Monday, January 27, 2014

3 Nephi 11

Hello Everyone!

Okay crazy week. Am I surprised? Nope :) I love it and embrace it. haha. My area is so ghetto. haha I love it so much. Mom please don't worry. I'm being obedient so I can follow the promptings of the spirit. 

The other night I was on exchange. There were these two guys walking on the street so I run up to them to talk to them. The one guy is really drunk and keeps telling me how beautiful I am and is asking me if I'm married and if he can have my number. The missionary I was with goes, "Don't worry! her number is on the card!" OH goodness! haha I have not received any calls from him yet. 

We went to an appointment and I had to help our investigator undress his stab wound. He got it from ONE of his girl friends. I guess that's why we should only date one person at a time. He was being such a baby while I was taking it off. We had a member with us. We always do when we go there. Anyways he had crusty gross old gauze on it. But it was the stringy type so the string was stuck inside his deep wound. So we had him put it in luke warm water and let it soak and than pull it off. He almost cried. We wanted him to go to the hospital but he wouldn't because of the cost of money. We taught him the Word of Wisdom. He want's to live it because he has so much desire to come unto Christ. We have a lot to do to help him get there. The world is living farther and farther from Christ so it takes a lot of work to prepare them for baptism. His name is Ricky Thunderhawk. He's on date to be baptized on Feb. 9th. His mother, Bernadine Thunderhawk is also on date. She struggles even more than Ricky with the Word of Wisdom. They were suppose to go to church and we had a member go get them and no answer at the door. I was really sad. Ricky makes me laugh so hard. We asked him if he read 3 Nephi 11. and he awkwardly said yes. I look and him with a serious face and said, "Ricky, are you lying to us? You didn't read." He put a huge smile on his face and said. "Nah. I didn't read." hahaha he does that a lot. 

We made breakfast for Ines, the lady we live with. It was her birthday on Sunday. It made her day. She said she has never had anyone make her breakfast before besides her husband. It was really sweet. 

We find people everyday to teach, but we really need strong families because we have a few families in the branch that are active. 

We had zone meeting on Thursday. Sister Pfeifer and I did a training on Language. We did a little role play of two missionaries. One was super positive and the other was super negative. I was the positive one because I wanted it to be funny. The reason why it was funny making Sister Pfeifer the negative one is because she is the most positive person I have ever made. The mission goal is to make her have a bad day. She had a hard time doing it without smiling. The other missionaries were laughing. It's amazing how much language and attitude makes a difference in the mission. I have been able to cut out the word ."hate". I never use it thanks to Sister Hatch. I've noticed a difference in my language. 

Well we were able to get a lot accomplished this week. The Murdocks helped us a lot. They came and saw us. They also came to our meeting with our ward mission leader. I expect changes to happen. Good changes. Changes I have been praying for. 

I love you all so much! 
-Sister Gampe
 The cat's name is dog. He lives with us.

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