :)

It's so wierd being in a branch with elders. It's exciting for me though because this branch will receive so many miracles. I feel bad for the elders because they keep getting compared to us. They shouldn't at all. They are working hard. We all are. We are all trying to get the members all excited. Our mission leader works hard, but doesn't have the faith that we will do what we say. I was pretty angry when he said that we are talking the talk, but he doesn't see the results from the records we handed him.I think he forgot that it has been the week before Christmas and Christmas. No one want's to let someone in that they don't know the week of Christmas. haha But that just makes me want to work harder next week. The first week we only got 5 lessons. Literally we knocked for 4 hours straight on members homes and homes we didn't know before getting in 1 home. haha it was crazy. This week we had 12 lessons. Next week I'm shooting for 25-30 lessons. I know we can do it. We will work extra hard. 

I added a photo of my boots. They are pretty torn apart. I just got new boots from a member. So sweet! I'm not going to lie, I was pretty proud of these torn apart boots. I was sad to throw them out. 

Well I love you all so much! We are going to see more and more miracles everyday. :) 

Sister Gampe

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  1. Great photos. Sister Gampe, you are really an inspiration. I am so impressed with the young elders and sisters in our mission--what they do is not easy--they work so hard with no promise of reward, and then are so happy when those they teach respond and begin to change their lives.